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Episode 36





(EXT: Keith & Gina's Condominium)

----Keith stops by Gina's after work to let her know about the call from Elizabeth. Gina catches up with him as well, telling him everything that she discussed with CC. Keith isn't surprised that she was unable to get him to budge.

"I'm telling you, there's something going on there," Gina insists, "I've never seen CC act like this around any woman......save Sophia."

"May she rest in peace." Keith chimes in.

"Funny, I had a different saying in mind."

Keith tells Gina to let him worry about Elizabeth. He explains that they may have to keep things low key for a while so he can pursue Elizabeth.

"Low key? I think you have low key down pretty well- how long has it been now and I still don't have a ring on my finger...."

"Honey Bun, I thought we agreed that marriage doesn't really suit our goals and things were fine as they are....."

Just then, Lily arrives home, interrupting their talk. Keith uses her entrance as an exit line for himself, slipping out of there before Gina can stop him. Lily asks what his swift exit was about, but Gina brushes it off, claiming it's just Keith being "Keith" Gina changes the subject, asking Lily how her day was.

"Productive" Lily says, vaguely.

Gina asks her daughter what exactly that means and Lily shows her the photographs she took of Ted at the office. While Gina admits it's underhanded to blackmail Ted during such bad times, she has to admire Lily's determination. Though she might not completely approve, Gina admits that she's relieved that Lily sees the Capwells for what they are. Lily agrees, but lets Gina know that her primary target is actually Angela. Gina asks if there's anything she can do to help, and Lily tells her there just might be somewhere down the line. If she does need it, she'll be sure to call on her.

(EXT: Mason & Julia's House)

---Mason arrives home and finds Julia sitting home alone, waiting. He asks where Samantha is and she informs him that she's next door with Rafe & Adriana. Julia tells Mason that she thinks it's about time they discuss the situation that they're in, though Mason is hesitant.

"I know it's not easy, Mason. Believe me, I'm not looking forward to it either......but there are things that we need to get out in the open and I need you to be 100% honest with me."

"Like you were with me?"

Julia apologizes again for what she did. She admits that, while Mary did let her think that she had a life that Julia would be ruining, her reasons for keeping it him were more selfish than not. Mason agrees with her on that, but Julia doesn't let him get away with that.

"Selfish or not, Mason, I'm human. I knew how you felt about Mary once upon a time- hell, I was around for it. And while I know how you feel about me, there was a part of your heart that you never let me inside of, a part that I knew was Mary's. You made no secret about that. It's intimidating and frustrating knowing that a part of your husband belongs to another woman, even if she's deceased. There's always that part of him that you cannot reach- that's hard for any woman to accept, and I feel I did my best. But seeing her. In front of me. Alive..... In some surreal sort of way, it was like I had wished my worst nightmare on myself and it was coming true. What's worse was knowing that for you, it would be a dream come true...."

"A dream come true- You think this has been EASY on me? You have NO idea what I'm going through, and you obviously don't know my dreams. Yes, when Mary first died, I was devastated and wished she'd come back. But I fell in love with you Julia, you. And though I admit you're right that a piece of my heart was Mary's, I gave myself to you, opened myself up again, and I no longer had to wish for Mary to come back. Because I had you. And I trusted you. And you lied to me repeatedly for WEEKS! Do you even know what that's like for me to deal with? Justify it however you want, you lied to me."

Julia stands silent, taking in Mason's words. Julia tears up and worries that this is going nowhere fast. She asks Mason point blank if he still loves her and he says of course he does.

"But what about Mary? Do you still love her Mason?" He looks away from her. "Look at me, you LOOK at ME damn it. Do you still love Mary?" He stares at her, unable to say the words. "Just say it Mason, please. Say it!"

"YES! Yes, I Love Mary. I love her too......"

(EXT: The Capwell Mansion)

---CC, Eden, Kelly, Ted, Angela, and Santana sit at the Capwell Dining Room table, eating dinner. Kelly comments on what a beautiful ceremony it was and CC agrees. Eden notices that CC isn't eating his food and he admits to not having an appetite. Rosa walks in and puts an end to that.

"CC you have to eat, appetite or no appetite. Sophia wouldn't want you getting weak- she'd want you to be strong, for your family."

CC starts to say something in his defense but Rosa continues to stare him down. CC gives in and cuts into his chicken. Santana asks Eden where Cruz is and she mentions that he had to work late. Santana tells Eden that Gina mentioned to her that Angel Ramirez had been released from prison.

"Gina? How did she...." It dawns on Eden "Keith!"

"Must have been." Santana replies

"Why would she bring that up to you?"

"Oh, she was just making some snide remark about my past. I didn't think much of it until mama told me herself. Are you okay with it?"

"Wait a minute, hold on a second.....Angel Ramirez has been released? Does Cruz know about this? Why the HELL is this the first I'm hearing about it?" CC asks

Eden insists that it's nothing to worry about, telling them she's met Angel's wife and his daughter now and they're thrilled to have him home. Eden tells them that prison seems to have reformed Angel- from what she's seen, he's a changed man. CC doesn't understand how it is that he was released from prison in the first place and Santana admits to being curious herself. Eden claims to not know anything about that, only that Cruz has promised her that she's safe and she trusts him. Kelly remarks that it's good to see CC with his mind on something else, even if it is worrying about his daughter. Ted remarks that it just doesn't seem right that they're all sitting there, eating and talking, with Sophia's chair empty. He gets up to excuse himself and Angela follows him into the foyer.

"TED, Ted wait....'

"I'm sorry Angela, I gotta get out of here, I can't be here right now...."

"I understand, I do. If you want to leave, let's go. Start the car and I'll tell the others good-bye for us."

Ted thanks her, telling her he doesn't know what he'd do without her. She replies that he won't ever have to worry about that now that they're married and he kisses her. He leaves and Angela re-appears in the dining room.

"I'm really sorry everyone, but we have to go. Ted....He just...."

"It's okay Angela," Kelly interrupts "We're all having a hard time with mama's death. I think we all understand why it would be hard for Ted to be in the house right now- We grew up here, ate many dinners at this table throughout our lives. Just tell him we all love him and if he needs us.....we're here."

"Thanks Kelly, I will."

(EXT: Capwell Hotel- BAR)

(Announcer: The role of Elizabeth Wayne is now being played by Deborah Adair.....)

---Elizabeth sits at the bar in a black cocktail dress, sipping on her martini waiting for Keith to arrive. She is surprised to when a man approaches her, asking if she's Sophia's sister. She turns around and is stunned to see Lionel Lockridge.

"Hello Elizabeth."

"Lionel. It's been a long time."

"It has. Surprised to see you at Sophia's funeral, considering everything that I've heard lately"

Elizabeth tells Lionel she doesn't owe him any kind of explanations, since they haven't spoken in years. Lionel admits that while she may be right, she should never forget who was there with her during the whole mess with CC & Sophia. Elizabeth reminds him that she hasn't forgotten, especially since he was the one who put the idea in her head in the first place about CC. Lionel admonishes her for her behavior at Sophia's funeral, saying that if she couldn't be respectful, she shouldn't have come at all. Instead of being an adult and saying good-bye to her sister, he says, she made the whole thing about her.

"Face it Elizabeth, he chose Sophia, she's who he wanted to spend his life with. There was nothing your or I could have done about it then, and to make issue of it now, all these years later.......You're pathetic!"

Elizabeth slaps Lionel across his face. "How dare you! How dare you call me pathetic, knowing what they put me through, and the role you played it all. You're as bad as CC, blinded by this false image you have of Sophia. Tell me, does your wife know how you feel about her?"

Keith, who has been listening in, interrupts them, asking Elizabeth if Lionel is bothering her. She claims that she's fine and Lionel was just leaving. Lionel concurs with her and takes off.

"What was that all about?" Keith asks her.

"I really don't want to get into it. I've had a long day and I'd like to unwind, if it's all the same to you."

"Sounds perfect." Keith replies. "And may I say while I have a thing for the business attire, you look......amazing to me right now."

Elizabeth blushes and thanks him.

"Bartender," he says, "another Martini for the lady and a whiskey on the rocks for myself." Keith smiles smugly, giving Elizabeth a look with a twinkle in his eye. Elizabeth smiles back, looking quite curious about what's underneath Keith's suit.

(EXT: Mason & Julia's House)

---Julia sits on the couch, still reeling a bit from Mason's admission. Mason returns from upstairs and sees his wife, looking strained sitting there.

"Are you angry?"

"No. I'm not."

Mason asks where they go from there and Julia claims that she's not sure. She tells him that she wants to be fair to him and though she loves him and is committed to their marriage, she realizes that things are more complicated than that. Mason insists that he loves her and wants to be her husband, but Julia isn't so sure. She points out that if that were true, he would've been around for Christmas, or at least called. He would have been there at midnight to kiss her on New Year's Eve. But both of those times, he was with Mary which has to make her wonder. Mason defends himself, saying that he had just found her again, and he was confused.

"And what, you're not confused now? Mason, you just admitted to me that you're still in love with her, or have you forgotten?"

"I didn't say 'in' love with her. I said I still love her."

"That's the English language for you- full of double, triple, hell quadruple meanings. Sometimes I wish we only spoke Spanish. Things would be a lot simpler if we could use intonation rather than words to get our meaning across sometime...."

"What are you talking about?"

Julia realizes she tends to get off-topic when she doesn't want to face something. She asks Mason what Mary's told him about the baby and he admits that he's not sure how true her story is. While he doesn't believe her to be lying, he has to question why Mark went to such lengths to make everyone think that he was dead. Plus, he has yet to see any records of Mary's hospital stay, which he finds peculiar, especially since she is now on staff at the very same clinic. Julia admits that both of those things are curious. Julia asks how he plans to find out the truth and Mason informs her that he thinks the first step is to track down Mark. Julia agrees, but says he could be anywhere. Mason says he'd travel the earth to find him if it meant finding out about his baby. Julia realizes that, while they never found out who the father actually was, Mason considers Mary's child to be his own. Julia tells Mason that they should have some time apart. Mason disagrees, saying that isn't what he wants, but Julia is insistent. Julia thinks that if he wants to find the baby and find answers, that's what he should do, and that he and Mary should do it together. Mason doesn't understand.

"Let me spell it out for you then, Mason. I'm giving you space- you need to figure out how you feel about her if I'm ever going to know where I stand. I think you want answers and that you're entitled to them. But it's something that's about you and Mary- it's not about me. So I'm kicking you out. Get out of here Mason, please. Please Go." Mason looks into his wife's eyes, not budging. Julia begins to well up. "PLEASE, PLEASE don't make this any harder on me than it already is. Get out, Mason. GO!"

Mason walks through the front door, leaning on the door behind him, then looking back through the window at Julia. He goes to his car and pulls out, leaving Julia alone. Once he's gone, Julia collapses onto the couch, picking up a pillow and squeezing it in front of her as she bawls.

THE END.....................for TODAY!


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Another fine episode sir!

Mason always does that. Julia tells him to get out and he does. He doesn't fight right then to stay. Sure he comes back eventually, although we are never really sure he will (this time included). Same thing happened after the aborted Sonny/Mason and Julia wedding. Julia told him to get out of her life and out the door he went. This has been part of their relationship from day one. You have written their scenes very well. Just, please, don't let Mason do a disappearing act. I would miss him too much and I can't wait to see who he ends up with and how. Good job with Gina and Keith too. Another favorite couple of mine.


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"May she rest in peace."

"Funny, I had a different saying in mind" LMAO :lol:

Another great line that is classic SB!!!

The Elizabeth/Sophia/CC story just keeps getting more and more intriguing and now you have thrown Lionel into the mix!! LOL This is getting good!! I can't wait to see where this is going.

BTW, I love Deborah Adair!!! I used to love watching her and Louise Sorel

on Days.

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Excellent move with Deborah. I always loved her as Kate on Days. And Mason.....I got tired of that. She can't continue to put her life on hold waiting for him to figure things out. I know his mother just "died", but still. She also needs to stop pushing him away because that got really old when I used to watch SB on NBC.

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Lovely conversation between Mason and Julia! I only sorry it's end. :( I agree: he should have been fighting for Julia! But now he will be time to enquire.

I'm not sure if I understood the talk of Lionel and Elisabeth... :blink:

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I'm not sure if I understood the talk of Lionel and Elisabeth... :blink:

I'll do my best to sum it up for you, in simple terms. Lionel knew Elizabeth from years before and he was the one who gave her the idea to make a play for CC. I haven't explained exactly what he did yet, but that's the idea of it. It's also implied that he was a friend to her after the abortion as well.

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I'll do my best to sum it up for you, in simple terms. Lionel knew Elizabeth from years before and he was the one who gave her the idea to make a play for CC. I haven't explained exactly what he did yet, but that's the idea of it. It's also implied that he was a friend to her after the abortion as well.

Thank you, junior!

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