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Episode 37





(EXT: Cruz & Eden's House)

---Adriana tells Eden about the gift she brought for Marta. Eden scolds her daughter for going over to the Ramirez home and asks why she even went in the first place. Adriana explains that she went to High School with Marta and knew about Angel's release. She then tells Eden that she overheard her conversation with Cruz about Angel being locked up for Christmas and felt bad for Marta. Eden admits that she felt the same way for Carla, but they can't be seen going over to their home, since it only puts them in further danger. Adriana apologizes for what she did, but still insists she didn't feel right about what happened. Adriana starts to leave, and Eden asks her where she's going. Adriana tells her mother not to worry and flings the door open, surprised to see Carla Ramirez standing there.

"Mrs. Ramirez- HI!" Adriana says, startled.

"I was about to knock, I'm sorry, is your mother here?"

"Sure, she's inside. I'm kind of in a rush but Happy New Year to you Ms. Ramirez."

"Same to you."

Eden motions Carla in and asks her what this visit is about. Carla tells Eden of how Cruz railroaded Angel into testifying against Carlos. Eden says that doesn't sound like her husband but Carla insists it's the truth.

"He told my Angel point blank that if he didn't testify, the District Attorney wasn't going to drop the charges..."

"But Julia is the D.A. and that definitely doesn't sound like Julia. She's my sister-in-law and a good friend of mine- she would never do something like that...."

"Well she did, and Angel is downtown with your husband right now, giving his statement. She's probably right there in the room, with them. The idea of Angel doing this for the SBPD in the first place was for him to get out of the system, not for him to get further mixed up in it. I've known Carlos and his people for many years- I've seen what they're capable of. I've seen young people, sons and daughters of good friends of mine, killed or imprisoned because of him. If he knows that Angel turned on him, or even suspects it, there's no telling what he'll do...."

"Carla, I don't know what to...."

"If anything happens to Angel or my daughter because of this....... I'm holding your husband accountable! Why are they doing this to me Eden? WHY? All I've ever wanted is my family together again....and I was so close...."

Eden stops her, telling her not jump the gun on any of this. Eden says that if they're insisting Angel testify, there must a very good reason behind it. She assures her that Cruz & Julia wouldn't let Angel take such a risk if they weren't going to protect him. Carla retorts that she doesn't know that and asks Eden to find out what's going on. Eden grabs her purse and keys, telling Carla that's just what she's going to do. Carla asks where she's going & Eden tells her downtown.

"I'm going with you."

"You can't- you shouldn't be seen there, it's probably bad enough that Angel is. Go home and I'll call you as soon as I find out anything....."

(EXT: Capwell Hotel)

----Mary walks out of the bedroom in the suite, still putting her earrings on. She sees Mason sitting in front of a file, reading intently. She walks up and joins him at the table, asking him what he's reading. She looks over his shoulder and sees that he's going through the file she had kept on him.

"Where did you find that?" she asks him.

"It was sitting in the desk drawer here. You kept all of these clippings and photos of me? Why?"

"I don't know really. I guess it made me feel like I had you with me still, even if we weren't together. It also helped me remind myself why I couldn't tell you that I was alive. I knew you had a life of your own, and I had one as well. So.....you still haven't told me what happened with Julia last night. Obviously things didn't go well, if you spent the night on the couch here again..."

Mason tells her that it was quite the opposite, saying that Julia was very understanding of what he needs to do right now. He says that they were very open with each other and didn't hide their feelings to protect one another. Mason admits they were a little too honest and it hurt. He explains that he told Julia that he still loved Mary, though he loves Julia as well. Mary says that couldn't have been easy for Julia to take and Mason says that it wasn't, which is why she kicked him out.

"I didn't leave at first, nor did I want to. But it wasn't just about me- it was about Julia- her needs and being fair to her....'

"You think it's fair to Julia that I've turned up alive and her whole world was turned upside-down?"

"Of course not. Life isn't always fair, Mary, as you and I both know. Would it be fair to her if I continued living with her as if nothing's happened, wondering what might have been with you? Not to mention not knowing about our baby......"

"I told you Mason, the baby was Mark's, not your's."

"According to him, yes. According to Mark, the baby was his and was stillborn shortly after your accident. But again, we have yet to find a trace of records in San Remos....... Did you speak to any of the doctors on staff? Dr. Stanley?"

"Dr. Stanley is the chief resident and has been with the clinic longer than anyone. Even he wasn't a part of the staff when I was there. It seems everyone who was there at the time is long gone. I do have some names of people who were working there then, but I have yet to locate any of them...."

Mason says that the key to everything is Mark. Why would he go to such lengths to fake his death and if the bones during the Hal Clark investigation weren't actually Mark's, then who's were they? Mason hammers it in that none of these things make any sense and Mary agrees, saying she had no idea what Mark was up to as far as faking his death was concerned. All she knows is that when she finally woke up, he was still there with her, taking care of her. Mason says they're going to get to the bottom of everything Mark did, and he's enlisted help. Mary asks what he means and he tells her to come with him and find out. She grabs the paperwork she has from the hospital and takes off with him.


---Angel finishes giving Cruz & Julia his statement. Julia thanks him for coming in and Angel fires back that he wasn't given much of a choice. Julia apologizes for what they had to do, but tells him without his testimony, all of his undercover work would have been for nothing. Carlos would have gone free and with the charges dropped against Angel, it wouldn't have taken much for him to figure out that it was Angel who set him up.

"Yeah, and giving statements and testifying in open court is going to make it harder for him to put it together? You're some piece of work lady."

"HEY!" Cruz scolds "Don't talk to her like that. None of this is Julia's fault..."

"Yeah, well, she can sit at home tonight and not worry that some thugs are gonna rob her or terrorize her family because of this case. I'm not that lucky.... You two just don't get it, do you? Carlos behind bars or not, people are still out there, working for him. Less organized people- some who won't think twice about killing someone over twenty bucks or bad drugs. Putting him in prison doesn't solve your problem- it just displaces it. And I'm the one who has to deal with the aftermath, not either of you. So don't tell me how I can talk to anybody, Castillo."

"Listen, Man, nobody told you to hold people at gunpoint 20 years ago. Nobody made you get hooked on drugs and start selling em. You did that all on your own my friend. Instead of complainin about having to come in here, why don't you be try bein a man for your family for once and do what you gotta do to be with em?"

"Be a man for my...... Don't you ever, EVER talk about my family, Castillo. I would have been with them long ago if it weren't for you, so don't you question me now. Everything I'm doing is for them and to protect them. If we're all through here, I'm going home to be with my wife....."

Angel flings the door open to leave and sees Eden standing on the other side of it.


"I'd keep that husband in line if I were you, Eden. He doesn't want to be on my bad side," a menacing Angel tells Eden.

"What was that about?"

"He's just upset about testifying is all......what are you doing here?"

Eden realizes that Carla was right and confronts Cruz & Julia about it. They tell her that they didn't have any other choice, that Julia's office was being pressured by all sorts of government officials to convict Carlos and they wouldn't take no for an answer. Eden can't believe that they actually forced Angel in the manner they did and Julia politely tells her that unfortunately, that's how the system sometimes works. Eden tells them about Carla's concern for her family and Cruz assures her that the SBPD is giving the best protection possible. Eden then asks Julia if she's spoken to Mason and Julia calmly says that she has and she'd rather not talk about it. Julia excuses herself, leaving Cruz and Eden alone to talk. Eden worries that if Angel thinks his family is in danger from Carlos' people, who's to say they aren't in danger as well.

(EXT: Bradford Investigations Pearl Bradford, P.I.)

---Pearl Bradford sits at his desk with a pencil held lengthwise in his mouth, furiously typing at his computer and working on a case. He's startled when Mason knocks at the door and walks in. Mary emerges from behind him and Pearl smiles at her. He can't believe his eyes and gives her a huge hug.

"I'd heard rumors of your death were greatly exaggerated......" Pearl says

"You heard correctly!"

"Well, welcome back, you look great! So, what do I owe this visit Mason?"

Mason explains to Pearl the story behind Mary's coma and the supposed death of their daughter. Pearl listens intently and agrees that much of it doesn't add up. He too finds it peculiar that Mark went to the trouble of faking his death. He asks them what information they have and Mary gives them a list of doctors working at the clinic while she was there, as well as the name of Mark's mother, Catherine, and her last known location. Mason tells him that ultimately he thinks they need to find Mark but any of these doctors could be of great help as well. Pearl agrees and says he'll get to work on it immediately. Mason tells Pearl to spare no cost- he wants Mark found no matter what the price.

"That's what I've always liked about you Capwells- you've got the dough and you're not afraid to cough it up when you need to."

Mason writes Pearl a check.

"This should be enough to get you started."

"Started? That's enough to pay off my mortgage! Don't worry yous guys, you're in safe hands. Mark McCormick, look out. Cuz here I come....."

(EXT: Coffee shop)

---Adriana arrives and orders herself a latte, taking her seat and waiting for her guest to arrive. Marta comes bursting through the doors, dressed in a bright red tank top and tight jeans. All the men in the room take notice as she orders a black coffee and takes her seat with Adriana.

"Thanks for meeting me." Marta says.

"Yeah, well, my parents already are freaking on me for going to your house. They said we shouldn't be seen together, considering what's going on."

Marta thanks her for coming anyway and tells her everything that she heard Cruz tell Angel. Adriana is shocked by her father's tactics but wonders what exactly they can do about it. Marta tells her that they need to stop them from going any further, before someone gets hurt. Adriana agrees that her dad might have gone too far but says that there's very little that either of them can do about it. It's police business and they're not going to listen to two young girls.

"We'll just have to find a way to MAKE them listen." Marta tells her.

The two girls continue to talk as the camera pans back, to a man in dressed in all black, wearing black gloves, watching the two girls. He dials his cell phone while continuing to watch the girls.

"Yeah, boss it's me......yeah, she's right here, with some other girl.....Oh it won't be a problem. She looks like a feisty one, but I doubt she'll give me much trouble. In fact, from the sounds of what they're saying, this may be easier than we had thought......."

THE END......................for TODAY


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Love Pearl's line about liking the Capwells and how they have plenty of money and willing to spend it. Very classic. Also can't wait until Pearl finds Mark and if Mason and Mary find out what really happened to the child. You have me on the edge of my seat with that guy watching Marta and Adriana. What are Cruz, Eden, Angel, and Carla going to do when and if the girls are taken? You have set up a very good plot that is entertaining, exciting, and full of suspense. Can't wait till the next episode.


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Been catching up. Some great episodes lately. Loved the Mason & Mary scenes in this one the best. Keep up the good work Juniorz.

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