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Episode 38






(EXT: The Capwell Mansion)

---Kelly sits in the living room, looking through an old photo book. Rosa walks by, stopping when she sees Kelly looking at old pictures of Sophia.

"Your mother was quite beautiful when she was young, wasn't she?"

"Yes, she was."

"You know, it's so nice having you home Kelly. It's been a big help to your father and I know your mother enjoyed having all of her children here for the holiday...."

Kelly begins to cry and Rosa hugs her, apologizing for making her sad. Kelly tells her that it's alright, she's just so happy that she was able to make it home for Christmas. Originally, she planned to stay in London, but changed her mind at the last minute. Rosa says Santana was in a similar situation- she wasn't sure if she was going to be able to get the time off and at the last second, she was able to take the time away. Kelly asks Rosa if her mother confided her condition in her and she admits that she did. Rosa tells her that she tried desperately to get Sophia to tell the family, but she refused, not wanting to worry them. Rosa is then interrupted by the doorbell. Rosa offers to get it, but Kelly insists, saying she needs to stretch her legs anyway. She opens the large wooden door.

"PEARL!" she exclaims.

"Yeah, it's me, come here kid!"

Kelly runs into his arms and he gives her a big hug, lifting her off the floor. She invites him inside and Rosa offers to make a pot of coffee for them.

"I'm sorry I haven't been by sooner.....I heard about your mom...I can't believe it..."

"None of us can. It was so sudden...."

"I wish I had known sooner cuz you know I would've been here in a heartbeat. All of yous have been real good to me over the years and I should have been there to pay my respects....."

"It's alright, Pearl, we understood. Cruz told us you were visiting your mom for the holidays."

Pearl asks how it happened and Kelly goes into detail. Pearl says how awful it must be for Mr. C. He mentions that he saw Mason earlier. Kelly inquires what Mason wanted with him and Pearl explains that Mary was with him, and they hired him on. Rosa comes out with the coffee and the three continue to commiserate.

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---Keith sneaks up on Gina in her office and starts kissing her neck. She turns around to see him.

"Well, look what the cat dragged in...... Nice of you to call last night, Keith."

"I'm sorry, peanut, but it was definitely worth my while..."

Gina asks if he found out why Elizabeth reacted the way she did to Gina being Channing IV's mother and he admits he didn't but found out something far better. He tells her that when he arrived at the Capwell Hotel, Elizabeth was in an intense conversation with Lionel. Keith says that he caught her saying something about it being Lionel's idea for her to make a play for CC in the first place. Gina can't believe that Elizabeth would go after her sister's husband so soon after her death, but Keith corrects her, saying that it sounded like they were talking about the past. If that's the case, and Elizabeth was with CC first or even had an affair with him during his marriage to Sophia, then it would certainly give her reason to hate her sister. Gina wonders how Channing IV would fit into any of it.

"Would you stop worrying about that and pay attention- if any of this is true, then....."

"Then what Keith? So what- SO WHAT if Elizabeth and CC were involved- Who CARES? How does any of that effect us?"

"I'm not sure yet- that's why we've got to find out more.....I'm gonna take her out again tonight."

"AGAIN? What for? What could you possibly accompli....."

"Not me, muffin- You. You're going to break in to her office while I keep her......tied up...."

(EXT: District Attorney's Office)

----Julia tries to concentrate on her work but ends up more frustrated than ever. She thinks back to: MARY'S DEATH(the first 2 minutes or so should suffice, before....) Suddenly, she's snapped out of it as she hears a commotion outside of her door.

"I'm her SISTER, damn it, and I'm going in there whether you permit it or not.............No? I can't, huh? Lady, I'm going to count to 3 and if you're still standing there, I'll plow right through you...........You don't? TRY ME! 1........2............3......."

The secretary jumps out of the way as Julia pulls the door open, with Augusta racing through, full speed ahead. Julia tells her secretary that it's alright, she'll see Augusta. Augusta howls that she'll go another round if she likes and Julia slams it shut. Julia asks Augusta what she's doing there and she explains that she and Lionel are leaving for London later on that day. Augusta says that she really doesn't want to go, especially with Julia in the state she's in. Julia claims to be fine and insists that Augusta not worry about her.

"You're not fine, Julia. This is me you're dealing with. You know I saw Mary at the funeral...."


"Yes and I thought it was time she and I had a little chat since her resurrection."

"Oh no. Please tell me you didn't.............Augusta?.................Augusta, what did you do?"

"I just told her that it was sort of ironic that she had risen from the ashes as Sophia had become them...."

"YOU SAID What??"

"She wasn't too keen on it either. But I thought it was time someone tell her you don't stay dead for 20 years only to show up and inflict chaos onto the lives of those you left behind."

Julia tells Augusta she doesn't need her fighting her battles for her but Augusta disagrees, asking Julia if she would have said those things to her. Julia admits that she wouldn't have, but that doesn't give Augusta any right to do it for her. Augusta asks if she's spoken with Mason and she tells her that she kicked him out of the house.

"That couldn't have been easy."

"Of course it wasn't, but he has feelings for her. He admitted as much. He needs to explore them, and then there's the matter of the baby....."

Augusta says she thought her baby died and Julia explains that Mason isn't so sure. He also seems to be in denial of the fact that Mark is actually the father. Augusta reiterates that her sister is far too good for that man, saying she doesn't know what she finds appealing in him in the first place.

"I love him, Augusta. God help me, I love the man."

Augusta hugs her sister and asks if she's sure she doesn't want her to stay in town any longer but Julia INSISTS she go back with Lionel and that she'll be just fine. She has Samantha, and her friends and family. Augusta bids her sister farewell and heads out of the office.

"Bye Mrs. Lockridge" the secretary says as Augusta walks by.

"You KNEW who I WAS?" The secretary laughs. "You little twit- your days here are NUMBERED, mark my words little girl....."

(EXT: Coffee Shop)

----Marta tells Adriana that she must be the apple of her father's eye and that he'd do anything she asked. Adriana informs her that, while that may be true, he wouldn't allow her to interfere in police business. She tells Marta that he hates it when her mother does it, so she's learned it's best to try to stay out of it. Marta suggests that maybe they're going about this the wrong way- that, if they can somehow get more evidence against Carlos, then Angel wouldn't have to testify at all. She claims to know some guys who deal with him and maybe she could get them to talk or use them to find information. Adriana tells her that sounds dangerous, and Marta tells her that sometimes, you've gotta take risks to get what you want. Adriana doesn't think it's a good idea and refuses to go along with it. Marta says she can't believe after all this, all her father put her through, that she can't help her with this.

The girls continue to argue as the camera pans back to the man in black, watching them. "Yeah boss," he says into his phone, "they're still together. Yeah, she's a hot little number, looks just like her mama..... I KNOW how important it is boss, I'm just waiting for them to separate so I can get her by herself.......I don't want nothin goin wrong neither......"

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---Keith leaves Gina's office and sees Joann walking down the hallway at the same time.

"Mrs. Cranston- Oh MRS. CRANSTON?!?"

"Will You Shut UP!!!! Someone might hear you....You're lucky that nosy secretary is out on her lunch break.....What do you want, Keith?"

"Just a quick word......in private."

Joann directs him into the break room. Once the door is shut, she lays into him, telling him never to call her that again, much less bring up Kirk's name, ESPECIALLY at the office. Keith taunts her, asking if she's afraid someone might find out her little secret. She reminds him that he'll be exposed as well......and he calls her bluff, telling her to go ahead and expose him. The takeover is done with, he doesn't work for Capwell, has no friends in the family, so he has nothing to lose. She, on the other hand, has everything to lose: her job, respect, credibility, not to mention that, having double-crossed Kirk, she'll need all the friends she can get.

"What do you want, Keith?"

"Information. About Elizabeth Wayne."

Joann claims to know little to nothing about Elizabeth, having just met her. Keith responds that they seem to have built up quite a business rapport in such a short amount of time. She says they think alike and Keith says that he'd bet on that. He asks specifically why someone in Elizabeth's position would have any interest in Capwell Enterprises, since she obviously didn't help them out of family loyalty. Joann again plays dumb, saying his guess is as good as hers, all she's worked with were the financial negotiations. Keith mentions that there seemed to be a standstill for a short amount of time and asks if there was a reason for that.

"There was a stipulation she had that they couldn't agree...." Joann stops herself.

"A stipulation? In what? What, the contract between them? What did she want that the old man wouldn't give in to? TELL ME!"

"Honestly, I don't know. All I know is that if he didn't agree to her terms, the whole deal was to be null and void. But CC made a point of having the contract sealed once it was signed......the only people ever to see or have access to it are he and Elizabeth....Now if you don't mind, I need to get back to work."

"Yes, of course. Oh.....and Joann...." she turns to look at him "Thanks....you've been very helpful......" She snickers, then turns back around and exit. "Stipulation huh? What are the two of you hiding old man?"

(EXT: The Capwell Mansion)

----Kelly, Pearl, and Rosa continue their conversation in the living room. Kelly catches Pearl up on everything that she was doing in Europe, and all the places she visited. Pearl gets a text message on his phone and tells them he has to be going, that it's a lead on one of the doctors Mason & Mary are looking for. The doorbell rings as Kelly walks Pearl to the door to see him off. She opens the door and sees THIS MAN

"Hello darling" He walks up to her and gives her a passionate kiss. Rosa and Pearl stand watching, Pearl trying to contain his jealousy.

"Ashton, what are you doing here? I thought you couldn't leave until later this month....."

"I was able to finish up my business early and.......Here I am. I got in this morning."

"THIS MORNING? Where have you been? Why didn't you come here sooner?"

"I had some calls I had to make, business to attend to that sort of thing. Boring stuff darling."

"Um....Kell.....aren't you going to introduce us to your friend?" Pearl interjects.

"Oh, I'm so sorry.......Pearl Bradford, Rosa Andrade, this is Ashton Lavery.............. my husband(!)."

(EXT: Coffee Shop)

----Adriana & Marta continue to argue, with Adriana trying to reason with her. Marta insists that she's doing it, with or without Adriana's help. She furiously stomps off. Adriana hesitates a moment and goes after her. Marta runs furiously as Adriana tries to catch up with her. Marta takes a quick turn and Adriana ends up going the other way.

The camera pans to a man's feet, in black shoes, following one of the girls.

Marta is shown still running, looking behind her to see if Adriana is still following.

Adriana is then shown, looking from side to side, trying to find her friend.

Marta stops and turns around, heading back toward the shop.

The man's feet are shown again. He keeps pace with the girl he's following, his steps moving as frantically as hers. He gets closer and closer until he finally catches up with her. He reaches out and grabs her, covering her mouth with his hand. The camera pans up the girl's body to her face to reveal it to be........ HER!!!!

THE END................for today

Don't miss Episode 39, the last of this week. I may post it early, so be on the lookout for it. Expect a twist, as well as the final piece of Edmund's past with CC to be revealed!!!!


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:o Not Adriana!!!! Had a feeling she was not going to make it home from the coffee shop. Cruz and Eden are going to be very upset. I love the suspense you are building. Another not so happy camper is Pearl. All that talking and Kelly never got around to telling him about the hubby. Poor guy. I hope Augusta and Lionel won't be gone too long. Keith and Gina should be fun to watch as they search for the secret. Can't wait for another episode. Like I said before, I am SO ADDICTED!


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Thanks for the birthday wish!!! :D MY wish didn't come true though, Sophia is still "dead" LOL

:lol: Maybe next year! I'm kidding.....she won't be "dead" THAT long! :lol: But for the time being, she'll remain "dead." Don't feel too bad- it's nothing compared to what is coming for Cruz & Eden! :ph34r:

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Your work is splendid, indeed. Keep up the great work. I am loving everything, But the Mason/Julia stuff and the Sophia story are really my two favorites.

I'm telling you.....you should send this to NBC, so when they cancel Passions, this may make it back on the air.

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Junior, my favourite lines were Augusta's and Keith's, of course! :lol: I think it will be useful and interesting to see Lionel and Augusta in London. I mean they could find out somehow that Sophia is there and alive! Or something from her or Edmud... Don't forget them!!!

Excellent job! And I became and addict, too!!!! ;)

Shannon, happy birthday!!!!!!

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Belated birthday wishes SB84Fan!

ITA with Pentek Viktoria -it'd be great to see Lionel & Augusta discover Sophia abroad (London better brace itselfB))!

Don't feel too bad- it's nothing compared to what is coming for Cruz & Eden!

Let's see, ole Kirk's lurking about, their daughter's already been kidnapped by some creeps (apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;) ), so what else could be coming...it wouldn't involve another character returning from the grave by chance?

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Very good job Juniorz. Very good scenes with Kelly & Pearl - loved it. I am loving so much but love Julia/Mason/Mary the most of your stories. And loved Augusta today.

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Junior, my favourite lines were Augusta's and Keith's, of course! :lol: I think it will be useful and interesting to see Lionel and Augusta in London. I mean they could find out somehow that Sophia is there and alive! Or something from her or Edmud... Don't forget them!!!

Excellent job! And I became and addict, too!!!! ;)

Shannon, happy birthday!!!!!!

I think it would be cool for them to find Sophia too, it would be quite ironic if they were the ones to help Sophia get home to her family.

Thanks for the birthday wish!!! :P

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