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Is it finally the end of Eric and Nicole?

Eric fights for life this week on Salem Lives as his medical condition takes him and his loved ones on an emotional rollercoaster. The week begins with Eric's loved ones awaiting word on how his surgery went. "Dr. Rowen comes down and tells Nicole who relays the info to everyone else," previews EP/HW Tim Lowery. "It's very good news as Eric made it through and the tumor has been removed but there is some bad news, which is that there is the chance of complications such as blood clots, anerysms, infection, etc." Eric's loved ones then visit him and all seems to finally be going on the right track. "Eric is telling Nicole that it's going to be alright now," says Lowery. "For the first time in a long time, he has hope and he now has a positive outlook. He thinks he got his miracle." Things then take a bleak turn when Eric begins to go into a seizure and tests reveal the formation of blood clots. "The Brady's are stunned and Nicole is right by Eric's side as he grows weaker just as he was feeling strong again," adds Lowery. It gets worse when Eric develops an infection and the risk of a fatal anerysm begins to rise. "He just starts weakening and the doctors are trying everything," sighs Lowery. "They knew the surgery was his risk with lots of complications but he would've died anyway and now he is at death's door again." By week's end, Greta, Kayla, and Bill come across something that may help Eric but it's a long shot. "Eric's diagnosis is that he has around 24 hours to live and no longer," notes Lowery. "This clinic in a town near Chicago has a drug that may help someone in a complicated condition like Eric's but there is a bad snowstorm and the roads are impassible. Someone volunteers their services to go get the drug but that someone is going to bring about a whole load of tension and drama. At the same time, we have a weak and fading Eric making a stunning request of Nicole and one of Eric's loved ones performs a heroic act that could put that person's life in danger as well. A Christmas miracle is definitely needed." But...will they get it?


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Has the Victor/Stefano war claimed another victim?

An explosion rocks a beloved Salemites' home this week on Salem Lives but who is the victim and the culprit? "At the risk of spoiling it, fans just need to watch Tuesday and they will see what happens," laughs EP/HW Tim Lowery. "One of our beloved characters has a death trap waiting for them but as to whether it is successful and who orchestrated it...fans just need to tune in and find out." Prior to the explosion, Alan is threatened by both Sami and Austin. Could the supposedly-changed rapist be targeting Sami or one of her loved ones? Could Will be his target? At the same time, an in-hiding Stefano is promising Lexie revenge for what has happened to their family. Is this a Stefano plot? Is he targeting one of the Brady's? There has alos been a mysterious cloaked figure running around of late. Is this his or her doing? Could Ernesto be involved? Is Victor so upset with Roman that he would target him to keep him out of his business? Is it Victor targeting Stefano? The possibilities are endless and fans just need to tune in for the explosive scenes on Tuesday to find out!!



Patsy Pease (Kimberly Brady): As previously reported, Pease returns in late December with her children, Andrew and Jeannie. She will then remain on indefinitely despite her children leaving town shortly after the holidays. Look for more info on this in the casting release above the Insider.

Tom Welling and Michelle Williams (Andrew and Jeannie Donovon): Both actors, who played the roles at this summer's funeral event, will return to the roles in late December when their mother returns to town for the holidays. Unlike their mom, Andrew and Jeannie will take off on Dec. 26 while their mother stays behind in Salem. Refer to the casting release above the Insider for more.

Martha Madison (Belle Brady Kiriakis): Madison returns in mid-December when Belle returns from San Francisco with a recovered Philip. As for the casting of Philip, see the casting release for more on that.

Ava and Olivia White (Claire Kiriakis): Baby Claire comes home with her parents Belle (Martha Madison) and Philip in mid-December.

Roscoe Born (Character name TBA): The soap vet shows up in late December as an employee of Victor (John Aniston). See the casting release for more on this.

Previews and Peek into Wk of 12/4/06

-Billie and Jack beg their daughters to fight for life.

-Jack lashes out at Laura.

-Sami and Austin issue warnings to Alan.

-Katherine makes a stunning request of Cal.

-Eric's loved ones joy is short-lived.

-An explosion rocks one Salemites world.

-The rest of the Sydney travelers return to Salem and are stunned by what has transpired.

-Kayla, Greta, and Bill race to help Eric.

-Steve has another breakthrough while comforting Jack.

-Bo is flustered by a mysterious memory.

-The Brady's and Deveraux's get devestating news.

-Victor steps up to the plate again.

-An act of heroism puts a life in peril.

-Eric makes a stunning request of Nicole.


Tuesday December 5: An explosion rocks one Salemites home. Whose and will they survive?

Friday December 8: It's a race against time to save Eric. Meanwhile, Eric makes a stunning request of Nicole and an act of heroism puts another life in danger.

Next Week: One Salemite has a change of heart. Victor gets shafted but finds himself getting cozy with Maggie. Abby and Chelsea wake up. Hope begs Bo to end his alliance with Victor. Katherine and Cal make progress...but not on his past. A Salem couple ties the knot. Belle, Philip, and Claire return to Salem.


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Patsy Pease (Kimberly Brady): As previously reported, Pease returns in late December with her children, Andrew and Jeannie. She will then remain on indefinitely despite her children leaving town shortly after the holidays. Look for more info on this in the casting release above the Insider.

Are you going to incorporate Pease's paralysis into SL? I believe she's been restricted to a wheel chair after her latest surgery after her most recent return to DAYS in '03.

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Yes Drew, In fact, when I

had her back for the

funerals this summer,

I mentioned that she

was in an accident

and that her

husband had left her.

Since Shane is in Salem,

she loved into his place in

London as it is more


accessible. The kids

are with her.

I so want Patsy to return

some day to real Days.

I feel they could still work

it out somehow.

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