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Episode 240



Holden arrives back at the house and tells Lily that he finally got his safe access card back. Lily socffs, but when Holden calls her out on her jealousy, she lashes out at him for always blaming her for everything that goes wrong in the family. Holden can't believe how childish Lily is acting.

Jason stops dead in his tracks when he sees Gwen. Maddie sees him and calls him over, asking what's up. Jason tells her to go outside and meet Henry. Thye have to go. Maddie asks Luke, much to his dismay, to stay behind and Jason and Maddie walk outside. Luke decides to go outside and Will addresses the blank stares that she and Jason were exchanging.

Emma returns to Grant's suite at the Lakeview and is surprised when she finds noone home and the door unlocked. She sneaks in to get the bug that she planted earlier and is almost caught when a bellboy knocks on the door. When no one answers, he sneaks an envelope under the door. Emma bends down and is shocked to find that it's from a jewelry comany....addressed to "Grant Hamilton, re: Engagment Ring for Lisa Grimaldi".

Kim and Nancy discuss all the mishcief that Erin has caused, but take a break from the subject and shift their attention to Andy and Emily. A knock comes at the door and it's Susan. Though Kim refuses to let her in, Susan barges in anyways and begins rubbing it in her face that her daughter is marrying Kim's son...and teases that the world must be comnig to an end. Elsewhere, John and Roxie meet up at John's house and John recalls the deal he made with Roxie: to avenge all the ones who have done her wrong....only if she sabotages Andy and Emily's romance. Then, John and Roxie begin making love!


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