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Episode 13



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---Mary stands completely frozen, as Mason fast approaches her. She turns away but Mason gently takes her arm, telling her he just wanted to personally thank her for all she's done. Mason explains that he's the father of the girl who was brought in from the motorcycle accident. Mary nods that she understands who he is. Mason looks into her eyes and gets lost in them. He tells her that she looks quite familiar to him and asks her to remove her mask. Disguising her raspy voice, Mary informs him she has to keep it on, since the patients she's about to visit are very ill & cross-infections cannot be risked. Mason tells her that he's brought a Thanksgiving feast for the children's wing she works so hard on and she nods again in appreciation. She tells him that she must be going, that she has patients to visit. He looks into her eyes one last time, before she walks away. He's quite taken with Dr. Beckman and is slow to make his way out of the hospital.

Mary crosses the corner into her office, removing her mask. She goes to her desk and pulls out her file on Mason. She clutches his picture close to her heart and chokes back her tears.

"I'm sorry, Mason........ I'm so......sorry"

(EXT: Gina's Condominium)

---Gina has a lot of action going in the kitchen, as Keith and Lily joke with little Channing IV about her cooking in the other room. Gina defends herself, that she's worked hard on this bird and it won't be like other holidays. When Keith questions how Gina knows how to cook a turkey at all, she admits she called Rosa. Keith has a good laugh about her calling Santana's mother for cooking advice. Gina admonishes him for bringing up Santana, since it reminds her of Brandon. Lily asks if Gina's heard from Brandon at all and she sadly tells her that he sent a card, but probably won't call. Lily comforts her mother, saying she's underestimating her son. Keith looks at his watch and asks Gina how long the turkey's been in there for.

"Since 5. I was up at the crack of dawn so this meal would be ready for all of you and all you've done is make fun of me...."

"Muffin......it's 4 o'clock now.....shouldn't it have been done....hours ago?"

"This is how long she told me to cook it, I'm positive...."

Gina opens the oven and takes out the bird. Lily admires it, telling her how delicious it looks. Keith apologizes for ever doubting his cumquat and offers to do the honors of cutting it. Keith begins to slice it open, and the inside explodes with steam, as the meat inside looks dry as can be. Channing IV starts laughing, which gets Lily & Keith going. Gina painfully joins in, mixing her anger at them with an almost evil sounding laughter. Just then the phone rings. Channing IV is quick to answer it.

"Hello............Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Lockridge..............Yeah we are......well, we were but mom burnt it and........"

Gina snatches up the phone from him. "What do you want Lionel? ..........You are.......Well, no, we were planning on spending the day here...." Gina looks into her son's bright blue eyes. "You know what? This day has been a total disaster as it is. I doubt Augusta could make it any worse. We'd love to come over!"

(EXT: Capwell Mansion)

---Rosa informs the family that dinner should be ready shortly. Ted offers to help cut the bird, but Rosa remembers how he likes to pick at the meat. Sophia congratulates Angela again on becoming Mrs. Ted Capwell. Angela thanks her for that, though things get a little prickly when Sophia mentions what she did to Lily. Ted steps in and scolds his mother, telling her that it's in the past. CC chimes in, reminding her that the alternative would have meant spending Thanksgiving with Gina. Sophia throws it in his face that had everything worked out, he would've also been spending the holiday with his son, Channing IV. Before he can defend himself, Adriana, Samantha, and Rafe arrive. Rafe tends to Samantha and carries her into the living room. CC's face begins to turn red at the site, but Rosa quickly prevents a scene from happening by telling CC she needs him to cut the turkey. CC obliges, but not before mentioning that the rest of the family better be showing up soon. Samantha informs them that Julia will be by shortly, as Augusta had stopped by to visit.

"Augusta's here? In town?" Sophia questions

"Yes" Samantha responds "she and Uncle Lionel both are."

"Any idea how long they'll be staying?" Sophia asks

"It can't be for very long- they have a business to run in London" CC chimes in.

"Well, Uncle Lionel says he can run things from here for a while. From what they said, it sounds like they'll be here at least through the holidays."

"Oh...Heaven Help Us!"

"CC would you go cut your bird?"

(EXT: Winding California roads)

----Mason thinks about his meeting with the doctor. He listens to his radio, as the holiday tunes are playing. "I'll Be Home For Christmas" comes on and he continues to think of the doctor, with his thoughts slowly drifting to Mary. He remembers the holiday he had with her, as well as the many wonderful moments of their relationship. Suddenly, as he remembers dreaming of Mary in Heaven, his mind flashes from that image to the image of Dr. Beckman. It happens over and over again as a confused but hopeful experession comes over his face. He also remembers his "vision" of Mary at the hospital.

"It can't be......"

(EXT: The Lockridge Estate)

----Augusta arrives home and Lionel informs her that he's invited Gina, Keith, Lily, and Channing IV for Thanksgiving dinner.

"Lionel, are you really going to subject me to that b i t c h you call an ex-wife on this holiest of holidays?"

"Augusta, Thanksgiving isn't a holy holiday"

"No, of course not, not with Gina Blake involved. I guess I'll put up with her, since you've already invited them." The doorbell rings.

"That couldn't be Gina already....."

"You're not the only one who extended an invitation today- I, too, bumped into an old friend at Julia's..."


Warren & Lionel's mouths both drop open when they see Pamela standing before them. She greets them both, much charmed by their silence. Pamela comments on how grown up Warren is and compliments him on his articles about the Capwells. Augusta becomes unnerved as Pamela flirts with her son. Lionel pulls her aside and asks her what this is all about. Augusta claims that her motivation was purely innocent, that she saw Pamela upset at Julia's and offered for her to spend the holiday with them. Lionel calls her on it and Augusta asks him why he's not the least bit curious about what Pamela is doing in town. Pamela overhears them and asks Augusta what she means by that, since she's here to spend time with her family, much like she is. Augusta offers that it seems an amazing coincidence that someone is attempting a takeover of Capwell Enterprises and suddenly, she appears in town. Pamela doesn't appreciate the insinuation and turns it around on her, saying that the very same could be said about them. The doorbell rings and Gina, Keith and company enter mid-conversation. Gina concurs, asking Lionel what exactly they are doing in Santa Barbara. Gina goes on about how he left her suddenly and how fitting it is he's ended up back with Augusta. Keith interrupts her, pointing out Pamela. Gina looks up & sees her, and faints.

(EXT: The Capwell Mansion)

---Julia arrives for Thanksgiving dinner and exchanges barbs with Angela. Angela excuses herself and heads to the ladies room, to give Julia "time to get herself under control." Ted asks her where Mason is and she replies that his guess is as good as hers. Someone then arrives and Julia comments that it's probably Mason. Julia heads to the foyer to greet him and sees Eden instead. She greets her good friend and Eden asks her how Samantha is . Julia suggests she see for herself, but Eden stops her, telling her she'd like to talk. Eden asks her point blank what she & Cruz have been up to.

"Eden, I'm sorry, but you know I cannot discuss that with you. It's my job, not to mention your husband would have my head. Believe me, it's nothing for you to be concerned about....."

"So I didn't see him with Angel Ramirez then today, right?"

Julia is caught off guard by this and Eden calls her on it. Eden can't believe that Angel is free and asks Julia what Cruz had to do with it. Julia apologizes for not being able to tell her about Angel, but there's nothing else she can tell her. Eden presses her, talking about how Angel terrorized them and that she had every right to know that he was being released. Cruz arrives and Julia suggests Eden talk to her husband.

"About what? What's going on darlin?"

"Don't darlin me. What the hell are you doing with Angel Ramirez?

Cruz stares at her, stunned that she knows. As he is about to fill her in, Rosa comes calling that dinner is now ready.

"We better get in there"

"Don't think you're gettin off that easy, Castillo. You're just lucky it's Thanksgiving......really, I have a good mind to take you home & have it out right now....."

Cruz smiles at her & heads off for the dining room. Eden squints her eyes and grunts in frustration, following him in there. CC asks Julia where Mason is and she tells him he made a stop before coming. Julia encourages everyone to go ahead and start without them.

"Mason......where have you been?" CC scolds

"The San Remos Clinic. I met with Dr. Beckman & donated a Thanksgiving dinner to the children's wing."

Julia's eyes bug out as he reveals this.

(EXT: The Lockridge Mansion)

---Lily, Augusta, and Gina finish setting the table and invite everyone in to eat. Meanwhile, Keith has Pamela cornered outside and quizzes her about what she has planned for CC. Keith offers his assistance in any way, but Pamela stops him.

"Keith, frankly, what I do is none of your business..... I don't know you very well and what I do know of you, I do not like. I remember being on the stand at Cruz's trial for my daughter's murder.... I remember your interrogation quite well. You're quite talented at what you do, you should stick to it. Let me handle CC and Sophia. If I need an attorney for any of it, perhaps I'll call you. Until then...... I'm starved and Augusta will be insulted if I don't get in there & eat. I suggest you do the same."

The Lockridges, Blakes, Keith, and Pamela sit down and Lionel leads them in a Thanksgiving prayer.......

fade to......... The Capwells sitting and listening to CC giving his Thanksgiving speech. Eden looks angrily at Cruz. Samantha looks at Rafe with stars in her eyes and Adriana opens her eyes to give her a disapproving look. Sophia looks lovingly at CC as he talks about the family members not with them, mentioning Kelly, Brandon, and Santana, as Rosa looks back at him. Mason thinks of Mary again, remembering her and again flashing to the doctor. He snaps out of it and looks at Julia, puzzled and bewildered. Julia looks back at him, then away very guiltily.

fade to......... The Lockridge House, as everyone eats and seems very festive with one another, Pamela joking with Warren and Augusta giving them the evil eye.

back to........... The Capwell House, with everyone eating, Angela playing footsie with Ted under the table. Mason looks at Julia with a tear in his eyes, muttering the words "I saw her..."

fade to........ Mary, sitting in the clinic's cafeteria, alone, crying, looking at the picture of Mason. Dr. Stanley approaches as she hides the picture, and he sits down with her, comforting her.

The screen splits with Julia, Mason, and Mary in each screen, with their facial expressions- Julia one of guilt, Mason one of confusion, and Mary one of sadness.

THE END..........................for the week


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Well, not gonna lie, I have no idea what is going on! LOL! But I loved the Thanksgiving Dinner angst/montage. I don't know what is happening or who anyone is, but I WANT to know so that mean's it's great. :)

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:lol: I LOVE IT! KR, seriously, it's too bad you never

got to see the show because you would have

LOVED it I think. There's some clips you can check out

on youtube, if you're interested.

To better understand what's going on in 'RTSB', check out this



All of the characters in 'RTSB' are profiled. ;)

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