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One on One with Harley Jane Kozak!



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(this is, of course, a fictitious interview)

SONBC had the privilidge recently of sitting down with actress and author Harley Jane Kozak, who has just returned as Mary Duvall on 'Return to Santa Barbara' after leaving 20 years ago.

SONBC: Welcome Back!!!!

Harley Jane: Thank You. It feels good to be back.

SONBC: So what made you decide to return to the role of Mary, after so much time had passed?

Harley Jane: But that's exactly what made me come back: the fact that so much time had passed. They (SB producers) asked me to return in 1987, but I declined. I was done with soaps after 'SB' and that was still very real to me then. I was hurt by the way things happened and the trust I'd once had with them (SB producers) was gone. I came back for a few days in 1989, but never would commit long-term again. This was just a case of the right thing at the right time.

SONBC: You've been a busy lady the past 20 years.

Harley Jane: I sure have. I was fortunate enough to go on to a career in film. I had the great fortune to work with such talents as Brad Pitt, Steve Martin, Billy Crystal, Rick Moranis, Elizabeth McGovern, and John Goodman along the way. I've been very lucky.

SONBC: You've been doing some writing as well we hear.

Harley Jane: You've heard correctly. My most recent books, Dating is Murder and Dating Dead Men, were a joy for me to write. I never dreamt they'd even be published, let alone as well-received as they were. I've been quite pleased. If anyone is interested in reading them, they should check out my website http://www.harleyjanekozak.com/home.html . They're available through there, online, and in many bookstores.

SONBC: Cool! Back to the story at hand........How did your return to 'RTSB' come about?

Harley Jane: I had heard about the project, though I never dreamt I would be asked to be a part of it. It's been an absolute joy. The executive producer & writer, whom we all only know as "juniorz1", has taken the show & run with it. When he pitched the story to me, I just couldn't say no. Plus.....it didn't hurt that I'd be working with Lane & Nancy again.

SONBC: Obviously, you'll be throwing a wrench into that couple......

Harley Jane (laughs): Yes, well, what can you do. It's not Mary's fault- she tried so hard to stay away from them and did so for 20 years.

SONBC: Tried.......so Mason will see her?

Harley Jane: He already has, a couple times in fact. Things will fall into place for Mason very soon. The question is, will Mary be around by the time he figures it out?

SONBC: My money's on yes.

Harley Jane: I'm not giving anything away, but I'm signed on for 2 years so I'd think they'll have to see each other soon enough. It's been wonderful working with Nancy so far. She's a phenomenal actress and our characters have such a rich history, however short it may have been. The relationship between Julia and Mary has an interesting dynamic to it. Nancy told me the other day that Mary is the only person who intimidates Julia, as she sees Mary as a far better person than herself, a standard she cannot live up to.

SONBC: So what's this about Mark McCormick and the baby you were carrying when you were last seen?

Harley Jane: I think they've started to address that a bit with other characters, but Mary hasn't explained herself. I happen to know that those particular plot points are integral to what's coming up. Mark's fate as well as the baby's fate will be explained. Stay Tuned.

SONBC: We sure will! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us today Harley.

Harley Jane: My pleasure! Thanks for going easy on me! :lol:


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