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Episode 5




(EXT shot: panning into a grand church offshore from the beach)

----Guests begin arriving at the church for Ted & Lily's wedding. Cruz arrives with Julia, talking about the judge's agreeing to grant Angel an early release. Eden spots them and quizzes Cruz on the goings on, but he keeps a tight lid on things. Sophia & CC tell Julia about Mason running so late from the house, which Julia finds odd, since he was supposed to leave the house shortly after her. Julia is surprised to see Warren arrive with Angela. Julia asks her nephew what's going on but he insists he & Angela are only friends. She blasts him for detailing their private conversation in his newspaper. He tells her not to worry, that he'd never reveal her as his source. CC spots Warren and attempts to get up to confront him, but Sophia holds him back, with help from Rosa.

"Ted invited him CC, please......you can deck him after the wedding"

CC looks at his wife, disappointed, but sees the determination in her eyes. "If you're expecting me to forget about this, you're far off the mark Sophia"

She nods and looks at him, and he sits back down, staring down Warren.

"Yikes," Angela says, "I'd hate to be in your shoes after the ceremony"

"I'm not afraid of CC, believe me. I'll take him on and any like him any day of the week"

Gina, Keith, & Lily arrive, and Gina heads to the Bridal room with Lily. Keith notices what Sophia has on, and remarks to Julia & Samantha that it's going to be a bumpy day. Eden, hearing this, turns around and warns him that he better behave today or he'd have her to deal with.

Keith deadpans, "I'm shaking Eden. Really. I am......... Calm down there Princess, I'm not out to cause any kind of trouble. You'll see what I'm talking about when you see Gina"

Eden, Cruz & Julia look at each other, knowingly. Adriana remarks to Samantha how much she loves weddings, to which Samantha replies that the most she's hoping for is that Lily trip on her dress and fall flat on her face at any point during the day. Adriana asks Samantha why she hates Lily so much, and she tells her a little about what Lily's past history with Mason. Samantha also flat out says that she "annoys the hell" out of her anyway. Mason & Ted finally arrive at the church, and Ted can't resist stopping by the bridal room. Mason, meanwhile, heads into the church and is stopped by Julia, who's asks him what's going on. Mason assures her he has everything under control & not to worry. When she wants to know what took him so long, he tells her he'd prefer telling her outside of a church setting, since profanity most likely would be used. Julia is frustrated when he walks away, to go look for Ted.

---In the bridal room, Gina & Lily reminisce about her as a child and growing up. They hear a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" Gina asks

"It's Ted!"

"TED! You can't come in here! It's bad luck for the groom to see the....."

"Relax, Gina, I'm not coming in, I just want to talk to Lily before the ceremony....."

"Through the door" Lily tells him

Lily asks him if he's nervous and he says he's not, turning it around on her. She tells him she's more ready than ever to become Mrs. Ted Capwell. Ted tells her he wants nothing more and when he sees Mason coming, he says he'll see her at the alter.

"I love you Lily"

"I love you too Ted"

Lily's face brightens and she tells Gina she'd like a few minutes alone before the ceremony.

---Ted & Mason enter the church and head for the altar, where they shake hands & speak with the priest. Meanwhile, Gina sees from the back of the church that Sophia has the same dress that she's wearing. Keith turns around and sees Gina hitting the boiling point. He races to the back of the church and takes her outside for some air. Ted notices Angela in the church with Warren and gives her a look, but looks away. Angela tells Warren to excuse her, and she needs to powder her nose. Angela makes a phone call before heading to the bridal room to confront Lily. Lily is stunned to see her and asks what she's doing there. Angela tells her about the affair with Ted- she lays it on thick, talking about near-misses they had with Lily and gives Lily intimate details about the affair. Lily is shaken and asks her why she's doing this. Angela tells her she thought she should know & couldn't live with it on her conciense. Lily sees right through this, telling Angela she doesn't have a conciense and only does things for herself, without even a thought of other people. She tells her that even if she believed her, which she doesn't, it doesn't change the fact that Ted is marrying her today and that he loves her, not Angela. Lily admits that he may have had a fling with Angela, but that's all it was- a fling. She further tries to hurt her by calling her a slut and tells her that men just use her up until they are done with her. Lily twists the knife by telling her that no man could love a woman like her, nor could she love a man, since she doesn't have the capacity for it. Angela is surprised by Lily's resilliance, and when Lily flat out tells her that she's marrying Ted no matter what Angela decides to pull.

---As the bridal march begins playing, Samantha looks out the window and sees Rafe pulling up on his motorcycle. She quickly heads outside, telling Adriana & Julia that she has to run to the ladies room. Gina walks down the aisle, as Lily's maid of honor, and shoots Sophia a nasty look. Sophia is infuriated to see Gina wearing her same dress.

"Look at her. What IS she thinking? She did this on purpose, CC, mark my words. There's no way the boutique couldn't have known that I was wearing the same thing. I could STRANGLE her!!!"

"Now, Sophia, calm down. After all, we promised that we'd behave today, for Ted's wedding. Isn't that what you said?"

Sophia shoots him a disgusted look, but he smiles at her, calming her down. Everyone rises as the bride walks down the aisle. From the back of the church, Rafe sees her approaching the altar. He realizes all is lost, at which time Samantha asks him what he's doing there.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing"

He races out the door toward his motorcycle, with Samantha following. She tells him that she's not letting him go off alone in his condition, puts on the second helmet, and gets on back as they speed off.

As the ceremony is beginning, Rafe & Samantha are shown speeding down a windy Santa Barbara road. Samantha tells him to calm down- that they're going to get killed if he doesn't. Just then they hit a sharp turn and both are thrown from the bike. Rafe wakes up & sees Samantha is badly injured. He flags down a car & 911 is called.

(EXT shot- San Remos Hospital)

--- The mysterious doctor is shown, reading Warren's article on the takeover of Capwell Enterprises. The doctor stares down at it, gently brushing their finger over Mason's picture with Ted & CC.

"Doctor, there's a girl being brought in right now in terrible shape. Motorcycle Crash. EMTs have told us that she's bleeding internally & will require surgery. They should be here any minute"

The doctor places the newspaper in a drawer and races out.

(EXt shot- The Church)

---The priest begins the ceremony with the usual introductions. Couples in the church are shown, happy together. CC and Sophia, taking in what the priest is saying about the institution of marriage. Mason & Julia, looking at each other across the church with the mention of arguments in a relationship. Gina & Keith give each other a look when he mentions fun being an important ingredient in any marriage. Eden & Cruz are shown when love, commitment, and honor are mentioned while the priest talks about committing to your soul mate for the rest of your eternal lives. The priest mentions the element of surprise, and then asks for the rings.......At that time, the bride lifts her veil and makes her presence known.


(EXT shot- San Remos Hospital, flash to sign "Emergency Clinic"

---Samantha is rushed in on a stretcher by the EMTs, with Rafe at her side. The nurse informs him that he, of course cannot go back with her. The mysterious doctor is shown swiftly walking down the hall toward Samantha's room. When the doctor enters and sees who Samantha is, a familiar voice is heard.

"Oh my God! It can't be........."

The camera slowly pans up to the face that goes with that familiar voice..................



THE END..........for the week


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Oh no, it is just like the show with the cliff hanger on Fridays. :( Now we have to wait until Monday. I think you did a great job with CC and Sophia and the fifth episode.


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Thanks for the comments you guys! By the way,

for those who never have watched SB before &

are reading, the doctor revealed at the end of

today's episode was Mary Duvall, Mason's presumed

dead first love.

Also, the bride was Angela.

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