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'RTSB' is very pleased to announce that Bernard White will be returning to the role of Angel Ramirez, on a recurring basis. The role right now is short-term, but there is always a chance that his stay could be extended. Mr White first aired as Angel last week, and will be re-appearing this week. Angel has spent the past 20 years of his life in prison, at the hands of Cruz Castillo. In the story, he's being released under the condition he go undercover in the ongoing police investigation into a local drug ring.

In other news, as everyone who viewed Friday's show is aware, Harley Jane Kozak has returned to her role as Mary Duvall. The ex-nun and ex-nurse is now a doctor, living in San Remos, just outside of Santa Barbara. Ms. Kozak is on contract & will be featured heavily in the coming months. Could Jon Lindstrom (ex-Mark) be far behind? STAY TUNED!!!!

Also, 'RTSB' has upped Margarita Cordova to contract status. While there is no major story planned for Rosa at the moment, she will be featured regularly. I think Margarita commands respect and deserves to be honored with a contract.

As for what's going to happen this week, I'm continuing my mantra of keeping a tight lid on things. I will say, by week's end, all of the contract characters (with possibly 1 exception) will have been introduced. Also, the second 1/2 of the wedding- the reception!!!! There's going to be PLENTY going on there :)

By the way, thanks to everyone who helped 'RTSB' premiere at #1 in the SONBC Ratings, with a 3.3 rating!!! I've been pleasantly surprised with the amount of interest the blog has generated thusfar & hope you all will stick with it. You'll be glad you did ;)


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I'm glad you found that actor you were looking for.

Kinda like remembering a movie or song, but you

can't remember the title of the movie or who sung

the song, so it stickswith you until you can. :)

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