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  1. I was so happy to see The Veils, especially Finn Andrews , as I've been a fan of theirs since their first album came out in 2004. What a neat surprise for me.
  2. Radio Soap Operas Radio daytime drama series were broadcast for decades and some expanded to television for even more decades. These dramas were often referred to as soaps, a shortening from the earlier label, soap opera. That term stems from the original dramatic serials broadcast on radio that had soap manufacturers such as Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, and Lever Brothers as sponsors and producers. These early radio serials were broadcast in weekday daytime slots when mostly housewives would be available to listen; thus the shows were aimed at and consumed by a predominantly female audience. For a list for most Radio Soap Opera's,
  3. Gendry's return made me so happy. May I finally get the Cassie/Chris reunion I've been longing for? (Probably not, lol)
  4. Richard and Carolyn Culliton
  5. I'm of the minority who believe Steven/Ben should have a been a thing.
  6. I love you.
  7. I was very liberal with this list so please take that into account when browsing through the list. I also took a simplistic approach when applying labels. If there's anyone I may have missed, please correct my mistake. Coronation Street: Sophie Webster (lesbian), Todd Grimshaw (gay), Sean Tully (gay), Billy Mayhew (gay), Kate Connor (lesbian) - 5 General Hospital: Lucas Jones (gay), Kristina Corinthos (bisexual), Felix DuBois (gay), Brad Cooper (gay) - 4 Days of Our Lives: Sonny Kiriakis (gay), Paul Narita (gay) - 2 Emmerdale: Robert Sugden (bisexual), Charity Dingle (bisexual), Debbie Dingle (bisexual), Aaron Dingle (gay), Vanessa Woodfield (bisexual), Finn Barton (gay), Lawrence White (gay), Ronnie Hale (gay) - 8 The Young and the Restless: - 0 EastEnders: Steven Beale (bisexual), Sonia Jackson (bisexual), Ben Mitchell (gay), Derek Harkinson (gay), Tina Carter (lesbian), Johnny Carter (gay) - 6 Neighbours: Steph Scully (bisexual), Aaron Brennan (gay), David Tanaka (gay), Ellen Crabb (lesbian), Will Dempier (gay), Tom Quill (gay) - 6 The Bold and the Beautiful: Maya Forrester (transgender) - 1 Home and Away: - 0 Hollyoaks: Ste Hay (gay), Harry Thompson (gay), Esther Bloom (lesbian), Grace Black (bisexual), Kim Butterfield (lesbian), Scott Drinkwell (gay), Sally St. Claire (transgender), James Nightingale (gay), Ryan Knight (bisexual), Farrah Maalik (lesbian), Kyle Kelly (gay) - 11 Shortland Street: Nicole Kruse (bisexual), Harper Whitley (bisexual), Jack Hannah (gay), Blue Nathan (transgender), Frank Connelly (bisexual) - 5
  8. What was that accent?
  9. I'm always looking and ... appreciating!
  10. Isn't Man from High Castle essentially the same premise? That show instead being about if the Nazi's had won WWII.
  11. I've said years ago on her that one of Marian's kids should be running the Pub, maybe a possible grandkid would be a better option at this point though.
  12. I loved the Declan story, but ever since she returned under MacLeod she's been haemorrhaging. Her affair with Frank, a pairing that could work, is so boring and lifeless because Megan is involved. With both being con artists, they could have done a will they/won't they/can they trust each other? without another boring affair to deal with. And someone should be using Charity's carelessness with the Pub as a way to steal it out from under her and Chas.At least then there would be a point to her being locked in there. Like Debbie, she needs a true friend. And like has been hinted at, a type of mentor role to someone new. I don't count Belle because that's family so the dynamic isn't that nuanced, plus Belle is nothing like her. I also despised the way the show had Charity panting after Matt. It was so beneath her.
  13. Drew not caring about the dead bodies going missing until Harper told him it was happening because the culprit thought he was too dumb to figure it out was why I love them. Between them and Sass/Hawks, I am in couple heaven. I was waiting for when TK killing Hayden, and Sass wanting to murder Mason would come back to bite them in the ass. Love this show, it can't be said enough. And this show needs to keep Jack's hot as hell cop ex on the show. He is gorgeous.
  14. I've said before I'm right there with you about the Dingles, and I do like some of them. In fact, Charity is one of the best all time characters from the show, but even she is played out now. The only Dingle that still seems relevant to me in anyway is Cain thanks to his relationship with Moira, so he'd probably be the last one standing when I finished getting rid.
  15. Watch the first four episodes at least before making a decision.
  16. Hogan Sheffer did that at DAYS.
  17. That was some gothic, acid dropping, Salvador Dali, Power Point presentation realness ... and now my head hurts.
  18. I was surprised to see she was actually acted that late into her tenure. She Jill in the earlier years, Dickson looked like a completely different person.
  19. I had no idea he retired. He is one of my absolute favourites.
  20. This is bisexual porn star Gabriel Clark.
  21. No, I've loved her for awhile; Jany Levy. It was a such a shame when she left Shameless as the first Mandy, but Suburgatory was a great little show, too. However, thanks for bringing it to my attention that man interviewing Becky's boyfriend was Rob. I couldn't help but feel Amanda Seyfriend's character will die tragically somehow. What is the name of the actress who played Dougie's work colleague who helped him into the bathroom? I've seen her in something but can't remember where. I also second YRBB's question. Do we already know the guy in the woods who was listening to Dr. Jacoby? I couldn't place him if so. I am loving this return as much as I've always loved Twin Peaks. I'm along for the ride and am enjoying every last morsel Lynch is giving us. I think people that have problems with this return were likely always going to no matter what. Lynch is making us wait for Audrey's presence. That is the cruellest thing of all. Maybe her presence in "Dougie's" life will be what snaps him out of it completely? Of course, he hasn't had any pie yet ...
  22. Oh I know, but I like having a Sunday show. The wait is on purpose.
  23. I can't wait to watch episodes 3 and 4 on Sunday to find what the hell you guys are talking about.
  24. That second earthquake today pretty much cements the next one, probably during the 90 minute episode, will be fatal. With Lucy and Ali so happy at the moment, I think Ali is about to die. I'll be devastated if I'm right. Ashley is a nuisance right now, and luckily the show knew not to drag out her lie about sleeping with Finn, but that scene it brought about of Drew laying down some truth to Harper was everything. They are the best couple in soap, so I really hope they work things out. And Chris spitting out blood was a surprise. I'm nowhere near a doctor, so I don't know if being tired was a symptom or was just a red herring to his actual illness.
  25. Cindy, Jack, & Darren.