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I thought it was a very moving movie and probably the best of the MCU’s Phase 4 efforts. Letitia Wright was amazing, but so were all the main players. It was an arduous task, but they managed to pay tribute to T’Challa/Chadwick, while also moving forward. 

The only real critique I had was the movie could have been 15 mins or so shorter, and Riri Williams (a character that has always sucked in the comics, but wasn’t as annoying here) felt shoehorned in. 

Ryan Coogler is an immensely talented director, and I hope the speculation that he’ll direct Secret Wars is true.

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Saw it. Loved it. Cried once, but had watered eyes throughout.


I thought everyone did an excellent job and I felt it flowed soooooo well. I was worried about myself because I've been tired the last two days and any slow motion might have had me doze off, but DIDN'T HAPPEN. And there was so much to see. The cgi was great...as was the action scenes. I had so many standout moments. And there were some nice callbacks to the first movie.


And Angela Bassett was EVERYTHING. Even now, given how the movie ended, it will be very interesting on a rewatch to pick up on some of the nuances. 


I know there are some old fans who might have an issue with the backstory rewrite on Namor. But as an old fan myself who has always mentioned that as long as a production catches the essence of what makes a character/story, I usually am not picky. And what they did with him was spectacular (and he could get it...I see what a certain blonde in the comics see in him

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 ). I liked the rewrite origin, the message they tried to get across with him and his people, and it is VERY relevant to our world today. 


I...WANT...THAT...SOUNDTRACK. Even better than the first film...and the first film's music was nothing to scoff at. 

I haven't seen ANY of the tv shows so I know some of the plot threads were over my head, but that was very light and still felt important to the movie it was in. 

My only critique on the first viewing really was the setting of the climax. Cuz...really? lol. It still came together though. 

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A very impressive sequel and probably the best MCU work since the end of the classic cycle with Endgame. Very strong, and notably led entirely by Black females - there were barely any males in the film other than Namor and the fitfully appearing M'Baku and Everett Ross. Angela Bassett, Danai Gurira and yes, the deeply problematic Letitia Wright carried the film, along with Dominique Thorne as Riri Williams (a much more appealing character here than in the comics as created by Brian Michael Bendis). I did not expect Riri to work but she really did for me.

I'll talk about the film more at some point but the introduction sequence for Namor and the Talokanil/Atlanteans is one of the best horror sequences Marvel has ever done, if not the best. Terrifying stuff and a great, brief performance by the always-lovely Lake Bell.

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