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Eurovision Song Contest 2021


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This year’s Eurovision Song Contest is due to be held on 18/20/22 May in Rotterdam (as it was supposed to be last year before the contest was cancelled due to the pandemic). And despite said pandemic still raging, the EBU and Dutch broadcasters are better prepared this time, with a few fallback scenarios.


Originally all 41 countries that were due to compete in 2020 were all confirmed for this year, however a couple of major developments have subsequently occurred:


  • Armenia withdrew from the contest on 5/3/2021 due to domestic political issues.
  • Belarus were disqualified from the contest on 26/3/2021 due to a song submission that did not meet the EBU guidelines and threatened to bring the contest into disrepute.


The semi-final lineup will be exactly the same as was drawn last year, minus the above-mentioned withdrawals:


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At best, there will be a *very* limited audience in the Ahoy Arena. We now know that it will be a “Scenario B”, ie. most/all acts will perform live in Rotterdam in the Ahoy arena. The size of the audience (if any) will be determined in the coming weeks.


In the meantime, here is the lineup for 2021...


Albania :




Israel :




France :




Ukraine :




Lithuania :




Croatia :




Czechia :




Norway :




Finland :




Spain :




Cyprus :




Germany : 




Ireland :




Slovenia :




Belgium :




Romania :




Netherlands :




Moldova :




Australia :




Serbia :




Estonia :




Denmark :




Portugal :




Italy :




San Marino :




Russia :




Austria :




Greece :




Switzerland :




Bulgaria :




United Kingdom :




North Macedonia :




Poland :




Latvia :




Sweden :




Iceland :




Azerbaijan :




Georgia :




Malta :



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Lithuania have officially selected The Roop for the second year in a row, with their song Discoteque. Their national final Pabandom is Naujo still went ahead, but with The Roop getting a wildcard directly into the final which was tonight.


That’s now 5 songs out of 41 officially confirmed and released.

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1 hour ago, I Am A Swede said:

We just started our long and elaborate selection process here in Sweden tonight.


Yes I watched Melodifestivalen tonight as well (I’m a hardcore Eurovision fan)! A very interesting set-up they’ve got down at Annexet, but it seems to have worked so far. And can I just say how much I *love* Lena Philipsson?


Seriously, I think the right songs went DTF tonight, but I was disappointed that Jessica Andersson got knocked out as she had an amazing song. The next few weeks will be interesting, especially with some more big names coming (Charlotte Perrelli, Eric Saade, Dotter, The Mamas, just to name a few). One of the heaviest big-named line-ups for Melfest in several years...

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Germany also revealed their artist for 2021 yesterday (and it’s not Ben Dolic who was meant to represent them last year). It’s a ukulele-playing man from Hamburg by the name of Jendrik Sigwart...



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Czechia released their song for Rotterdam last night, “omaga” (not to be confused with a certain American political saying). It’s by Benny Cristo who was meant to represent Czechia last year before the contest was cancelled. As such, he was “reappointed” for this year...



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7 hours ago, Bright Eyes said:

The UK really should just use the song by the United KingDOLLS from RuPaul's Drag Race. 


No, because it would absolutely bomb at the contest itself, and we’ve seen what happens to ESC-themed novelty songs in the past in Eurovision (eg. Scooch and Dustin The Turkey).


no GIF

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As well as Norway and Finland (which @Huntress helpfully posted above ), Spain also chose their song last night. In a 2.5 hour show dedicated to Blas Canto and his career, he showcased the two songs up for Spanish selection, and the Spanish voters went with “Voy a querdarme”...



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I fear this will be another bottom 5 placing for Spain ... the song goes nowhere.


So far I only like Norway's entry, although it was better in Norwegian. The English lyrics sound a bit clumsy.


Btw, the official youtube channel has started uploading videos highlighting each countries' past entries. So far, 5 countries have been featured:







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