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LATEST RATINGS: April 8-12, 2019


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I don't even know if it's bad as much as it's underwhelming or just not very interesting, but I guess that makes it "bad" lol. I'm not really turned off (nothing has been all that damaging, IMHO, not even Jack as much as the stans are whining) or offended like some (I know the Jack/Haley story is pretty awful though) but the show just isn't coming together for me. I see so many who think it's the best soap right now and I don't get it. But to be fair, all four are pretty underwhelming. There just hasn't been anything that I feel is "must see". I watch mostly out of loyalty at this point.


I'd like Cin more if the stans weren't obnoxious and ignored Ben being a serial killer because RSW posts shirtless Instagram shots and videos and well, if Ben weren't a damn serial killer. 


I do like Gabi and Stefan and I like Chloe and Brady mixed in. I like that Jack is back but I'm not caring for a lot of the writing in the overall story. I like that some of the bubbles are being broken and we're seeing more interaction, here and there. I want to like that Nicole is back but she gets 2 minutes of happiness and Ericole are back to breaking up and crying. I want angst and drama but at the same time ... lawd. Enough. There's a lot I *want* to like, but again, the show as a whole just doesn't quite come together for me. Maybe I focus too much on what I'd rather see instead of what they're actually doing, but eh ... lol


I also feel like there's a ton of characters who should be on the show and aren't.


And I think the budget is abysmal.


I'm tired of the same sets over and over and over and over again. Even though GH uses the same sets a lot at least they sometimes offer a bit of a variety. And both GH and Y&R have introduced "new" sets while DAYS continues to have everyone in the same sets ... (on GH we get *three* restaurant/bar sets and people actually have homes we see besides two mansions all the time)


It just doesn't all come together.


Soaps used to really build towards Friday climaxes. Now they want a cliffhanger every day but they fail at those time and time again. With everyone's guarantee so low, it's hard to really build momentum ... I don't think folks are recognizing how bad the guarantees are and how it really is affecting storyline and momentum ...


Personally, I think they need new executive producers and someone to help them overhaul their budget. I think Corday was 100% right on in suing Sony for their lack of investment in the show. At least some NBC execs seem to support the show. Sony checked out years ago.

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I can understand wanting to bring Jack back as a mischief maker/schemer and even lean on his political background, that's all great, but plopping an amnesiac man in the middle of an election and turning him into Trump is way too broad and cartoonish - classic Ron.


I don't think it's ruinous to the character long-term though. Jack is not in his right mind.

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