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Current LGBT Repesentation

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I was very liberal with this list so please take that into account when browsing through the list. I also took a simplistic approach when applying labels. If there's anyone I may have missed, please correct my mistake.


Coronation Street: Sophie Webster (lesbian), Todd Grimshaw (gay), Sean Tully (gay), Billy Mayhew (gay), Kate Connor (lesbian) - 5


General Hospital: Lucas Jones (gay), Kristina Corinthos (bisexual), Felix DuBois (gay), Brad Cooper (gay) - 4


Days of Our Lives: Sonny Kiriakis (gay), Paul Narita (gay) - 2


Emmerdale: Robert Sugden (bisexual), Charity Dingle (bisexual), Debbie Dingle (bisexual), Aaron Dingle (gay), Vanessa Woodfield (bisexual), Finn Barton (gay), Lawrence White (gay), Ronnie Hale (gay) - 8


The Young and the Restless: - 0


EastEnders: Steven Beale (bisexual), Sonia Jackson (bisexual), Ben Mitchell (gay), Derek Harkinson (gay), Tina Carter (lesbian), Johnny Carter (gay) - 6


Neighbours: Steph Scully (bisexual), Aaron Brennan (gay), David Tanaka (gay), Ellen Crabb (lesbian), Will Dempier (gay), Tom Quill (gay) - 6


The Bold and the Beautiful: Maya Forrester (transgender) - 1


Home and Away: - 0


Hollyoaks: Ste Hay (gay), Harry Thompson (gay), Esther Bloom (lesbian), Grace Black (bisexual), Kim Butterfield (lesbian), Scott Drinkwell (gay), Sally St. Claire (transgender), James Nightingale (gay), Ryan Knight (bisexual), Farrah Maalik (lesbian), Kyle Kelly (gay) - 11


Shortland Street: Nicole Kruse (bisexual), Harper Whitley (bisexual), Jack Hannah (gay), Blue Nathan (transgender), Frank Connelly (bisexual) - 5

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8 hours ago, Nothin'ButAttitude said:


Quality not quantity.


Look at GH for instance. They 4 LGBTQ characters.


But how many of them are driving story?




That's an issue across the board on all US soaps.  

Because they keep cowering to the bible-belt demographic of middle/conservative America

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1 minute ago, Khan said:

By default, I have to choose Bianca.  But to be perfect and frank, I think the "Best Coming-Out Story" has yet to be told on a soap opera (and probably never will).

so true, since mostly every coming out story has the girl or guy tortured and conflicted and one of the parents not being supportive 

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11 hours ago, JellicleCat said:

I'd have to go with Luke, if only for Lucinda's reaction when Lily told her.  

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Lucinda and Holden were great during that story. I also liked when Luke confided in Will, I wished Aaron was there though to be there for Luke. Lily annoyed me but she felt very worried about Luke and then there was Damian. I wonder if Erica would've given Lily some advice if AMC and ATWT were in the same universe.

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On 3 July 2017 at 8:38 PM, Adamski said:

There's a panel discussion in London next Weds evening on LGBT in soaps. Looks good!




Speakers are confirmed now, if anyone's interested:


Daniel Brocklebank, Actor, Coronation Street
Oliver Kent, Head of Continuing Drama Series, BBC Studios
Pete Lawson, Writer, EastEnders
Iain MacLeod, Series Producer, Emmerdale
Kieron Richardson, Actor, Hollyoaks
Annie Wallace, Actress, Hollyoaks

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Thought I'd bump up this topic with an update. Please feel free to inform me of any errors or forgotten additions. Sadly, I haven't kept up to date with Shortland Street, so I could be missing a character from that show.  I think they may have introduced a new love interst for Jack, but I can't be certain.


Sean Tully, CS
Billy Mayhew, CS
Kate Connor, CS
Rana Habeeb, CS
Lucas Jones, GH
Felix Dubois, GH
Brad Cooper, GH
Terry Randolph, GH
Will Horton, DAYS
Sonny Kiriakis, DAYS
Paul Narita, DAYS
Robert Sugden, ED
Charity Dingle, ED
Aaron Dingle, ED
Matty Barton, ED
Vanessa Woodfield, ED
Liv Flaherty, ED
Mariah Copeland, YR
Tessa Porter, YR
Sonia Fowler, EE
Tina Carter, EE
Bernadette Taylor, EE
Aaron Brennan, NB
Piper Willis, NB
David Tanaka, NB
Maya Forrester, BB
Ty Anderson, HA
Nicole Kruse, SS
Harper Mccaskill, SS
Jack Hannah, SS
Ste Hay, HO
Myra McQueen, HO
Harry Thompson, HO
Grace Black, HO
Kim Butterfield, HO
Scott Drinkwell, HO
Sally St. Claire, HO
James Nightingale, HO
Kyle Kelly, HO
Farrah Maalik, HO

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