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A thread for people who want to talk about the 90-91 series, the film, the tie-in books, and in time, the 2016 revival.

I have some articles here and there that I don't think I've ever put here. Now I have an excuse.

June 16, 1990 Soap Opera Weekly



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I just started watching the show. Been ignoring it for far too long because I thought it would be out of my interest zone as I like to call it. But, I was oh so very wrong. I finished the whole first season in 2 nights. Now, to go get the second season and Fire Walk With Me.

Also...I've had a thing for Kyle McLaughlin since he started playing Orson on DH. So, this show totally works for me for many reasons. I'm a horrible person.

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That's okay. I don't get easily frightened.

Ugh, now I cannot wait till 2016. I can't wait to see what happened to Dale.

Also....is there a chance that Log Lady will show back up. Log in tow. She cracked me up.

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There's a strong chance. I get the feeling from some of the interview comments that Catherine Coulson was one of the first people Lynch told.

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A series of vintage promos, recaps, etc. during Season 2, when the show began to be constantly moved around the ABC schedule and then put on hiatus. I remember the Lucy voice-over well from when I was little.

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Thanks. I'd never seen those. I'm glad they had no voice at all, just wind, for the episode where Maddy was murdered. Lucy's are cute (and increasingly tinny as they go along, for some reason). I wonder why no others did voiceovers.

Those teasers do a better job of sustaining interest in the back half of season 2 than much of the material itself did.

Is it me or is Cooper's dialogue in the recap somewhat OOC? "Shacking up"?

Rolling Stone had a 30 best TP characters list, and while I don't agree with every part (Bobby should have been much, much higher), I think most of it is true and manages to get to the heart of most of the characters and why they worked. Vee, you may find the Josie one the most interesting.


Laura's, which is perfect:

She gave the show its central mystery, and its zeitgeist-conquering catch phrase: Who killed Laura Palmer? But even though her death is literally what made the story possible, it's her life that made it matter. Unlike the macabre MacGuffins of so many post-Peaks dead-girl mysteries, Laura was not a beautiful cipher, existing solely to inspire the male detectives investigating her murder. She was a vibrant, complicated character in her own right, the person who best embodied the small-town-secrets theme, and who paid the highest price for those secrets. Her life, and the suffering that ended it, were always foregrounded. And our glimpses of her in the series – a videotape, an audio recording, a diary entry, a visitation from Another Place – were all merely a prelude to her starring role in the prequel film Fire Walk With Me, featuring actor Sheryl Lee's tear-down-the-sky performance of a character coming to grips with the most profound cruelty imaginable. "She's dead, wrapped in plastic"? Yes. But she'll live forever.

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