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B&B Episode Counts: August and Year-to-Date 2014


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August 2014 Episode Rankings
A total of 21 episodes aired this month.

1. Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer) 20
2. Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy Forrester) 19
3. Rena Sofer (Quinn Fuller) 17
4. Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer) 16
*. Sean Kanan (Deacon Sharpe) 16
*. Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan) 16
*. Kim Matula (Hope Spencer) 16
*. Ashlyn Pearce (Aly Forrester) 16
9. Don Diamont (Bill Spencer) 12
10. Zack Conroy (Oliver Jones) 10
11. Jacob Young (Rick Forrester) 9
12. Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) 6
*. Karla Mosley (Maya Avant) 6
14. Alley Mills (Pam Douglas) 5
*. Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter Walton) 5
*. Heather Tom (Katie Logan) 5
17. Dick Christie (Charlie Webber) 3
*. Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan) 3
19. John McCook (Eric Forrester) 2
*. Rachel Reilly (Waitress) 2
*. Brendon Villegas (Waiter) 2
22. Bob Barker (Himself) 1
*. Theodora Greece (Alison) 1
*. Lesli Kay (Felicia Forrester) 1
*. Kelly Kruger (Eva) 1

January-August 2014 Episode Rankings
A total of 170 episodes aired this month.

1. Kim Matula (Hope Spencer) 135
2. Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan) 132
3. Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer) 123
4. Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer) 116
5. Rena Sofer (Quinn Fuller) 105
6. Don Diamont (Bill Spencer) 100
7. Heather Tom (Katie Logan) 94
8. Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) 92
9. Ashlyn Pearce (Aly Forrester) 86
10. Jacob Young (Rick Forrester) 67
11. Zack Conroy (Oliver Jones) 59
12. Alley Mills (Pam Douglas) 51
13. Karla Mosley (Maya Avant) 50
14. Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter Walton) 47
15. John McCook (Eric Forrester) 44
16. Linsey Godfrey (Caroline Forrester) 42
17. Sean Kanan (Deacon Sharpe) 37
18. Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy Forrester) 28
*. Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan) 28
20. Dick Christie (Charlie Webber) 26
21. Aaron D. Spears (Justin Barber) 25
22. Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester) 20
23. Theodora Greece (Alison) 10
24. Schae Harrison (Darla Forrester) 9
*. Hunter Tylo (Taylor Hayes) 9
26. Mace Coronel (R.J. Forrester) 8
27. Taja V. Simpson (Adele) 7
28. Rachel Reilly (Waitress) 5
29. Jake Pavelka (Kyle the Pilot) 4
*. Brendon Villegas (Waiter) 4
31. Joanna Johnson (Karen Spencer) 3
32. Othello Clark (Othello) 2
*. Andrew Collins (Jarrett Maxwell) 2
34. Adam Gregory (Thomas Forrester) 1
*. Lesli Kay (Felicia Forrester) 1

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They do have first names, at least - Brendon and Rachel. At one point, Rachel had indicated in an interview after her third or fourth appearance that her character was going to be named Julie, after Julie Chen, but it never showed up on air, and then in later appearances, both her and Brendon were referred to by their real first names in character.

I guess whether they would give Rachel more to do would depend on whether she can carry the workload of anything more than handling drinks. I haven't seen any other acting from her besides the B&B guest spots when they do something at Bikini or at a club, so I can't say if she can or not.

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So true. B&B has made a remarkable shift during the past four years - it really was an "old" show with usually one two or three younger character who almost always were involved with older (think Owen/Jackie as typical example). KM and the hiring of SC began the turnaround. And it continues to expand that set in a positive way. Even though, I wish they'd get over with these 20-somethings being obsessed with marriage and, instead, live the fast life of rich LA kids, it's miles better than throwing someone like Bridget/Katie to an old man like Nick. Even someone like Quinn feels so much "younger" and works so well with the younger actors. Y&R has plenty of legacy characters they should be building for a similar transition. I love the "old" favorites, but they have to start handing the baton down soon.

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