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Possible Ghostbusters reboot??


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As hollow as the movie industry is, and as cynical as it is, one of the most breathtakingly cynical marketing campaigns I've ever seen - and one of the most dangerous - was the decision to go all in on "If you don't like this movie you're threatened/you're insecure/you hate women/you're a worthless nerd/you're a tiny man crying tiny tears" in response to the waves of criticism of the film. Much of the criticism was misogynist, it was racist, it was disgusting, but some was not. Some just didn't want a reboot, didn't like the cast, didn't like the film. Unfortunately, the studio seemingly decided the best way to cash in on what was a grindingly mediocre film done by a mediocre director and a mediocre cast was to just throw any subtlety out the window and jump onto the backlash-to-the-backlash machine with both hands. A few days ago I was looking at some of the reviews from that Angry Video Game guy - one of them being Ghostbusters. He said he wasn't going to watch this because he loved the original and it looked like crap. I looked and saw that for this he was inundated with sneering and hate and put in this window of being a sad little man who couldn't handle getting cooties, and blah blah blah. It was an absurd pile-on, and a very smug one at that. Months later some were still trying to get people to boycott his appearance at a fan convention - just ridiculous. For what? 


Of course when it came time to actually stand up to vicious, vile harassament, like what Leslie Jones faced, suddenly most of this posturing fell away, and I don't know if anyone from the film or the studio, anyone but the director, did much of anything to support her. Striking a blow against the patriarchy by getting money in your pocket is easier than dealing with people who get sick thrills out of tormenting an actress put right in the middle of this trash pit and then left to fend for herself. I don't know if many people who were supposed to be offended by the whole thing did much either. Some I expected to support her instead just went for the easier option of talking about "nerds" and their high expectations and demands, when this was clearly a whole lot more than just some fanboy war at that point. 


I'd mostly forgotten about all of this until I saw the wave of "haters won because Trump won...this movie was supposed to be a hit and Hillary was supposed to win..." and essentially saying anyone who did not like this movie is a sexist Trump lover. And it's sad, because this type of self-pitying need to make everything one or the other is one of the reasons why Trump won in the first place. If you give people no choice, then they're more likely to make the wrong one.

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