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2014 Daytime Emmy's Discussion


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"The pubic hair is on my face so I don't look like a 12 year old" - Scott Clifton. LOLS

All of these girl interviewers are awkward and the dark haired one is especially grating. She said "Thank you, bye" I like that they seem to know what's going on w/the storylines tho

LOL. They got rid of one of the girl interviewers. Good decision because it was getting too crowded.

Annoying brunette interviewer to Eileen: "You are blingin' more than Lil Wayne"

She's a hot @ss mess! Hitting on this little boy! "he's legal" "ill give you my number later"

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Was that Nathan Purdee in the background next to the woman from El Gordo & La Flaca? He looked like he was missing his mustache.

Okay, I was trying to ignore the chicks on the Red Carpet, but it's almost funny how dismissive they are being with some of the women, while drooling over the men (lol).

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