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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Well, whatever happens, I'm sure it will be unforgettable. Seriously. I don't get (as @carolineg has expressed) this show's pacing. Honestly, I thought it was going to be a front-burner storyline, but the whole cast vanished for a month. A month! It took from May 18th to Juneteenth for Eli, Lani, Abe, and Paulina to finally show back up on canvas. So, these two actors are leaving? Okay. Take care. Buh-bye. 
    • Agree on both Vicki and Dorinda. I can't really stomach Vicki now, whereas about a week ago, I was advocating for her return to OC. Her negativity is exhausting, and her dark aura is subsuming Tamra. Dorinda? I was worried I'd be like "Dorinda can stay gone from RHONY" but I still have some time for her. Not sure she has learned from her last season on RHONY, but I do think she is trying to be someone who embraces other people. When she loves you, she loves you, and when she hates you, it is over for you! We still have about 6 more episodes of RHUGT2 to go, though. You are so right about Taylor's 90s Bobbi Brown dark lip -- I also cannot wear that color. It sucks all the light out of your face and ages you a good decade. Other than that, I enjoy her Voice of Reason. Brandi was on WWHL yesterday and basically named Jill, Dorinda, etc., as the thirstiest cast members wanting to return to Bravo. It's ironic that she did not name herself. She actively campaigned for a return to BH (the audience backlash was huge re: the Demise rumors) and later went on WWHL with Kelly Dodd where they pretended to be BFFs so she could get on OC.   Do you think negotiations include having her return to RHOA? Weren't there the BET Awards on Sunday night also? That may explain the ratings for RHOA. Good for Nene and College Hill, though! As for RHOA, I am enjoying the season thus far. The shift between Kandi and the other women is holding my interest. Marlo is working overtime to be messy, which is a little much. The season in some ways is more light-hearted and enjoyable than last year -- it's a breezy watch, but it needs a little fairy dust (I think it needs Porsha or even Nene to pep it up). Like Sanya talking about having a baby with her husband... I tuned out. How many times has a scene like this been on a RH show? Drop It With Drew was LOL. Drew is the butt of everyone's jokes this year (mine included), but her nerdy, earnest energy this episode was kind of fun to watch.
    • To my dying day: Thorne/Brooke is not given enough credit as something that unexpectedly really worked and provided great drama and this was the longest Brooke managed to keep out if Ridge's orbit and still be compelling. Sacrificing it carelessly to lazily trod the same Ridge ground again is in my Top Five of Bell mistakes.
    • Wimbledon has been so dull. The coverage once again by ESPN has been garbage.  So many players missing and such weak draws. I can't believe how bored I am after only day three. I guess there's a reason no points are being given.
    • Is January 7 and January 8 1988 German episodes available to watch somewhere ? Were they only not posted because there are english versions available? Please register in order to view this content I would very much like to see the german version please.
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