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The Next Generation of Soap Operas

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I don't know if its been discussed before but in the past 3 years Nick has been dabbling in children's soap opera more and more for their US audience. They've been doing adaptions of popular international shows in the 5 day a week format. House of Anubis was pretty good it reminded me a little of Strange Days at Blake Hosely High. Hollywood Heights was decent though the two main leads were blah. And then there latest Every Witc h Way based off the Nick Latin American soap Grachi(Silvana Arias had a prominent role in the 2nd season) is a hot mess from the writing to the acting to how cheap it looks especially compared to the original. Having grown up around Latinos and seen plenty of children's and teen soaps I think its interesting that they are introducing the more traditional soap format to younger ages. I know people keep saying web soaps are the future of soap operas but Could this be the future for soap operas?

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I think you should make a clear distinction:

Are you talking about the Telenovela format? Primetime soap opera? Daytime? It's not clear to me, at least, what you mean when you refer to the 'future'.

Because soaps directed toward children is not a new phenomenon-- there was Degrassi Jr. High, Degrassi High before Degrassi: The Next Generation. And depending who you talk to, even before the 1980s series, The Kids of Degrassi Street.

Also, borrowing series'concepts from other countries is not new either. Neither is importing them directly for viewing on American TV.

And I know that many traditional daytime soap fans are averse to changes but I think any soap that is deemed 'traditional' is only asking for a very small, niche audience and possible sustainability problems. Whether it is online or terrestrial broadcast, innovation and high production and creative quality need to be the order of the day, if any show wants to attract a decent sized audience.

Downton Abbey, one of the most popular soaps may seem like a traditionally minded show but even in the confines of an early 20th century English Manor, taboo topics and a modern (some critique that it may be too modern) approach to storytelling is evident.

By the way, many teens and young people watch DA and it hasn't in any way attempted to market itself to teens and children.

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