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I was inspired to do this by a convo I had the other day. Let's put our creative minds to work. Create a fictional town and fill it with your characters (it would help to specify who you'd cast in the roles). One rule is that you build upon the people who posted before you, and don't do anything that would intentionally disrupt the shared canon. You can either:
*Create a new character.
*Expound on a current character.
*Expound on a town location.
*Talk about the town itself.
*Move the story forward.

...but you can only do one of these at a time (with the exception of moving the story forward)..
I figured this would be a fun activity.

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This is my cast

Robert Gorrie

Kelley Missal

Laura Harrier

Andrew Trischitta

Jordan Lane Price

Robert Scott Smith

Catherine Hickland

John Loprieno

Lexi Ainsworth

Camryn Grimes

Drew Garrett

Chad Duell

Krista Tesreau

Andrea Evans

Zack Conroy

Brooke Newton

Denyse Tontz

Eric Nelsen

Stevie Steel (<- she plays Heather on AMC)

Kassie DePaiva

Beth Chamberlain

Eileen Davidson

Adrianna Leon

Michael Damian

Eileen Fulton

Susan Haskell

Melody Thomas Scott

Jess Walton

Constance Towers

Genie Francis

Emme Rylan

Laura Koffman

Hunter Haley King

Robert Adamson

Eddie Alderson

Max Ehrich

Chandler Massey

Freddie Smith

Kate Mansi

Cady McClain

Mick Hazen

Jesse Soffer

Jennifer Landon

Colleen Zenk

Jerry verDorn

Gina Tognoni

Maureen Garrett

Elizabeth Kiefer

Crystal Hunt

Stephanie Gatschet

Debbi Morgan

Julia Barr

Kathryn Hays

Sal Stowers

Daphnée Duplaix

Nathan Purdee

Tonya Lee Williams

Lisa Brown

Roger Howarth

Gillian Spencer

Melissa Fumero

Brittany Underwood

David Fumero

Erika Slezak

Patricia Mauceri

Florencia Lozano

Saundra Santiago

Rebecca Budig

(feel free to include other people)

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Town Name: Port Sanders, NY.

I'll start with Roger Howarth...

Character Name: Lukas Burns.

Age: 46-50.

Lukas is the ruthless businessman of Port Sanders. He's protective of his daughter, Rowenna, but he's busy trying to hold together his company in a tough economy...and often ignores her.

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Andrew Trischitta

Character Name: Mason Burns

Age: 17-19

Mason is the troubled son of Lukas. He gets his manipulative, impulsive and sometimes compassionate nature from both of his father and his mother, Catherine . He's also athletic, captain of his high school soccer team. he currently hide his bisexuality, since a sexual encounter he's had with Rowenna's ex-boyfriend, Oliver. Currently trying to win the affections of classmate Gianna, while secretly having feelings for his best friend Harvey

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Catherine Hickland

Catherine Walker Burns Francis Burns Burns Short.

Age: 48-50

The many-times divorced mother of Mason. She's a former soap actress. She's extremely impulsive, yet compassionate. She struggles with having to choose between Mason and her other son Trey Francis (with Lester Francis), because of Mason's delinquency and Trey's mental illness.

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Jesse Soffer

Trey Francis

Age: 24-26

The son of Catherine Burns and Lester Francis, suffers from continuous bouts of schizophrenia.. currently in recovery and dating Raven Walsh, daughter of his step-father's business rival. He was the first one to discover his half-brother Mason's bisexuality, but has kept it a secret, has a soft spot for half-sister Rowenna

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Good choice with Jesse Soffer, Cassadine.

Crystal Hunt

Rowenna Burns,
Age: 26-27.

Considered the "Belle of Port Sanders", Rowenna is a confident young woman who struggles keeping a man. She has much affection toward her half-brother Trey, but is overwhelmed by his constant mental problems. She wants the attention of her father, Lukas, but she doesn't understand the stress he goes through everyday, as she constantly pushes him to be a more loving father. Currently single, she wants to wait for the right man to sweep her off her feet, but at the same time...she won't sit and mope until he does. She works as a fashion blogger and gossip columnist. She often struggles with her professional ethics, as her mother Catherine pulls her into schemes.

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I actually have created my own soap town, Milliken Mills, with Melissa Archer playing my Lacy, Laura Wright my Catherine, and Robin Strasser as my Jackie Nolan among others. At least they are in my head. LOL It's available at Amazon for Kindle http://www.amazon.com/Milliken-Mills-The-Nolans-ebook/dp/B00CO6GDBS/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1370133998&sr=1-2&keywords=milliken+mills and in paperback. Book Two is coming in a month I hope! Finishing it now.

So I'd have to create a part for Melissa Archer. wub.png

Lily Burns

Age: 35-ish

Lily is the younger sister of Lukas Burns and is always getting into trouble by trying to get rich quick. And by get rich quick, I mean marrying wealthy. She has had three previous engagements but was dumped when her husbands-to-be realized just what kind of woman she is. She is now engaged to her fourth man, Lester Francis (Catherine's ex), and hoping that the 4th time is the charm. tongue.png

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thanks.. about Jesse, he's always been on of my favorite actor, and nice choice over Rowenna

Zack Conroy

Oliver Capwell Walsh

Age: 25-27

The vengeful ex-boyfriend of Rowenna Burns. The brother of Raven Walsh. medical student at Mills University. seduced Rowenna's brother Mason after she decided to end the relationship over his controlling and sometimes abusive ways, currently blackmailing Mason over his sexuality and is also replacing Trey's medicine for placebos

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Grayson McCouch.

Lester Francis


Age: 48-50

Born from an Upper-Class, Old Money, New York family, the aristocratic Lester carries the Francis name proudly. As a worldwide famous philanthropist, he is loved by the community surrounding him. He's frustrated by Trey's constant illnesses but he's understanding. His current fiancée, Lily swears that she loves him for how he is and not of his pocketbook...but he's suspicious. He has an intense dislike for Lukas's underhanded and dishonorable business dealings.

I LOVE THIS. Melissa Archer. wub.png

I'll check out your thing on Amazon as well...

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Scott Bryce

Bartholomew "Bart" Walsh

Age: 53-55

The most trusted colleague of Lester Francis as an entrepreneur he founded Walsh Publications and several subsidiaries, Bart's wife Ariel founded Sirena Cosmetics, that had since been taken over by Lukas' company in a hostile takeover. Bart blames Lukas for the death of his younger sister, who was murdered by a serial killer 2 years ago. Bart is oblivious of his son's Oliver's abusive nature.. against Raven's relationship with Trey

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Christina Bennett Lind

Raven Walsh

Age: 25-28.

The eldest child of Bart Walsh. She's considered the "Angel of The Walsh Family", as though her dad, mom, and brother are morally deficient...she sticks to her guns and always tries to do what's right. One bad thing, though, is that she has a blind spot for Oliver and continues to defend him despite all the evidence to the contrary. She loves her brother and would never imagine that he's capable of horrible things. Her relationship with Trey suffers due to his illness.

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