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Soap Opera Intros

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I didn't watch AW, but I watched this intro and i loved it. One of the best I saw!

B&B's current intro.


OLTL's old theme from 2000s.


ALL the AMC themes! IMO, that soap has had the best theme ever.


This is unpopular, but GH opening from mid 2000s. It was up beat and I loved it.


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I am a little bias on this topic.. and DOOL has screwed up many many things over the years (as really all of our soaps have) - but one thing DOOL has really gotten right is it's opening. No revolving door of cast members, no ever changing theme music, or screen shots.. just one simple hourglass of running sand with one simple monologue that is true of all humanity and binds us all together.. "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives." It's simple and classic. Unbeatable.

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