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Croatia Big Brother 2


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So Cro Big Brother 2 has been going on since September 5th... it's been boring for most of the time... simply because their daily assigments are boring, so for the most of the day the have nothing to do. They just sleep or lie around.

Well, these are our houseguests this season:


Sanja & Matko


Lana & Christian


Monika & Duje


Hamdija & Kristina


Ivan & Igor

Anyways, four people left the house alraedy. This is how it went: 14 houseguests entered the house, but what they didn't know was that in 5 days TWO of them would have to leave the house. The two that got the most votes from the viewers, that is. So Friday came and Rene and Biserka were voted off. Houseguests were shocked that people would kick Rene out, because they thought he was so cool. (I thought that he was cocky and egocentric and annoying... I was happy he left the house so early.. :D)

Then there were 12... The same Friday when Rene and Biserka were voted out, houseguests had to nominate two people and then the guests that got the most nominations would be up for people to vote for them in the following week. Kristina and Natasha were nominated. Natasha was shocked that she was nominated, because she thought she fit in well. Just one day before this, she got drunk and made out with both Christian and Kristina! She had a blast (she is a major slut, IMO.. :D)! When she learned she was nominated, she became [email protected]#$%^&*]y, because she realized that people didn't really like her. The truth was, girls didn't like her, but she thought guys liked her. But they only wanted to get her drunk again, so that they could do stuff with her. LOL

Then they got a dog as a pet. Everyone loved him and even named him Rene, after the guy that was voted off first.

Few days later, after they failed their weekly assigment and they lost some money, they were out of cigarettes. Kristina had saved some, but when she woke up in the morning, she realized that someone stole them! She was really pissed. Of course, no one admitted taking the cigarettes, so Kristina told all her fans to vote for her, so that she would leave the house next Friday, because she didn't want to live with thieves. But on Friday, Natasha was voted off, not Kristina. And the new round of nominations came and FIVE people were nominated: Kristina, Monika, Duje, Brankica and Igor.

Days went by and things started happening between Lana & Christian. They were sooooooooo cute together! They would cuddle and touch and hug. Then one night, she was in his bed and they were talking and kissing and touching under the blanket. It was really cool. The next day, she was worried how her family will think bad of her because of what happened (even though nothing really happened...)

Then someone stole Kristina's cigarettes again and this time, we saw who it was. It was sweet and innocent LANA! I was really disappointed to see this... she was my favorite, but now I don't really like her anymore. Now my only favorite is Christian.

Anyway, Friday came and it was time for someone to leave again and to shock of everyone, Brankica was voted off! Sanja cried and cried and sobbed after Brankica left. She was her best friend in the house. Kristina was shocked that she survived one week again. Nominations came again and this week Monika and Kristina were nominated again. Now we all wait for Friday to see what happens.

Oh and they took the dog from them, because after Brankica left the house, no one was really looking after the dog. That caused a lot of tension and fights. It was cool! :D

These are the four that was voted out so far!


Natasha & Brankica


Rene & Biserka

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Monika was voted off last night. New nominees this week are Igor and Lana. Lana was pretty shocked that she was nominated, because she probably believed that everyone in the house loved her. I wouldn't like for Lana to leave next week, because she and Christian are really cute. And besides, Igor is really annoying, so I hope he goes out...

A new girl entered the house, her name is Hana and she's pretty. We'll see how long she will stay..

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