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Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat and Pearl Mackie talk Bill.


This I may have to read - Paul Cornell (longtime DW author, did the '90s New Adventures novel range and several great audio dramas before penning "Father's Day," "Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood", along with one of my favorite Marvel Comics books of the 21st century, Captain Britain & MI-13) is penning a Third Doctor miniseries.

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Jenna Coleman and Tommy Knight (Luke, Sarah Jane Adventures) are starring on ITV's new historical drama, Victoria.


Indira Varma (Suzie Costello, Torchwood) remains busy on GOT and is now also starring on an ITV mystery series of her own, Paranoid - which you can watch on Netflix.

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I haven't watched it but I read that Eve Myles also had a role on Victoria. 


Paranoid is a ratings flop in the UK so I don't know how long it will be around so I guess if people want to watch it they should. 

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I'm not surprised that Peter Capaldi is leaving. I am glad though they allowed him to announce it before rumours of a successor began.

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15 hours ago, YRBB said:

Odds are favoring Ben Whishaw as the next Doctor Who. Doesn't mean anything, of course, but he's adorable and very funny in the Bond films. I could see it. 


I can't see him wanting to be tied down to such a prominent role that takes so much time out of a year. 


I remember the rumors that Capaldi would definitely be replaced by a piece of ass, so that's what I'm expecting. If that is their criteria I think it will be a mistake, because if they are chasing the audience who watch to see whether the hunky young Doctor will kiss his sexy young companion - most of them aren't going to come back to a show that's been on for a decade. 


I don't think Moffat would cast based on that criteria, but I'm not sure which way Chibnall will go.


Anyway, I feel for Capaldi as I think he was a better Doctor than he was given credit for, and I hope he wanted to leave and wasn't forced out. 

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Karen Gillan appears to be taking a larger role as Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel - presumably that means future career longevity for her, though she's been doing very well in American films/media in general, probably better than any other 21st century DW alumni.



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It's kind of tough to invest in Bill with all the speculation she will just be there for a year, but I hope it works out. 

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