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Days SOD: Huge Days Drama

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Jack was "Killed" when Marlena hit him over the head with a brick during the SSK.

Jack was "Killed" during the tidal wave as everyone was escaping Melaswen and was kidnapped and put in the castle.

Jack was "Killed" when he was given a terminal illness. He ended up finding an alive Steve.

And now Jack will be "Killed" when falling in the elevator.

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    • Not to be too tangential, but, isn't interesting that the LA Riots seemed to have been written into more contemporary primetime shows than COVID.  LA Law, A Different World, Doogie Howser, Fresh Prince, and 90210, all included the riots in their storyline, but you hardly even see people in masks on primetime TV today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1992_Los_Angeles_riots_in_popular_culture#Television
    • Not surprised as that season was a hot mess with the season premiere trying to address the Rodney King riots while at the same time having a client played by Dan Castellaneta run around LA in a Homer Simpson costume. Tinker & Masius made good drama on other shows but were toxic together trying to follow up DEK.
    • ON topic. It's not normal for a 70+ year old woman to be obsessed with Challie - teenagers. I dislike Challie and anything to do with them. Thank GOD they are no more!!!
    • For some reason I thought Miami Vice was more successful than it was. I mean it's available on blu ray and sales were quite good. But the show was only in the top 10 for one year. The show was hyped a lot on TV and other platforms.
    • Kenny mentioned how quickly they all got sick and died. How about Kayla? She was doing her rounds and they wanted to do blood work. She resisted saying she was fine but finally agreed. A few moments later she's told her numbers had dropped. She's like I'm fine and boom she collapsed. Please register in order to view this content  
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