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Soap Opera Dialogue

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Luke Snyder: Do you have any idea how childish that sounds?

Dr. Reid Oliver: Yep. But it's not as ridiculous as you chasing me all over town whining that I'm not gonna play with your toy.

Luke Snyder: You're messing with me, you're not gay!

Dr. Reid Oliver: You're requiring proof? How would that work exactly?

Luke Snyder: Well, you never mentioned anything. Are you really that deep in the closet?

Dr. Reid Oliver: Mr. Snyder, I've known that I was gay since I was nine years old. I can assure you that in all that time I've never once hidden, apologized for, or been ashamed of who I am.

Luke Snyder: Well that I can believe, but... you never said anything to Noah or me.

Dr. Reid Oliver: Why would I?

Luke Snyder: Because it could have helped!

Dr. Reid Oliver: What, so we could share the secret handshake?

Luke Snyder: It's called relating, Dr. Oliver. You meet someone, you learn things about them. You find what you have in common, and then you get along better.

Dr. Reid Oliver: So you're telling me that if I had told you that I'm a Pisces, yet, ironically, allergic to fish, you and I would have bonded?

Luke Snyder: Maybe.

Paul: That woman is unbelievable. She's awesome. She knows exactly what I want her to do, and she does it before I even ask her to do it.

Henry: I had a woman like that once. Once was all I could afford.

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