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David Canary (ex-Adam/Stuart, AMC) on stage in "Twelve Angry Men"

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I don't know where news about former soap stars should go so mods please move this to the appropriate place if this isn't it.

Gregg Edelman, David Canary, et al. Join Cast of George Street Playhouse's TWELVE ANGRY MEN

George Street Playhouse will present Twelve Angry Men, March 13 through April 8. Directed by David Saint, the production will star: With David Adkins, John Bolger, Jim Bracchitta, David Canary, Scott Drummond, Gregg Edelman, Jonathan Hadary, Jonathan C. Kaplan, Andrew Nogasky, James Rebhorn, David Schramm, Lee Sellars and Michael Sirow.

As BroadwayWorld previously reported, three-time Emmy Award winner and Tony nominee Jack Klugman – who is the last living cast member from the 1957 movie of Twelve Angry Men, then playing the young “Juror 5” - will be returning to the stage at George Street Playhouse to star in the play, now cast as the eldest of the twelve, “Juror 9”.

The landmark television drama, turned major motion picture and Broadway blockbuster, begins as twelve men enter an airless jury room on a blistering summer day. Their task is to return a verdict against an inner-city youth charged with the murder of his father, where a guilty vote equals a mandatory death sentence. With testimony from two witnesses, their deliberations should be brisk – until one lone Juror lights the fuse that will make this “open and shut case” explode like a stick of dynamite.

For tickets, click here.


Man, I'd love to see my Silver Fox on stage. Especially in a show like this. Also, I honestly didn't know Jack Klugman was still alive.

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I never thought he found the right role but I do like John Bolger, and like Canary, he aged very nicely.

I see James Rehborn is in this too. Another actor who has done everything without needing a lot of acclaim.

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Oh, cool! I remember seeing the Equity audition notice for this. Klugman only has one vocal cord now and his voice is VERY gravelly and sometimes difficult to understand. They did an Odd Couple reunion movie years ago after he'd just had his surgery, and his illness was part of the premise, Felix bringing him out of his funk.

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