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OLTL: Actress and coupling here to stay?

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From a poster at SOC

"On Llanview PA Radio a Podcast. (just google as I don't think we can link)

He states that PP bought all the sets and all the wardrobe and he went to a meeting last week where they explained they are not going to "gut" OLTL that it will stay and film in the Northeast. He thinks most of the actors will stay and go online and on TV. They are happy now. He's heard about Bravo also. PP is not done meeting with the different unions Actors, Writers, Cameras, Set people, etc. So til the lawyers say more that's about all they know.

He just filmed scenes with Ford about Ford/Jessica's relationship. They kind of dropped that story because they didn't know who was staying but now that "both actors" are staying they've picked it back up. (so BW and DAG stay?) He didn't name them.

He really likes working with "JP" Rex. Says Clint sees Echo and all the pain she's caused Viki when he sees "the son" and can't get over it. Clint and Viki's relationship will probably be the thing that heals Clint and Rex. He does see them reconciling in the future. Nobody can bring about redemption like Viki can.

He's filming a lot with Kim, Amanda Setton. Says they like working together. They like the story and he was really worried about it because of the age difference but it's not a golddigger and a letch. It's real between them and it's a lot of fun. Says she has to come to Llanfair to be with him. She is still filming and they want her around a lot more. Same for Tuc Watkins sounds like he'll be back also.

He thought Clint and Viki were getting together when the show was canceled but now that it's not he still hasn't seen any script that says they will reunite. He thinks all that stuff is being influenced by PP and the move.

They leave TV one day and pick up online the next.

Good interview. I love the guy! love.gif"

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They probably know ABC ran ads hyping him, he has some vocal fans, etc.

The problem is that when you actually watch onscreen - has anyone at PP done this? - he is a melting Ken doll who can't act, has no charisma, and has anti-chemistry with everyone around him.

The Fords brought OLTL's ratings to new lows.

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Sorry to spam everyone but as I'm listening I think maybe Jerry just meant they weren't sure if the two of them were going to stay until the end of ABC - and by them I'm pretty sure he means Bree since we all heard rumors about her going. But I don't think this means they're moving over necessarily.

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