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Inside Soap's Summer Preview


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For those that may be interested/haven't seen it, this is Inside Soap's Summer Preview from last weeks edition. Some of you may have read some of these already.


Vanessa/Max/Tanya/Greg: "Over the coming months, we'll see a very hot and steamy affair between the ex-husband and wife. They live on opposite sides of the Square, and both are irresistibly drawn to each other. But there'll be a huge life-changing shock for Tanya, which will have massive repercussions for the affair. People better duck for cover when Vanessa finds out that she's been betrayed again! She stood by her ex-husband Harry for years - and in no time she finds herself in the very same situation with Max. The end of that relationship doesn't mean the end of Vanessa. She's got an exciting storyline still in store, which kicks off over the summer, and there's a big change of direction for the character that will give Vanessa some momentum for the time she's got left in Albert Square." BK says he's glad Zoe Lucker will get a proper chance to shine. How will Greg react when he realises he's been betrayed by Tanya so soon after their wedding?

Cora/Tanya/Rainie: "Cora will be returning late this summer, and is here to stay this time. Rainie completes the mix as the broken sister who's always one step away from a vodka bottle."

The Moons: "Anthony and Tyler bring romance and fun, because that's something EastEnders has been a little short-changed on recently. The Moons are an interesting family to work with - they're all big characters. It's a great new era for this clan. There are a couple of buried secrets between Eddie and his sons, which will be a big story for the summer. Michael holds a grudge about things from their past, and there'll be consequences for all concerned. We are set to find out much more about Michael over the coming months. There's a broken little boy behind that showbiz smile. His relationship with Ronnie and Roxy is interesting and poisonous, and will have huge ramifications for the Mitchell sisters in particular."

Jack & Ronnie: Ronnie's already paying the price for as Kat, Alfie and the rest of the community continue to react to her presence on the Square. But, does Ronnie end up fighting back, or does she do the right thing?" BK wanted to return to the original love story between Jack & Ronnie. "I believe Jack always wants what's best for Ronnie. But whether that's prison or a new life in the sun, you'll have to watch to find out. This was always going to be Sam's exit, and we are sticking to the storyline we originally planned for her."

The Masoods: "Yusef's actions will affect every single member of the family, particularly Syed. What will it mean for Syed and Christian? Masood is a good man pushed to the limit. Who knows how he'll react in the face of all this."

Ryan/Lauren/Whitney: "Whitney has gotten back on her feet and rehabilitated herself - mostly with best friend Lauren's help. But now Lauren's set to have torrid affair with Ryan, which will really shake things up. And added to the mix is evil Rob, who's set to return to the square just at the point where Whitney is perhaps at her most vulnerable."

Dot: "Over the summer we'll see her track down her long-lost sister Rose. They have been estranged for most of their lives, so Rose's arrival will give Dot a much needed sidekick." BK says that Edward has left the show after his last appearance.

Coronation Street

Becky/Steve/Tracy: "In the wake of the McDonald marriage meltdown, Tracy will do everything to win Steve back. Tracy won't be beaten easily, and generally gets what she wants. Becky will be hurt the most at seeing Steve with his daughter and Tracy, looking like the perfect family - even though she knows Tracy is using Amy to get to Steve. Becky will take time to regroup, but emotionally she'll be back to where she was before she met Steve, and will rely on Hayley and Roy. Becky will cast her eye around to see who's available, but it will likely be a short-lived romance."

Carla & Frank: "A lot of stuff happens in Carla's personal life, and she really needs Frank to lean on. She'd love to have Peter for that, but he can't be there for her in the way she needs him to be - certainly not without Leanne finding out they've renewed their bond. So Frank steps in and their relationship blossoms. There'll be a strong focus on Peter and Carla's relationship. Carla's hooking up with the wrong man because she's in love with Peter. There's some exciting stuff coming up in that area - Carla's heading for some major drama." Alison King says that someone in Carla's family dies, and she turns to the bottle because she can't get help from Peter. She hopes that the factory is never dug up again, and wants Carla's business to thrive. Oh, and Frank ticks all the boxes for Carla's usual nutters.

Maria/Chris/Lloyd/Cheryl: "Maria and Chris are finally comfortable together, and so are Lloyd and Cheryl - but then this thing explodes. It's going to be huge, and will hit screens in August. Maria can't believe Carla would get involved with Frank. She's rightly seething about Frank's attempt to assault her. Maria will play a part in the background of that story."

Fiz: "Fiz has a hellish summer in store. Carla is really good to her, and Hayley and Roy are backing her. It seems more and more evident to the police that she was involved in what John was doing. It gets to a point where Fiz doesn't know if she should stay or run away and hide - but unfortunately there's no escape from what's coming to the poor girl."

David & Kylie: "David has always felt as if Gail has put everyone else first, and he can't bear the thought of Max feeling the same way. David felt he lacked a family, and that's why he turned into a terrible teen. David enjoys having Max around - it's that unconditional love that really feeds him. David wants to focus on Max's future, while Kylie wants to go out and have fun - and that will lead to fireworks."

Owen & Anna: "Now Gary and Izzy are a couple, we are drawing together a bit of a hybrid family. It seems very natural for Anna and Owen to get together in the coming months. Owen's totally against Katy becoming a mother so young. Anna is going to act as a moderating influence within the family."

Gary & Izzy: "Gary and Izzy are a solid couple, but in the background he's still suffering from his war experiences in Afghanistan. He's deeply paranoid about her safety. Gary's actions come from a place of love, but take a sinister turn. He wants to protect Izzy, but goes about it in the wrong way."

Stella Price: There's mystery surrounding Stella - she's hiding a secret that connects to a long-standing local. Stella tells Steve exactly what she things, even though he's still the pub's owner. She keeps Karl on a short leash, too. When it comes to the ladies, he likes window shopping - but whether he'll make a purchase remains to be seen."


The Maceys: "All hell is going to break loose. All Ella ever craved was Declan's love and attention, and she's on a path to self-destruction. Woe betide any man, be it Declan or Adam, who gets in her way. Declan is capable of putting these things in boxes, and has an inability to connect. That's why if Ella was taken to task, she'd pin the blame on Declan, and believe it, too. Declan would rather turn his back and let them walk away, but he's forgotten that Ella isn't the walking away type."

Hazel & Aaron: "Whatever people think of Jackson's decision, this only the start for Aaron and Hazel's journey - and it will change their lives. These two people are bonded in a way no one else can ever imagine."

Paddy/Rhona/Marlon: These are three lovely people trying to do the right thing. But with Leo's birth everything is up in the air, and Paddy doesn't know what role to play. As Aaron faces his problems, Paddy steps up to be his dad. Rhona will begin to wonder if Paddy is using Aaron as an excuse not to bond with the baby."

Carl & Chas: "Chas is going to really regret sleeping with Carl. But he'll use every trick in the book to woo her back. If that means using Aaron's trauma as a lever, he'll give it a go. Chas will try to stop it, but there will always be something between them. Chas will be there for Aaron, and will step up to the plate and give him the support he needs."

Nikhil & Gennie: "Gennie's heart is going to be broken again and again. Nikhil's problem is he wants to be his brother, Jai. Even if you stick happiness in front of him, he won't see it."

Jai & Charity: "She can't resist the lure of money, and sometimes that means taking no prisoners and betraying the people she's supposed to love. Jai already knows what Charity is capable of - but when she puts his feelings to the test, will he stand by her?"

Leyla & Alicia: "Alicia and Andy contemplate leaving the Dales. Any decision she makes will affect Leyla. At the moment Leyla can call herself 'Auntie' but play 'Mum'. If that were jeopardised, could Leyla really and truly back away from Jacob?"


Mark & Kate: "By the end of the summer, Mark and ex-girlfriend Kate will get closer again. This pair have been through so many ups and downs, but their biggest challenge is yet to come. There are some tough decisions ahead, and events will test their commitment like never before."

Toadie/Sonya/Troy/Harold: "Harold spots Sonya and Troy kissing, and is in a quandary about whether to tell Taodie. And things get worse when Toadie finds a note from Callum, saying that he's gone off with Troy. Does he want full custody of his long-lost son?"

Tash: Lonely Tash hooks up with an older guy named Ivan, who she meets out clubbing. She sets her sights on somebody who isn't necessarily good for her. She's in a reckless frame of mind this summer - and it leads to a lot more conflict with her worried father, Michael."

Home & Away

Nicole/Marilyn/Sid: "Nicole doesn't want to hurt Marilyn or Sid, but she desperately wants George back. With new love Angelo by her side, Nicole decides to leave the Bay - but will they take George with them, leaving Marilyn devastated?"

Bianca & Heath: "With Liam in rehab following his relapse into drug use, Bianca attracts the attention of Heath. Bianca is feeling down after what happened with Liam. She likes her men with an edge - but Heath is a lot more dangerous than most. If she gets involved with him, she could live to regret it."

Charlie & Brax: "Charlie continues to enjoy secret liaisons with Brax, but when Morag and Angelo discover their romance, they advice her to end it before it destroys her career. Angelo and Morag can see that she is risking her job as a police officer. Charlie agrees to call things off with Brax, but will he take no for an answer?"


Mercedes/Riley/Jacqui: "Mercedes has painted herself into a corner, and doesn't know how to get out of it. Jacqui wants her to come clean to Riley, but Myra things Mercedes should pretend to suffer a miscarriage to get out of the situation. When she suffers a fall, it's the perfect opportunity to 'lose the baby' and get out of the lie. But things don't quite go according to plan."

Amy/Lee/Leanne: "Loopy Leanne accuses Amy of a terrible crime. Leanne cannot let her relationship with Lee go. She doesn't care about the impact of her accusation. Lee will have to work out whose side he's on, and whether he still wants to be with Amy in the face of Leanne's allegations."

Bart & Jason: Bart's definitely not gay, but the situation with Jason isn't so cut and dried. He's throwing himself into his new romance with Sinead. Sinead is keen to get Jason out of the picture for good. - but that isn't as easy as she thinks."

Brenden/Warren/Ethan: "Hollyoaks village isn't big enough for both Brenden and Warren, and deep down they both know that. Ethan's desperate to pin something on Warren - and with the letter Mitzeee wrote still unopened, there's a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. But if Warren goes down, he'll take Brenden with him."

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I have to give Phil Collinson credit - he has completely and utterly destroyed Carla in ways I wouldn't have thought possible. She is beyond pathetic. You can't even laugh at her. All she does is flail around over crises that pop up in the script at random times, along with her alcoholism. The "connection" with Peter is the definition of anti-chemistry. I just cringe at everything with this character. They have taken away her friendships, her intelligence, her dignity, and her purpose. I wish she would go away.

Not a bit of this has ever been shown onscreen. If Ella was not "the walking away type" then he wouldn't have been living it up on his own for quite some time before she snored into the village. The fact that they have go into this much detail about character motivation tells you they are making it up way too late.

Horse hooey. He's never wanted to be his brother. They only threw that up when they needed more plot-driven garbage. More character makeovers and more of any female character who is not a great big whore being degraded. No thanks.

I don't think Max would care if she slept with Darren.

I think she might sleep with Jack.

Poor Greg barely even mentioned in this story teaser. That tells you his future on the show :(

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    • wait, really? That's a pretty huge get (imo)! I thought she was pretty set w/ all those GAC movies. I always loved her/thought she was a very charismatic and great actress that managed to be sympathetic even when she was being the worst (lol) and it was such a boneheaded move that GH never locked her down before DAYS scooped her up. I personally thought it was a big loss for the show when she left. My interest is def. piqued. 
    • If that the case then I dont think Kim would help bc she was so divisive the last time. No one liked her but Sheree and she caused more division than anything. Everyone tag teaming her at that reunion was epic though        
    • OK, RHOA looks really GOOD. Everyone looks gorgeous, and they packed a lot of juice into 3 FULL MINUTES of trailer!  I have thoughts (Marlo still Fake AF, Kenya still Grumpy AF) but overall the show seems to be generating a momentum we haven't seen in a while. It seems determined to give us juicy stuff this year -- hence the renewed focus on Drew (which maybe why the trailer was delayed, so that Bravo could splice in the Drew Divorce Drama).     Kim is back because Bravo is not confident that the main cast has fully gelled TBH. So they're throwing Penniless Kim in there, they're throwing Cynthia in there, they'd throw Porsha in there if they could.
    • I believe Bobbie was a surgical nurse.  She was maybe head surgical nurse but Audrey was the administrative head nurse as long as I can remember, and by the time she was gone Bobbie pretty much was too thanks to JFP/network. The tribute was lovely, but like @Vee, I think it would have been really special had the hospital crew from when she started been around too.
    • I am so excited that my girls are back! Updated intro shots, updated promo shots, tons of drama... bring on the peaches!
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