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AMC Thursday 03/24/11

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CBL wouldn't have a problem with, cause she's not invested in the character like ER was. I think they could hook Bianca up again with Zarf and she'd probably sing their praises from the rooftops.

CBL seems like a great person, but recasts tend to not be as invested, so if their character does something OOC, they tend to excuse it

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Oh please, I rather jump into a tornado than want that. I want her gaslit or dead, or moved away farrrrrrrrrrrr away w/ her mother.:jeal0002: I actually like Binx enough not to stick her w/ that.

The way you said

Like if that were the case just make Randi gay too. That's stereotyping a fanbase that they just love the idea of the gay couple not a foundation about them or any sense. But whatevs.dry.gif

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me too! Kendall finally keels like Kendall again! She is fun and optimistic and nmot depressing and bitter. They've towned down on the Rylee propping and she isnt about silly neverending fighting adn bullying. She is also acting less stupid, entitled and foolish. She is coming across as someone rootable and her scenes with Griffin are cute. Im really enjoying their interactions.

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    • It was discussed a few times during the Possession, Rolf has talked about it, and Megan mentioned she killed one of the clones for Marlena's body when she faked her death.   I know Leo has talked about it as well so I would assume everyone knows.  I don't believe I have ever heard Marlena or John speak about it though. With Kristen, didn't they have Marlena or John say that they found out she was alive off-screen years before?   To me that's even worse than not mentioning it.  A major revelation happened and we never saw or heard about it until Kristen is back and did Kristen even delve into to her years as a sex slave?
    • All My Children going up substantially and claiming the top spot. AW still strong. ATWT begins to drop off a bit. Y&R solid and strong. OLTL coming on strong as well probably getting residual carry over from AMC. GH making its move out of the bottom half. DAYS solid in the middle.   Thank you for posting!!
    • FROM THE VAULT: WEEKLY DAYTIME NIELSEN RATINGS: WEEKS OF 6/12/78-6/16/78 & 6/19/78-6/23/78:  

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    • If this became common knowledge, I'm guessing it was sometime in the last year and half with the Possession 2.0 storyline and I just forgot. Otherwise, nobody knew about the 4 Marlena Clones gallivanting all over the world.  I guess it's just one of those things that happen without an onscreen mention, like Kristen's 2012 return with nary a mention that everyone thought she was dead (really Penelope Kent) or Tommy Horton dying at some point in time.    Re: Body & Soul.... DAYS is such a parody of a soap opera now. I can't take any of this garbage seriously. Even the alleged high stakes stuff like the rooftop shootout with Paulina, Chanel, etc. is done in such a frenetic, over-the-top, amateurish manner, complete with rinky-dink, clownish and patronizing background music.   
    • It should be Johnny's new movie!  He needs something to do.  
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