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20 years ago: March 1991

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Travis told Barbara he will be whit her when their baby is born even though it means moving to Seattle. After learning Opal had written several checks to the mysterious Victor, Palmer arranged for her to see Victor and noted her discomfort. Opal moved in with Joe and Ruth after Palmer accused her of having an affir with Victor and of trying to poison him. Opal accused Will of poisoning Palmer. Hayley was reunited with Trevor and Natalie after she convinced the cops she had been kidnapped by Sheldon and Dewitt, who were then arrested. Joey rescued Katie, who unwittingly went on a date with a married doctor. Brooke was dismayed when Adam followed her to Florida.

Will was furious when Dixie told Palmer that he had vowed revenge against Palmer after their mother died. Dixie had Charlie investigate the drug used on Palmer and they learned it is illegal in the United States. Charlie broke a date with Melanie to help Dixie further investigate the drug’s origin. Palmer threw Opal out and didn’t believe her suspicion that Will had drugged him. Opal told Palmer she didn’t have an affair with Victor and showed him proof she secretly hired Victor to search for Tad. To keep Adam from badgering Brooke, Tom lied that he is the father of her baby. Ceara broke up with Tom when she heard that he supposedly fathered Brooke’s baby. A stunned Natalie found Arlene living in her home.

Erica fumed when Jackson admitted during Bianca’s custody hearing that they had slept together several times. Erica begged the judge to give her custody of Bianca, but he decided the child would be better off with Travis. Hayley skipped school after a fight with a classmate, who made fun of Hayley because her mother is a drunk. Hayley met a biker named Z, who stole a pair of Natalie’s earrings when he took Hayley home. Brian admitted to Hayley that he cares for her, but wrongly thought that she is invovled with Z. Emily Ann accused Katie of trying to steal Joey away from her. Joey and Katie insisted to each other that they’re just friends. Arlene tipped Adam that Trevor was bluffing when he threatened to send Adam to jail if he doesn’t give Natalie a divorce. Charlie and Dixie learned the person who tried to poison Palmer used a drug calles “CRS-17”, which had been stolen from the company that sells it.

Warren, a drug dealer, told Derek, Dixie, Charlie, Palmer and Will that he sold Opal the drug CRS-17, which was used on Palmer. Although Opal insisted she didn’t drug Palmer, Trevor was forced to arrest her after Warren identified her. Warren later counted the money he received from the person who really drugged Palmer. Skye and Will called off their engagement after he accused her of believing that he had drugged Palmer. Erica spent time with Bianca before the child went off to Seattle with Travis. Jackson warned Erica that Adam is trying to take over her business but she didn’t listen. Harley went to Brian for comfort after Arlene got drunk again, but went to Z after she saw Brian kissing Michelle. Harley and Z were involved in a gang shooting.


After Jake came out of his coma, Ryan tried to get him to remember the night he was shot. Later, through flashbacks, Jake remembered who shot him. Everyone was stunned when the judge sentenced Donna to 5-10 years for shooting Jake. Felicia was angry with Lucas when he contacted some of his former undercover pals ans asked to try to find out the identity of Jenna’s father. Donna suspects Stacey has her sights on Michael, who has moved out of Donna’s apartment. Olivia tried to make Sam forget about Amanda and what would have been his wedding anniversary. Ryan and Amanda are becoming close friends. Marley was able to make love with Jamie after she talked about being raped by Jake.

Cass confronted Kathleen when she and Joe came to Bay City so Kathleen could check on Jake’s condition. Kathleen was surprised to see her and Jake’s father, Vince McKinnon, was also in town to check on Jake. After Cass and Frankie realized Kathleen is in danger, Kathleen told Cass what had happened to her after the plane crash. Jake plotted against Paulina after he learned she no longer had a share of the Cory wealth. From information his underworld friend dug up, Lucas suspected Jenna’s father has organized crime connections. Lucas gave Felicia an engagement ring, but wasn’t thrilled when she said she wants to adopt Jenna. Sharlene told Taylor that she no longer needs her professional help. Ryan refused to give up on Vicky.

When Jake asked Paulina to pay his hospital bill, she shocked him with the news that she no longer had access to any of the Cory money. Paulina rejected Jake’s suggestion that she ask Grant for the money. Paulina told Rachel she doesn’t care that Rachel has someone checking into her past again. Iris is still not convinced Paulina is not Mac’s daughter. Kathleen agreed to Cass’s plan that she stay in Bay City and start living a normal life again because he feels Carl Hutchins, who threatened to kill Kathleen, won’t make a move on her if she is highly visible. Carl Hutchins is still determined to get Kathleen. Joe, who is a government agent assigned to keep an eye on Kathleen, denied Cass’s suspicion that he is in love with Kathleen. Grant warned Sharlene that Taylor wants John for herself. Someone ransacked Felicia’s apartment. Stacey admitted that she is attracted to Michael.

Donna was terrifier when she came face-to-face with her former husband, Carl Hutchins. Rachel, who is a long-time ennemy of Carl’s, let Kathleen move into the Cory mansion for protection. Later, a suspicious fire broke out at the mansion. Frankie couldn’t help but notice the closeness between Kathleen and Cass. Cass, Frankie and Joe prepared for their first meeting with Carl. Jake checked himself out of the hospital and went to see Marley, who was terrified when he showed up on her doorstep. Marley didn’t believe Jake who said that he is sorry he raped her and insisted he is a changed man. Jamie warned Jake to stay away from Marley. While looking around his former loft apartment, Jake vowed to get back everything that he has lost since he was shot, including Marley.


Bob and Kim are back together but Bob was upset he couldn’t make love to her. Bob’s doctor suggested his feelings for Susan may be causing his impotence. Duke told John he plans to enroll at Rutgers University so he can be near Lien. Kirk, who knows connor didn’t receive a Kruger Scholarship, was suspicious when Lucinda told him Gavin talked to Connor about the scholarship he gave her. Connor had another phone conversation with the mystery person. Duncan and Gavin broke into Brandon Kendall’s safe and found the incriminating evidence they need to nail Tonio. Tonio’s cohort, Tyrell, is worried that Duncan will get information against them from Brandon. Sabrina gave Tonio more of her money. After finding Angel at the convent, Holden and Iva pleaded with her to return to Oakdale and tell the truth about Henry so Caleb will be cleared of murder charges.

Bob confronted Tonio after reading a note from Sabrina, who said she was flying to Montega with Tonio. Bob picked up the phone to call the police when he saw Tonio had his bags packed. Then Tonio shot Bob, met Sabrina and took off for Montega. Tyrell killed himself after learning Duncan had gotten information that would put Tyrell and Tonio behind bars. After learning that Tonio’s cohort, Tyrell, committed suicide, Margo decided to go to Tonio’s apartement to check things out. John and Kim later found a bleeding Bob at Tonio’s place and had him rushed to the hospital.

Duncan gave Tom and Margo the information proving Tonio had been dipping into James Stenbeck’s Swiss bank accounts. Paul was interested when Duncan said the money in James’ accounts really belongs to Paul. Duncan and Sawyer went after Tonio, who can’t be extradited from Montega. Tonio took Sabrina hostage after she phoned Sierra’s home and got Duncan, who told Sabrina that Tonio shot Bob before they left for Montega. Sabrina also realized Tonio killed Colin. Kim was relieved when Bob’s condition improved and he told everyone Tonio shot him. Kim allowed Susan to spend some time with Bob. Angel met with Dr. Michaels, but refused to talk about how Henry abused her. Angel refused when Emma pleaded with her to clear Caleb by testifying that Henry sexually abused her. Carolyn couldn’t bring herself to confront Darryl about his feelings for Frannie.

A shocked Sabrina discovered she was still physically attracted to Tonio despite the evil things he has done. Duncan and Sawyer caught up to Tonio because of a trail of clues Sabrina left for them. Sabrina kept Duncan and Sawyer from shooting Tonio, who attempted to board a helicopter via a rope ladder. A horrifier Sabrina watched as Tonio lost his grip on the ladder and fell into the sea. Duncan, Sabrina and Frannie arranged to return to Oakdale while Sawyed helped the authorities search for Tonio’s body. Stephen was stunned when Angel confirmed Henry had sexually abused her. Jay refused to believe Henry abused Angel. Caleb testified at his trial that Angel admitted Henry had gotten her pregnant. A paralyzed Carolyn told Darryl that she is willing to divorce him so he can remmary and lead a normal life.


Clarke didn’t believe Sally when she told him she actually saw Stephanie dressed like a bag lady and picking through the garbage behind the Spectra building. Eric kicked Sally out of his office when she tried to tell him about Stephanie. Margo rescued Jake, who was nearly asphyxiated after Charlie left him in the closed garage with the truck engine running. Margo and Jake were stunned when Charlie killed himself with one of his guns. Ben and Jake patched things up after Jake revealed Charlie was the one who had abused him.

Donna accepted Bill’s job offer even though Storm warned her that he suspects Bill has designs on her. Donna was uneasy with the way Bill hugged her when she told him how happy she is about her job. Storm was devastated when Taylor told him she loves him, but can’t marry him. When Brooke warned Taylor that she will wait a long time for Ridge to slip a ring on her finger, Taylor accused Brooke of still being in love with Ridge.

Ruthanne decided to arrange a date for Stephanie with their fellow street person, Walter, who caught Stephanie’s attention when he came to their room looking for Ruthanne. Storm told Donna that he is opening a new office in San Francisco and she can have a job if she wants it. Donna declined Bill’s job offer after she realized he had ulterior motives for hiring her. Macy, Thorne and everyone else feels Sally was hallucinating when she thought she saw Stephanie dressed as a bag lady. Jake told Felicia that he is doing fine now that he knows Ben didn’t molest him.

When Taylor met with her ex-husband, Blake Hayes, they reminisced about the past and talked about how he put her through medical school. Blake told Taylor that he still thinks they could have a future together. Despire her promise to Macy that she would forget about Stephanie, Sally decided to circulate photos of Stephanie. When Ridge returned from his business trip, Brooke told him Taylor and Storm called off their engagement. Bill accused Margo of ignoring him and devoting all her time to Jake and his problems.


Sarah fumed when she found Neil and Maggie together. Maggie panicked when Sarah accused her of having an affair with Neil. When Mickey found Maggie’s birth control pills, he wrongly susspected they were Sarah’s. When Maggie told Neil she can’t continue sneaking around to be with him, he suggested they reveal their romance to everyone. After figuring out Lawrence is the person responsible for the mystery virus that Miss Peach has contracted, Shane told his ISA boss he didn’t want Kayla to continue working at the virus laboratory. Jack, Jennifer, Frankie and Eve left on the train trip plans to search the train for the gun used to kill Nick. Brian discovered Tanner on board the train.

Brian struggled over a gun with a thug, Harry, and Eve received a flesh wound when the gun went off. Brian warned Eve, Frankie, Jennifer and Jack to stop searching for the gun used to kill Nick before someone else gets hurt. Brian warned Nick’s killer whill send other thugs to find the gun. Neil overheard April and Jo talking and realized they’re keeping mum about something that happened the night Nick was murdered. Tanner introduced everyone on the train to a barteneder named Nutty, who told them not to trust the local sheriff, who had stopped the train and searched for the gun, which hasn’t been found.

Shane reluctantly agreed to work with Kimberly on the mysterious virus case. At Kimberly’s insistence, Shane forces Neil to fire Kayla from her job at the virus laboratory. Shane was upset when Kayla told him their relationship was over. Kimberly talked with Miss Peach, who is dying from the msyterious virus. Kimberly tried to learn more about Lawrence’s troubles childhood. Jack felt guilty for the way he has treated Jennifer after she told him Lawrence raped her. April was nervous when Roman came around asking her and Johnny more questions about Nick’s death. Jack found the gun he and Jennifer were searching for, then hid the weapon from Nutty, who secretly works for Johnny. Nutty uncoupled the train car Jack, Jennifer, Eve, Frankie, Melissa and Brian were riding and the car rolled down the mountainside. Bo and Carly kissed. Victor admitted he and Jordan once worked together.

Although Brian, Melissa, Jack, Jennifer, Eve, Frankie and Brian’s police dog Fluffy all survived when their runaway train car derailed, they found themselves stranded in the wilderness. Jack rescued Jennifer, who got lost in a snow storm, and they huddled together in a cave. Jack finally confessed to Jennifer that he loves her. Jordan told Carly he suspects strange happenings are going on at the virus laboratory and arranged to meet her at a warehouse. Learning about Carly and Jordan’s meeting, Bo sent Victor after Carly. Victor arrived and rescued Carly just as someone blew up the warehouse. Kimberly is still secretly gathering information about Lawrence for the ISA, but is confused about her attraction to him. Kayla helped Shane, who is determined to find Eve.


Scott defended Jenny at her court hearing and the judge sentenced her to 10 days in jail or a $5,000 fine for interfering with the ELQ Tracy’s attempt to dock. Decker refused to defend himself after learning of Dawn’s death but Felicia stuck by him. Later, Frisco found a video tape in a camera that had been running when Edge knocked Decker unconscious and then struck Dawn. Three people from a rehab clinic found Edge’s body in a dumpster. Frisco let Felicia tell Decker that he was a free man after Dectective Lewis viewed the tape. Anna caught up with Robert who was bringing Mac back to Port Charles on charges he sabotaged the ELQ Tracy. The FBI cleared Bill of sabotaging the ELQ Tracy. Bill and Sly discussed salvaging the ELQ Tracy’s cargo. A mysterious person is stalking Robert.

Ned and Tracy were angry with Lila for calling Sean in to help them with the ELQ financial problems. Monica and Alan shared a passionate kiss when Lucy walked in on them. Jenny obtained some diving equipment for Mac, who went down to the ELQ Tracy and took some water samples. Jenny and a friend tested the water and came up with proof that PCBs are leaking from the machinery still on the ship. Robert realized Mac dove down to the ship to retreive an ID bracelet that their father had given him when he was a boy. Robert contacted a judge, who ordered the Quartermaines to raise the ELQ Tracy. Someone tried to shoot Robert while he and Anna were in a department store, but Anna saved his life by shoving him to the floor.

Lucy fumed when Scott advised her to divorce Alan, who would probably give her a big settlement just to get rid of her. Jenny was jealous when Bill made a hit with her fellow Greenbelt members by inventing a robot he used to bring up several barrels of PCB-laden chemicals from the sunken ELQ Tracy. Tracy and Ned were not thrilled with the arrival of Paul Hornsby, who was hired to get ELQ out of trouble. Tracy had to admire Paul, who struck a 50/50 deal with salvage company owner, Harlan Barrett to bring up the ELQ Tracy cargo. Paul got a court order giving the Quartermaines more to time to raise the ELQ Tracy. After Anna and Robert planned to spend the night together at his apartment, someone tampered with the apartment elevator and caused it to short out when Robert pushed the button for his floor. Anna and Sean teamed up to find the mystery person who tried to kill Robert.

Bill had dinner with Carol Pulowski, then they went to her place, where they danced and reminisced about their high school days. Right after Robert insisted Frisco spend some time with Felicia and Max, the person who has been trying to kill Robert threw a bomb through his office window. Frisco, who had been guarding Robert, felt to blame for the bombing. While sitting vigil over Robert, who is in critical condition, Anna attacked Mac when he tried to gain entrance to Robert’s room disguised as a doctor. Anna warned she will kill Mac if he is responsible for the bombing. Bobbie told Tony’s co-worked it was his birthday and they threw an impromptu party for him.


Daniel was angry when his grant request was turned down by the Spaulding Fundation. Roger assured his pal, Davis, he will fight anyone who gets in the way of his plan to have Mindy and the Spaulding money – including Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael realized Hayley has been avoided him. Vanessa was upset when Little Billy told her he wanted to live with Billy. Samantha, who is recovering from her surgery, was uneasy when Dylan asked her about her feelings for Daniel. After Blake agreed to a date with Frank, she became disappointed when he canceled on her. Roger plotted to sabotage WSPR-TV to force Ross and Holly to sell him their shares in the station. Ed told Maureen he wants to work at Justin’s clinic in India.

An upset Hampton received a phone call from his daughter, Kat, who begged him to let her come to Springfield to live with him. Jeffrey fumed when A.C. played the audio tape on which Jeffrey warned him not to move in on his “territory”. Roger vowed to make sure Alan-Michael dosn’t give Daniel a research grant from the Spaulding Fundation because Roger wants the money for himself. Harley insisted to an insecure Dylan that Samantha loved him, but warned she needs time to recuperate, but warned she needs time to recuperate from her operation. Dylan is convinced that there is something going on between Samantha and Daniel. When Ross fired a man on the TV crew without a second thought, Holly commented Ross is getting more like Roger everyday. Ross is upset about the FCC investigation of WSPR.

Francesca, the mystery woman from A.C.’s past, went to Springfield because she can’t forget about him. A man from A.C.’s past showed up in Springfield and reminded A.C. that he is secretly working for the State’s Attorney General. The man also reminded A.C. that his relationship with Francesca is over. Hampton was frantic after receiving another phone call from his ex-wife Tia, who told him Kat had run away from home. Hampton agreed to let Gilly help him look for Kat. Justin realized Daniel is acting cold toward Samantha because of his personal feelings for her. At a Spaudling Foundation board meeting, Daniel and Alan-Michael planned to present their idea for a clinic to be funded by the Fundation, but were dismayed someone stole their printed copy. Harley was devastated when she received a special delivery letter from Josh, who said that he is staying in Italy to look for Reva.

Harley had a heart-to-heart talk with Marah, who didn’t want to join Josh in Italy without Harley. As per Josh’s instructions, Sarah took Marah and Shayne to Italy. Blake convinced the Spaulding Foundation board to fund Daniel and Alan-Michael’s robotics research clinic, but Roger made sure they got a fraction of the funding they wanted. Hampton learned Kat was in Springfield but didn’t contact him. Kat was mugged by a sleaze named Clyde. Mindy realized that she is pregnant. Ross told Vanessa he has plans to bring Roger’s world crashing down around him. Francesca talked her father into letting her to Springfield with her Aunt Theresa, who needs surgery. Francesca’s father reminded her everyone thinks she’s dead, and would be in danger if anyone recognizes her.


Jack and Stacey finally eloped, but were stunned when their family was waiting for them at the justice of peace, where they were remarried. Clay turned his charms on Carly. Rio rescued Paul and Ava from the boarded up nightclub. Trisha insisted she doesn’t blame Tucker for the death of their baby, but he didn’t believe her. After fantasizing about taking the abandoned baby home from the hospital with her, Trisha kidnapped the infant and then disappeared. Dane told Shana he still loves her. Dane is determined to convince Gwyneth to remarry Clay so he can get some of the Alden money.

An upset Kate learned of Carly and Paul’s romance long ago and of Carly’s pregnancy. Trucker insisted to the police that Trisha wouldn’t hurt the abandoned baby, but they warned she could be arrested for kidnapping. Abril went to Trisha and tried to convince her to return the baby. Dane kept mum that he is almost broke when Gwyneth asked him to use his money and power to help find Trisha. Clay blamed Cabot for his and Trisha’s problems.

When the police attempted to arrest Trisha for kidnapping, she revealed she had reunited the abandoned baby with his mother and has promised to help the woman financially. Abril talked to Trisha and trucker about putting her baby up for oven adoption. Alex told a tearful Ave he and Egypt were moving to Seattle. Louie was afraid to tell Kate that he had been forced to take an early retirement from his sanitation job. Dane and Norma found Denny’s dead body in the armoire where had hidden Heather’s ransom money. Carly told Clay to get lost after she heard Gwyneth agreed to remarry him.

Carly, who had been drinking, fell off the pier into Beldon Pond and nearly drowned. Clay rescued Carly and took her to the hospital, but he split after learning she would recover. Gwyneth, who was left waiting at the altar, refused to remarry Clay, who said he wasn’t going through with the wedding anyway because he wants Carly. Trisha told Gwyneth it would have been the mistake of her life is she had married Clay. Shana, who now stands to inherit Alden Enterprises, warned Dane that no man will ever get his hands on her money. Trisha and Trucker are desperate to adopt Abril’s baby.


Megan and Hunter returned to Llanview with Jake after he told them the whole story about his and Viki’s scheme to trap Carlo. Viki told Megan she is grateful she was strong enough to overcome Niki before she could kill Megan. Viki fumed when she saw Carlo, who made bail. Hunter told Jake he still loves Megan and asked Megan to choose between him and Jake. Megan chose Jake and then accepted his marriage proposal. Gabrielle was upset when Max went ahead with his divorce plans. Julia talked an angry Gabrielle out of telling Asa he is not really Max’s father. Gabrielle was stunned when Troy and Rafe arrested her for withholding evidence in Johnny’s death and when Rafe showed her the audio tape with her voice on it that was made during the time Niki shot Johnny. Carlo paid Gabrielle’s bail. Clint told Viki that he is taking her on a vacation to the Bahamas.

Carlo warned Gabrielle against going to the district attorney to look for a deal in exchange for testifying against Carlo. Carlo warned Gabrielle that she had better continue working with him because otherwise he will claim that she was his partner in the plot agaisnt Viki. Hunter and Megan said good-bye and he headed for the airport to fly back to Los Angeles. But, Jake convinced Hunter to stay in Llanview and set up a surveillance camera in a room where he would play poker with a client, Don Olson, who offered Max a lot of money to prove underworld figure Milt Butler cheated him in a poker gam. Jake fumed when Megan crashed the poker game, claiming to be a waitress and Milt insisted she stick around. Jake collected a hefty fee after proving Milt had been cheating Don at cards.

Dorian offered to pay Gabrielle to tell the National Intruder what she knows about Johnny’s murder. Dorian circled aroung like a vulture when Troy was forced to arrest Viki for Johnny’s murder. Jon Russell returned to defend Viki, who confessed on the witness stand that Niki killed Johnny. The judge didn’t try Viki because “Niki” killed Johnny to protect Tina. Hunter rescued Megan and Jake from Milt, who took back the money Jake got for proving Milt cheated at cards. Milt threw the money out a window and some bums got part of it while Jake retrieved more of the money from the river. Carlo was furious with Hunter, who destroyed the negative for his movie so Carol couldn’t release the film. Hunter planned to return to Los Angeles, but moved in with Andy after he fell and sprained his ankle. Gabrielle was angry that Carlo hasn’t bribed the judge who will hear her case.

The Buchanan clan was stunned to learn Cord was nearly electrocuted while trying to fix a printing press at The Banner. Clint blamed himself for the accident because he hadn’t replaced the faulty equipment. Tina was devastated when Larry told her and the family that Cord might not live. A stunned Megan learned Hunter is rooming with Andy while recovering from his sprained ankle. Andy helped Hunter avoid his family’s long-time valet, Lester, who was sent to Llanview by Hunter’s mother to take care of him. Andy and Jake teased Hunter over his efforts to disconnect himself from his wealthy family. Tony convinced Gabrielle to tell the truth at her court hearing, but she clammed up when Carlo threatened to harm Al. After Tony gave Herb the drug vial Gabrielle used when she drugged Viki’s champaigne, Gabrielle pleased guilty to the charges against her and waived her rights to a trial.


After Robert (Quinn) made Julia sign an attorney/client privilege form, he admitted he is really Quinn. Quinn contemplated telling Kelly the truth after she was hospitalized with abdominal pains. Kelly later miscarried her and Quinn’s baby. Lisa (Eden) and Andre stole Minx’s jewelry, narrowly avoiding being caught by Augusta, who was primping while she waited for Lionel, who returned home. While she was stealing Minx’s jewelry, Eden also took an enveloped containing a photo of Lionel and Sophia. C.C. called the mental hospital who sent personnel to retrieve Pamela, who reverted back to the time of Mason’s fifth birthday. Mason vowed to make C.C. pay for Pamela’s nervous breakdown. Before she was taken away, Pamela stunned the Capwells with the news that Cassandra is Minx’s daughter. Minx nixed telling Cassandra the identity of her father.

When Mason tried to persuade Kelly to sell her shares in C.C.’s bottled water company, C.C. realized Mason anonymously told Keith the company is bottling and selling city water. C.C. and Hunt mannaged to get Keith thrown out of office after finding proof that he paid off several politicians to resume his job as district attorney. Hunt told Robert (Quinn) that he didn’t use his organized crime connections to help C.C. oust Keith from office. Keith roughed up Flame after accusing her of being the cause of all his problems. A stunned Flame learned Quinn told Julia his true identity. Quinn threatened to kill Flame for causing Kelly’s miscarriage, but couldn’t pull the trigger.

Cruz set up the security system when the Armanti family tiara was put on public display. Cruz is worried the tiara will dredge up bad memories for Eden, who associates the tiara with the time Sophia abandoned her and her siblings. When Eden saw the tiara, her Lisa alter-ego plotted to steal it. Cruz’s arrival in the museum foiled Eden (Lisa) and Andre’s attempt to steal the tiara. Michael noticed someone tampered with the skylight alarm on the museum roof. Andre realized Cruz had set a trap for him and Lisa (Eden), knowing Andre would try to steal the tiara. Keith was forced to hand in his resignation as district attorney while Julia contemplated taking over the job.

Julia told Quinn that she didn’t want to discuss his true identity anymore now that she has taken over as district attorney in the wake of Keith’s resignation. Quinn told Julia he is leaving town because there is no future for him and Kelly. At C.C.’s suggestion, Eden went to Robert (Quinn) and asked him to tell her what happened when they were in Sirenas years ago, but Quinn (Robert) couldn’t help her because he doesn’t know her past with Robert. Lisa (Eden) stole the Armanti tiara from the museum and left in its place the photo of Sophia and Lionel she had taken when she and Andre robbed Minx’s safe. Cruz captured Andre, who helped Lisa (Eden) steal the tiara, but Eden had the tiara and then returned to the museum. Eden couldn’t remember what happened to her after she had a blackout. Augusta questioned whether Dash really raped Julia after noting Julia’s over-reaction when Mason kissed her.


After Brad and Cassandra signed their divorce papers, she was struck and killed by a car. Paul set aside his grief over Cassandra’s death to be with Lauren, who gave birth to a son. Sheila bought a baby boy from a broker, then sneaked the baby into the hospital with the intention of switching him for Lauren’s son. To cover her bases, Sheila phoned Scott and lied she gave birth to their son while she was away visiting her mother. In New Jersey, Cricket took Nina’s brooch to a jeweler and learned it had been sold to a Tom Harper (David) for his wife, who mysteriously disappeared. From a newspaper photo, Cricket learned David is Tom Harper. Nina, who was higing in David’s office, heard him tell Diane he can get Nina’s money even if he divorces her. When Nina confronted David, he tried to lie his way out of trouble, but Nina fired five shots at him.

Nina told Silva, Cricket and Danny that she shot David. Nina, who was arrested, is losing her sanity. After Sheila switched the blackmarket baby for Lauren’s baby, she arranged for Scott to come to her apartment to see “his son”. After a nurse brought Lauren her baby, she mentioned to Paul the birthmark the baby had after he was born, was no longer there. Paul admitted to Lauren that he hadn’t noticed the baby had a birthmark. Sheila panicked when Scott looked the baby over and commented on the birthmark. A stunned Lauren read about Cassandra’s death in the newspaper and realized Paul put aside his grief to be with her when the baby was born. A stunned Paul learned that he inherited Cassandra’s estate.

Jack fumed when Brad said he intends to continue working at Jabot as Victor’s right-hand-man until the day he dies. A stunned Jack, who hopes Brad whould inherit Cassandra’s company, Ra-Tech, learned Paul was Cassandra’s only beneficiary. Drucilla tried to convince Neil to get involved with Olivia by insisting they belong together. Neil told Drucilla that if he wants to go after Olivia, he’ll do it on his own withtout help from Drucilla. Before leaving the hospital with “her baby”, Lauren quizzed a nurse, who also remembered the baby’s birthmark, but said it could have disappeared if the mark was caused during birth. Scotty doesn’t understand why Sheila gets upset every time he mentions “their baby’s” birthmark.

Jill insisted on going with Cricket, who took Phillip to visit Nina at the prison and Kay also went along. Nina threw a fit when Jill wouldn’t allow her a few minutes alone with Phillip, so a nurse made Jill, Kay, Cricket and Phillip leave the prison. Nina told her prison doctor she shot a man (David) who was going to kill her. David, who is pretending he is paralyzed, overheard detectives Costello and Connell say they suspect David is faking his paralysis. David is determined not to let the doctor find out that he is really not paralyzed. A stunned Brad learned that he is Cassandra’s heir instead of Paul, because the judge died before he had a chance to sign Brad and Cassandra’s divorce papers.

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Thank you so much for doing all this! I always enjoy these, I used to rush through them but now I try to go through one show at a time, over time.

AMC - who was Michelle?

Were they thinking of doing Charlie/Dixie at this time?

ATWT - I didn't know Bob was impotent. I also didn't know that one of Tonio's flunkies committed suicide. ATWT at this time had such a dark edge.

The scenes where Bob is shot and the aftermath are on Youtube, under Oakdalian and ChuckR7.

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Thanks for posting all this stuff French Fan!

I always thought that it was interesting that three of Y&R's more intense story-lines were going on at the same time. Cassandra's Death, Nina shooting David, and Sheila switching the babies.

I hope you have more monthly synopsis for 1991 French Fan! This was a great year for many of the soaps.

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GH - this was Gloria Monty's return and revamp which was unsuccessful.

I saw the name "Carol Pulowski" in the summary, and instantly I knew...Gloria Monty's infamous return. I think she had some innovative ideas (certainly better than what Wes Kenney or Joe Hardy presented), but it all just inexplicably imploded. Not sure many people remember this, but prior to her returning to GH, she was supposedly an unbilled "ghost" story consultant at AMC. I think it was during the Maggie DiPriest run, around 89-90. I remember reading about that in SOD at the time.

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