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AMC/OLTL/GH: Repeat episodes air on October 27th

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Is it wise to air reruns of all shows the same day?

instead of just re-running the whole episode would it not be better to air a compilation episode eg highlights of Todd/Tea?

Or would this to be too expensive (having to edit those scenes together)and defeat the whole purpose?

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Saw this at SOC:

This is from SID, from a piece called Take a Trip Down Memory Lane, talking about the reasoning behind airing old episodes every now and then.....

Regarding GH,

The writers agree that the plan to use old episodes to enhance current story is a good thing. "It's going to.....set the present perfectly," Guza explains. "JFP and I are actively involved in selecting the classic episodes for GH. They're not telling us; we're saying, "This is where we'll be in story during this period."

Me: Oh boy we're screwed if Guza and JFP are picking the classic episodes

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