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A good day preceding a very sad day


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My wife has gotten a clean bill of health after having had Gall Bladder Surgery, nearly 2 weeks ago.

This morning, I received an unexpected surprise by seeing someone whom I had not seen in over 25 years. We had a brief reunion and reminisced about her family.

Other good news, that I was expecting, but it became official today. For the second time this Summer, I have successfully knocked off a state legislative candidate off a ballot line. He needed 1,500 signatures; he filed 1,704 signatures; I objected to 722 signatures, of which 634 signatures were sustained by the State Board of Elections, leaving him with 1,070 signatures. This is the third time I have taken off a state legislative candidate in six years.

All this good news is bittersweet, as tomorrow is ATWT's last day.

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