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SFT episodes in the 50s are one of my favourite. Does anyone know how many surviving episodes of these years (1951-1959) we can find? I have 15 episodes of these years and I would like to know if it is possible to find more. Thank You!!

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Yes, I also have 16 from the 50s, but 2 episodes are the same with two different dates. But does anyone know if there is a place where it is possible to watch more episodes of this period?? THANKS

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Hi, I'm new here, doing research.

I'm writing a book about my mentor, Coe Norton (He was a stage magician as well as soap actor).

For three years he played Dr. Ned Hilton, does anyone have any:

1.) info on storylines, besides what's in this forum

2.) photos of him and the cast

3.) video in which he appears?

Thanks so much!

John Tudor

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I'm sorry about that.

I have some story summaries of the early days, when I find those I will post the information on Ned Hilton.

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I've looked in two different magazines that have a history of the show, but the character doesn't have any real mention. If someone has LaGuardia's book then that might give more detail.

This does have a photo.


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