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AMC: Friday, June 19

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Annie's court date. Ryan is on the stand. Liza has her third consecutive day of besting Ryan where Annie is concerned, which really just annoys him, lol. Liza puts Adam on the stand and he continues his fruit-cake defense of the fruit-cake. The ADA clearly doesn't stand a chance against contrived plo...I mean Liza's lawyer chops. He's fine with house arrest and Adam offers his house for her arrest. Annie is set free on 1 million dollars bail, she'll wear an ankle monitor. Judge says no kids in the house, Annie is all like s*it, no way dude is going to do that. Thanks Liza anyways. Unbeknownst to them, Adam goes home to kick out Adam 2 and Adam 3. Little Adam is home talking to Marissa about how his mommy died. Cute kid. Adam comes home and tells JR he has to get to stepping. JR calls Adam on kicking his grandson out to be a dirty old man, more or less. Adam says it isn't like that and they can come back after Annie's acquitted. JR tries to play hard to get, like he won't come back. We all know he won't leave that house for good until he's in a casket. JR tells Little Adam they're going on an adventure instead of saying "Grandpa kicked us out for booty," Adam 3 is excited and tells grandpa. Grandpa looks guilty. Liza comes over and I think she sees Annie and Adam kissing outside the window, they were talking about flowers and crap. Liza later question Adam about his Annie fascination. She brings up their Colby deal right before Colby walks in. Outside on the terrace, Aidan comes up to Annie and pulls her into a kiss. She's shocked. He mentions something about the plan working.

Erica and Ryan. They're at court too. Erica gets a few good one-liners in at Annie, the Hannibal Lecthur's little sister one probably being the best. Erica takes Ryan on a date to the Yacht Club. They laugh about some garbage. Ryan starts taking some responsibility for Annie's mental state, Erica won't have that. Erica and Ryan dance, a slow dance. Jackson comes in and stares at Erica. Erica notices him and waves "hi" in the next segment. Jack thought he was interuppting something, Erica's all like nah. In a (not so rare) moment of consistency lackage, Jackson tells Erica he can't find Kendall and he has papers for her to sign. This is like 5 segments after he found Kendall and gave her papers to sign. JR, Marissa, Adam 3 show up at the Yacht Club. Uh-oh, Erica's realized Adam did kick them out. She's on a warpath.

Kendall and Zach (with a Stanley Cup losing Red Wings shirt on ;)...) at home with the kids. The TV's on, and the news peeps are talking about the case and showing interviews with North, Jackson. Zach wants to go "take care" of North when Jackson comes over with papers for Kendall to sign. They both tell him to chill. North is badgering Jesse (at the hospital corridor now) to get him more evidence so he can get the conviction on Kendall throughout the first half of the episode, he's all "stop investigating other peeps, man." Kendall comes in with Ian in her arms, for an appointment, which makes for a perfect soap opera nasty-D.A./"innocent" mother moment of play. North reminds me of Michael Cambias except he's less slimey. I like him. Zach walks in as North continues his "I'll prosecute you good and then prosecute your little husband too" song and dance. North makes a goon joke, heh. Zach replies that North's a little wimp, he doesn't need goons to handle him.

Frankie and his hands stuff. He's bitter and in a hospital room. Angie finds yet another miracle doctor. He'll have the surgery. Oh, North and Randi. An excited Randi runs out to tell Jesse that Franklin will have the surgery when she spots North. North and Randi look shocked when they see each other. Randi neverminds Jesse and goes back to Frankie. Later, North pushes himself into an elevator with Randi and it's clear they know each other and he looks like he's madly in-lust with her. He kisses her. Back home, Z/K discuss North and any possible weakness. Speech about everybody having something that can take them from all powerful to vulnerable.

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After bitching about being bored and not caring recently, today I was entertained quite a bit.

The hearing was good. I enjoyed LawyerLiza. Too rare to see competent professional women at work, outside of Angie mostly.

I got a kick out of Erica's reluctant acknowledgement of Liza's skills and Annie's madness, her scheme planning with Ryan and Aiden and the one-liners Angela noted. Lucci's on again in this story.

MCE looked great today and her range of expressions during the trial were a lot of fun. Liza almost looked jealous there for a moment seeing Annie hug Adam.

Even though I've had no major objections to them and haven't been squicked by Ryan and Erica together as many have, today they (especially Ryan/Cam) seemed really awkward in that dance moment. So today I was squicked a bit.

North is creepy. I am glad Randi got through to Frankie. Angie was working that red dress.

Why does someone get physically agressive with the DA who's putting your wife through a murder trial. Dumb Ryanesque move, Zach. I guess North might should worry about the gleam in your eye when speaking of taking care of the problem with Kendall.

Jack was a welcome sight.

A3 is an adorable little actor.

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Go Liza! Loved watching her slam Ryan on the stand. MCE was looking fine as hell today.

Debbi M - oh no you didn't with that new weave! You look like Cathy! (the comic-book strip...obviously not a good thing)

Welcome to town Mr. and Mrs. North! Wow - that massage table scene was kinda hot - I wanna see more. Kinda wish he'd change up his hair though...

I could have sworn the prosecutor was Michael J. Fox - gotta be a brother - seriously.

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I am such a DM fangirl, I don't even notice the bad hair. Oh I love my Angie so much. I wish she was driving her own story.

When I read the spoiler about the DA and his wife, I didn't like it because I was all -- gee, more NEW characters?! Why not bring back Hayley or Jamie or Brooke, etc.? I am though a little bit intrigued because it looks like this will give Frankie & Randi something fresh to play. I enjoy them as a couple (maybe I am one of the few) but they definitely need some drama in their lives outside of the vet angle. I see that Taylor is being paired with Tad, but I would have been interested in Frankie turning to Taylor for comfort if things go south between him & Randi.

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Oh and you didn't believe me? haha jk - I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

My mother always says, if more than one person tells you look sick, go back to bed.

Well, in this case, if more than one person says Angie's hair looks like a tragedy -- I have to see it.

All in all, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was MUCH better than that wig Livia had five years ago.

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