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GH: Byrne-ing with Ambition-NY Daily News Article

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'General Hospital' addition is Byrne-ing with ambition

By Carolyn Hinsey

"She's a powerful woman with an agenda," says Byrne. "Her marriage seems to be on paper only."

Viewers will be clued into that pretty quickly.

"The mayor has shower sex with his mistress and there's an incident," says Byrne of scenes that aired Wednesday. "The mistress ends up going to the hospital and getting operated on. Then she dies. So there's a major scandal with the mayor, and Andrea comes in to try and settle it."

Andrea asks the doctor involved, Patrick Drake, to settle the case out of court so that the sleazy details don't come out.

"She wants to make it go away before the media find out about it," says Byrne. "She doesn't want her husband to be ruined. She sees him becoming governor and then President. She's on a mission."

And she'll go to any lengths to succeed, going so far as to frame Alexis for murder in the weeks to come.

"Just when you think you have Andrea figured out, a left hook comes in," says Byrne. "We're taking off one layer at a time as we get to know her. Everything is not as it seems - it never is on soap operas. There's always another story going on. I'm very curious to explore this marriage - how did this happen? It's not everything it seems to be on the surface."

Neither is Byrne. She is still writing for CBS' "The Bold and the Beautiful" despite now acting on ABC's "GH."

"Nobody at either place has a problem with that," says Byrne. "We all have the same goal - to be successful. Writing a script in my house from a breakdown from ["B&B" writer] Kay Alden has nothing to do with what I'm doing on 'GH.' I'm not going to walk in to 'GH' and say, 'Hey, guess what's happening on 'B&B'? I wouldn't do that."

Meanwhile, in an ironic twist, former "GH" star Lynn Herring (ex-Lucy) is going to Byrne's old stomping grounds at "ATWT" to play Henry's greedy mother, Audrey, starting July 24. The move will reunite Herring with her former "Port Charles" co-stars Jon Lindstrom (ex-Kevin, now Craig) and Julie Pinson (ex-Eve, now Janet). ... Grant Aleksander (Phillip) reports that "60 Minutes" is filming a piece at "Guiding Light" pegged to the 72-year-old show's presumed September demise.


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