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Spoiler- Casting News- The New Summer

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Samantha Bailey will be the New Summer, the little actress is 7years old and has done some previous work before. Her first airdate is June 9th, i cant wait to see the New Summer i think she looks very adorable and cute, she seems quite energetic too from looking at her facial expressions, and also looks physically like the daughter of Nick and Sharon, i hope she will get a storyline because the spoilers indicate Summer needs therapy the current Summer was emotionless so im excited to see the new girl ^_^


Here are some photos of her







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Well, I hope this means we're in for a new Camryn.

I'd love to see a child-actor more involved in the action. Summer must hate Sharon.

[and she should also be a redhead]

Wonder if they'll age Fen too. I still can't get past that awful first name of his... (thank you, Letham!)

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I would love for Summer to be more involved as well since they are aging her and getting a recast im looking forward to what the little actress will bring. I adored Camryn Grimes as Cassie, & I own Jabot Darcy Brynes both of them were so adorable and talented child actresses. I hope the new Summer can be the next CG. We dont have anyone little anymore except for babies, and Abby, Noah are teens now so Summer is like the age now when Abby was little.^_^

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