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DAYS: Nicole's Dirty Little Secret!


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Daytime Royalty

From the latest issue of SOW...

Arianne Zucker says that Nicole isn't "scheming" to keep the truth about her miscarriage from EJ -- she's just so desperate because she's afraid of losing her dream life. She never expected to have something as "positive and happy" in her life as a baby, and now that she's miscarried, she's terrified of losing EJ.

Dr. Baker tells Nicole that she will never be able to have another child. Sad and devastated, Nicole ends up going to a maternity store where the sales lady persuades her to put on a dress. It's a dress that pregnant women are meant to wear when they're larger, so she gives Nicole a fake "baby belly" to wear as she tries it on. That's what gives her the idea to continue faking her pregnancy.

Nicole takes the fake belly home and ends up getting a visit from Brady. He is confused and asks her what the hell she's doing, and she explains that she just can't tell EJ that she's lost the baby yet. Brady is reluctant to keep her secret, but once he sees how desperate she is, he agrees to go along with it.

For the full article summary and to find out what happens when Stefano gets involved, click the link above! :)

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Talk about a broken record.

I thought it was going to be something exciting like Nicole had to get an abortion in order to save her life and she would tell EJ, but THIS....psh this is just a retread of the last 16 years. Baby bump, people not being able to have children and keeping it a secret. I should have knew Dena would let me down.

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