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Greg Rikkart and Emily O'Brien on The Price is Right

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TPiR has done CBS daytime drama tie-ins before. In 1983, there were 4 episodes where each CBS daytime drama was featured in a showcase. Johnny Olson used descriptions of each show's characters and storylines to introduce the prizes. Actors from each show (Michael Damian and Steven Ford from Y&R, Frank Runyeon and Meg Ryan from As the World Turns, Rory Calhoun and Bill Beyers from Capitol, and Michael Tylo from Guiding Light) appeared during an item up for bid or pricing game, as well as in the showcase. On December 1, 1992, there was a showcase that celebrated the 5000th episode of Y&R (which aired that day); Rod Roddy used descriptions of Y&R's characters and storylines to introduce the prizes and Melody Thomas Scott and Peter Bergman introduced the last prize, a walk-on part on Y&R.

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