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GL: Kills Supposed Gay Storyline

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TV Guide Kills Guiding Light Lesbian Storyline Rumor

This week's print edition of TV Guide put to rest the rumors of Guiding Light's Olivia(Crystal Chappell) and Natalia(Jessica Leccia) having a lesbian relationship. In the article, a Guiding Light representative confirms Olivia and Natalia will move in together and form a very close relationship that is unusual to soaps. However, the spokesperson states "this is not going to be a gay storyline."

Well if they aren't going to be gay, then just how close will they get? Sometimes, I really think the writers of this show don't know what's going on.


In the October 20-26, 2008 issue there is this article in TVGuide by Michael Logan. A photo of Crystal is included.

Gay Light?

The internet is abuzz with reports that Guiding Light is about to launch its own lesbian romance between Olivia and Natalia, the heterosexual--or so we thought-- frenemies played by Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia. Well, not quite. A GL publicist does acknowledge that the gals are growing closer and will form "a deep, rich, emotional relationship that will be very unusual for soaps." Word is they will also move in together in an upcoming episode. But, insists the rep, "this is not going to be a gay story line." Too bad. I'd pay big bucks to see the audacious, impossibly brilliant Chappell play that.

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