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German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

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Besides "Verbotene Liebe" ("Forbidden Love") and "Marienhof" (1992-2011), there are three other daytime soaps in Germany.

Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten (Good Times, Bad Times) was launched in May 1992. Set in Berlin, the show originally revolved around a circle of friends who had to find their way in life after dropping out of high school before graduation. During the first months, ratings were extremely poor. After a complete make-over, a serial killer storyline and several cast changes, the show finally managed to skyrocket.

These days GZSZ is the most watched series in Germany, attracting more than 3 million viewers every day. The most-watched episode to date was #2500 in June 2002, which was seen by 6.7 million people.

The show is based on the Australian soap "The Restless Years". There's also a Dutch adaption called "Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden" which has been on the air since 1990. During their first year of production, both GZSZ and GTST followed the scripts of "The Restless Years" and thus had the same sets of characters. After that, both soaps went their own way and are now completely different from each other.

Current contract cast



* Mustafa Alin (Mesut) was on recurring status from May 2011 to January 2014. He was put on contract in January 2014.
* Thomas Drechsel (Tuner) was on recurring status from April 2009 to June 2010. He was put on contract in June 2010.
* Ulrike Frank (Katrin) was on recurring status from December 2002 to April 2003. She was put on contract in April 2004. Frank played a different character, Tina Zimmermann, for a few episodes in 2000. Tina had previously been played on contract by Sandra Keller from 1992 to 1996.

* Elena Garcia Gerlach (Elena) recurred between July and March 2014. She will be on contract as of October 2014.

* Clemens Löhr's character Alexander Cöster was previously played by Nik Breidenbach from 2007 to 2009.

* Nadine Menz's character Ayla Özgül-Höfer was previously played by Sila Sahin from 2009 to 2014.
* Raul Richter's character Dominik was born in 1994. He was SORASED to ca. being 20 years in 2007.

Contract actors by years

Original cast
Matthias Hinze – Peter Becker #1 (1992, character was recast)
Frank-Thomas Mende – Clemens Richter (1992-2010, emigrated to Canada)
Angela Neumann – Vera Richter (1992-1997, emigrated to Sri Lanka)
Andreas Elsholz – Heiko Richter (1992-1996, disappeared after an alleged plane crash)
Sandra Keller – Tina Ullrich-Zimmermann #1 (1992-1996, disappeared, returned in 2000 for a couple of episodes as a recast)
Lisa Riecken – Elisabeth Meinhart (1992-2010, emigrated to Canada)
Claudia Weiske – Elke Opitz-Graf (1992-1997, recurring 1999, fled to Uruguay)
Alexander Kiersch – Patrick Graf Sr. (1992-1996, died of a brain tumor)
Johannes Baasner – Dr. Frank Ullrich (1992-1993, emigrated to Africa)
Natascha Pfeiffer – Marina Geppert (1992-1993, moved to another city with her husband)
Andrea Höhne – Claudia Löpelmann #1 (1992, character was recast)
Marie-Christine Herriger – Julia Backhoff (1992-1993, moved to another city)
Suzanne Ziellenbach – Lilo Gottschick (1992-1993, disappeared)
Hans Christiani – A.R. Daniel (1992-2009, went on a world tour)

1992 additions
Sali Landricina – Peter Becker #2 (1992-1995, recurring 1995-1996, emigrated to Australia, character was later recast)
Matthias Matz – Andrè Holm (1992-1995, emigrated to Italy with his girlfriend)

1993 additions
Wolfgang Bahro – Dr. Jo Gerner (1993-present)
Saskia Valencia – Saskia Rother (1993-1996, first lesbian character, emigrated to the US with her girlfriend)
Mirjam Köfer – Diana Richter (1993, was murdered by a serial killer)
Timmo Niesner – Tommy Walter (1993, was murdered by a serial killer)
Dirk Meier – Florian May (1993, left town)
Ines Victoria – Yasemin Mutlu (1993, was murdered by a serial killer)
Udo Thies – Dr. Michael Gundlach (1993-1994, moved to another city)
Victoria Sturm – Milla Engel (1993-1996, guest 1998, emigrated to Spain)
M.O. Rüdiger – Matthias Zimmermann (1993-1995, emigrated to South America)
Hannelore Minkus – Beatrice Zimmermann (1993-1995, emigrated to South America)
Alexander Eisenfeld – Oliver Engel (1993-1994, left town to live with his parents)
Neelesha Barthel – Manjou Neria (1993-1994, emigrated to the US)

1994 additions
Andreas Arnstedt – Lukas Heitz (1994, emigrated to the US)
Jan Sosniok – Tom Lehmann (1994-1996, guest 1997 and 1998, emigrated to Spain)
Julian Scheunemann – Charlie Fierek (1994-1998, recurring 1993-1994, was shot)
Julia & Judith Gerke – Jenny & Jessy Gruber (1994-1996, emigrated to the UK)
Irene Neuner – Dr. Rebecca Scheele (1994-1996, emigrated to the US)

1995 additions
Raphael Schneider – Andy Lehmann (1995-2000, died from poison)
Alexandra Finder – Kim Scheele (1995-1996, guest 1998, emigrated to the US)

1996 additions
Rhea Harder – Flo Spira (1996-2002, recurring 2002, disappeared in Africa after losing her memory, returned to Berlin and was reunited with her lover Martin with whom she moved to another city)
Maren Thurm – Barbara Wiebe-Graf #2 (1996-1999, character was recast)
Nadine Dehmel – Nataly Jäger (1996-2000, moved to another city)
Raphael Vogt – Nico Weimershaus (1996-2005, emigrated to the UK)
Anne Brendler – Vanessa Moreno (1996-1998, fled to Taiwan after being blackmailed with a porn tape)
Daniel Fehlow – Leon Moreno (1996-1999, 2001-present)
Ralf Benson – Fabian Moreno (1996-2000, recurring 2003-2004, first gay character, went to prison)
Daniel Enzweiler – Jörg Reuter (1996-1998, disappeared after causing a fatal car crash)
Kea Könecker – Chrissie Lehmann (1996-1997, was killed in a car crash)
Alexandra Neldel – Katja Wettstein (1996-1999, emigrated to Finland)

1997 additions
Laurent Daniels – Philip Krüger (1997-2000, disappeared)
Torsten Stoll – Frank Richter (1997-1999, guest 1999, followed Vanessa to Taiwan)
Tina Bordihn – Sonja Wiebe #1 (1997-1998, character was recast)
Alexander Schäfer – Alex Hinze (1997-1999, disappeared)
Nina Bott – Cora Hinze (1997-2005, moved to Taiwan)

1998 additions
Simone Hanselmann – Anna Meisner/Judith/Susi (1998-1999, was sent to a mental hospital after suffering from schizophrenia)
Oliver Petszokat – Ricky Marquardt (1998-1999, moved to another city)
Rainer Meifert – Dr. Jan Wittenberg (1998-2000, fled after gunning down Jo Gerner)
Tokessa Möller-Martinius – Sonja Wiebe #2 (1998-2002, died in the wreckage after an explosion)

1999 additions
Mona Klare – Barbara Wiebe-Graf #3 (1999-2000, recurring 2002, was first sent to prison after kidnapping Cora and Nico's baby daughter, was released and tried to kill her sister Sonja, then fled the country)
Tim Sander – Kai Scholl (1999-2002, recurring 1998-1999, died from a heart failure)
Jeanette Biedermann – Marie Balzer (1999-2004, moved to Romania)
Patrick Harzig – Peter Becker #3 (1999-2002, emigrated to Australia)
Jan Hartmann – Chris Bohlstädt (1999-2001, was shot by Inka)
Stefanie Julia Möller – Charlotte Bohlstädt (1999-2001, left town after her twin brother's death)
Cathrin Vaessen – Franziska Bohlstädt (1999-2000, moved to France)

2000 additions
Anna Frenzel-Röhl – Sandra Lemke #1 (2000-2002, character was recast)
Hendrik Borgmann – Moritz Demand (2000-2002, left town)
Franziska Dilger – Inka Berent (2000-2001, recurring 1999-2000, was sent to prison after murdering Chris Bohlstädt)
Mia Aegerter – Xenia di Montalban (2000-2002, 2003, left town after canceling her wedding to Ben Bachmann)
Norman Kalle – Martin Wiebe #2 (2000-2002, moved to another city with Flo)
Hanne Wolharn – Senta Lemke (2000-2007, died in the aftermath of a plane crash)

2000: Primetime spin-off "Großstadtträume"
The show aired mondays at 8.15 pm directly after GZSZ. Originally, Sandra Keller was supposed to star as her GZSZ character Tina Zimmermann, but they had to recast the character with Ulrike Frank because Ms. Keller suddenly left the project. Ulrike Frank appeared in 6 episodes of GZSZ to help the launch of GST. Other former GZSZ contract cast members that starred on GST included Victoria Sturm as Milla Engel and Laurent Daniels as Philip Krüger. Originally, Oliver Petszokat was also supposed to appear as his GZSZ character Ricky Marquardt, but when he too wasn't available, they replaced him with Ina Klink who had recurred on GZSZ for several months in 1999. With all these last minute changes, the new series was doomed from the beginning. Even though it was heavily promoted by RTL, the show had dismal ratings and was canceled after 7 episodes. The unaired episodes also featured a now grown-up Oliver Engel, Milla's younger brother, again played by Alexander Eisenfeld. None of the cast members were ever brought back to GZSZ – only Ulrike Frank was lucky and received the part of Katrin Flemming in 2002.

2001 additions
Christin Baechler – Patrizia Bachmann (2001-2003, guest 2007, moved to South Africa)
Felix von Jascheroff – John Bachmann (2001-present)

2002 additions
Peer Kusmagk – Ben Bachmann (2002-2003, left town)
Susan Sideropoulos – Verena Koch (2002-2011, recurring 2001, died in a car crash)
Yvonne Catterfeld – Julia Blum (2002-2005, recurring 2001-2002, emigrated to the UK with Nico)
Roman Roth – Tim Böcking #1 (2002-2004, character was recast)
Klaus-Dieter Klebsch – Hannes Bachmann (2002-2007, died in the aftermath of a plane crash)
Maike von Bremen – Sandra Lemke #2 (2002-2008, left town with Marc)
Ismail Sahin – Deniz Ergün (2002-2005, died during his wedding to Sandra after falling through a window)
Josephine Schmidt – Paula Rapf (2002-2009, emigrated to Canada)

2003 additions
Natalie Alison – Isabel Eggert (2003-2006, died after giving birth to her and Tim's son)

2004 additions
Robert Lyons – Vincent Buhr (2004-2007, emigrated to Australia)
Uta Kargel – Lena Bachmann (2004-2006, quietly left town)
Ulrike Frank – Katrin Flemming-Gerner (2004-present, recurring 2002-2003)
Oliver Bender – Tim Böcking #2 (2004-2009, guest 2009 and 2010, emigrated to Canada)
Anne Menden – Emily Höfer (2004-present)
Jörn Schlönvoigt – Philip Höfer (2004-present)

2005 additions
Pete Dwojak – Henrik Beck (2005-2009, quietly left town)
Katharina Ursinus – Nele Wenzel (2005-2006, emigrated to the US)

2006 additions
Arne Stephan – Marc Hansen (2006-2008, left town with Sandra)
Jessica Ginkel – Caroline Neustädter (2006-2009, emigrated to Canada with Tim)
Jasmin Weber – Franziska Reuter (2006-2008, recurring 2005-2006, died in an explosion)
Stefan König – Sebastian Winter (2006-2007, recurring 2005-2006, left town)

2007 additions
Nik Breidenbach – Alexander Cöster #1 (2007-2009, character was recast)
Kristin Meyer – Iris Cöster (2007-2010, moved to Tokyo)
Sarah Tkotsch – Lucy Cöster (2007-2010, moved to Tokyo)
Raul Richter – Dominik Gundlach (2007-present)
Alexander Becht – Lenny Cöster (2007-2010, moved to another city with his lover Carsten)

2008 additions
Janina Uhse – Jasmin Nowak (2008-present)
Tayfun Baydar – Tayfun Badak (2008-present)

2009 additions
Isabell Horn – Pia Koch (2009-present)
Felix Isenbügel – Carsten Reimann (2009-2010, recurring 2008-2009, moved to another city with Lenny)
Clemens Löhr – Alexander Cöster #2 (2009-present)
Sila Sahin – Ayla Özgül (2009-present)
Björn Harras – Patrick Graf, Jr. (2009-present)

2010 additions
Lena Ehlers – Dascha Petrova (2010-present)
Thomas Drechsel – Max "Tuner" Krüger (2010-present, recurring 2009-2010)
Eva Mona Rodekirchen – Maren Seefeld (2010-present)
Iris Mareike Steen – Lilly Seefeld (2010-present)
Senta Sofia Delliponti – Tanja Seefeld (2010-present)

2011 additions
Vincent Krüger – Vince Köpke (2011-present)
Jascha Rust – Zacharias Klingenthal (2011-present)

Edited by Huntress
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Unter uns (Among Us) was launched in November 1994. Set in Cologne, the show takes place in an apartment building where all of the protagonists live. Over the years, many characters have come and gone. Airing weekdays at 5.30 p.m., the show attracts 1.7 million viewers on average.

Current cast members



* Maria Kempken's character Leonie Weidenfeld was previously played by Sarah Stork for a few months in 2013.
* Benjamin Kiss's character Henning Frank was previously played by Andreas Zimmermann from 2009 to 2010.

* Maja Lehrer (Kimberly) recurred for a short while before being put on contract in August 2014.
* Ben Ruedingers's character Till Weigel was previously played by Stephen Dürr from 1994 to 1996.

* Alexander Sholti (Sascha) played a different character, Sascha's twin brother Björn Winter, from 2001 to 2008.

Contract cast by years

Original cast
Bodo Frank – Marc Albrecht (1994-1998, left town)
Cecilia Kunz – Corinna Weigel, née Bach (1994-1997, guest 1998, moved to the Maldives with Chris)
Karin Schröder – Sophie Himmel-Eiler #1 (1994-1995, moved to Vietnam, character was later recast)
Milena Dreißig – Antonia Schwarz #1 (1994-1995, character was recast)
Ludwig Hollburg – Olaf Schwarz (1994-1995, moved to Vietnam)
Tatiani Katrantzi – Jennifer Turner (1994-1998, emigrated to Africa)
Janis Rattenni – Anna Weigel #1 (1994-2004, moved to New Zealand, character was later recast)
Oliver Bootz – Chris Weigel (1994-1997, moved to the Maldives with Corinna)
Petra Blossey – Irene Weigel, née Schwarz (1994-present)
Christiane Maybach † – Margot Weigel (1994-2005, died of old age)
Stephen Dürr – Till Weigel #1 (1994-1996, moved to the US, character was later recast)
Holger Franke – Wolfgang Weigel (1994-2009, died of a heart attack)
Sebastian Feicht – Alexander Albrecht (1994-1996, moved to South America)
Alexander Osteroth – Joachim Albrecht (1994-1997, became homeless and disappeared)
Beate Wanke – Regina Albrecht (1994-1997, died in a car crash)
Björn Kegel-Casapietra – Armin Franke (1994-1996, was shot)
Sylvia Agnes Muc – Laura Böhme (1994-2001, moved to Paris)
Katja Frenzel-Röhl – Melanie Hoffmeister (1994-1995, moved to the US)
Lale Karci – Aylin Hoffmeister, née Eray (1994-1998, went on a tour around the world)

1995 additions
Isabell Hertel – Ute Kiefer Kern Weigel Fink (1995-present)
Nina Azizi – Antonia Schwarz #2 (1995-1997, moved to London)
Tillmann Schillinger – Bernd Hoffmeister (1995-1997, drowned in a lake)
Marco Girnth – Sven Rusinek (1995-1998, moved to South Africa)
Isabel Florido – Lona Dee (1995-2000, returned to Switzerland)
Andreas Köss – Lars König (1995-1997, disappeared)

1996 additions

1997 additions
Ralf Komorr – Andreas Sandmann (1997-1999, died in a motorcycle accident)
André Dietz – Gregor Sandmann (1997-2000, disappeared)
Maurice Karl † – Sebastian Sandmann #1 (1997-1998, character was recast)
Eric Benz – Nick Neuhaus (1997-2000, moved to the UK)
Imke Brügger – Rebecca Mattern (1997-present)
Michael Evans – Tom Foster (1997-2001, returned to the US)
Arnold Dammann – Viktor Falkenberg (1997-2000, was killed by a rotor)
Claudia Neidig – Claudia Falkenberg (1997-2001, moved to London)
Vanessa Glinka – Alexa Falkenberg (1997-1999, moved to London)
Verena Zimmermann – Jessica Falkenberg (1997-1999, died in a motorcycle accident)

1998 additions
Wolfram Grandezka – Roman Klingenberg (1998-2000, left town)
Diana Staehly – Sue Sommerfeld (1998-2000, moved to Italy)
Thorsten Feller – Kai Fleming (1998-2000, left town)
Sebastian Winkler – Sebastian Sandmann #2 (1998-1999, moved to Scotland)

1999 additions
Eve Scheer – Sarah Foster, née Engel (1999-2001, moved to the US with Tom)
Sabine Pfeifer – Pauline Pfitzer (1999-2003, disappeared)
Ole Tillmann – Jonas Sommerfeld (1999-2001, moved to Italy to live with his sister Sue)

2000 additions
Wayne Carpendale – Maximilian Pfitzer (2000-2001, moved to Paris with Laura)
Tobias Licht – Gideon Kern (2000-2001, committed suicide after gunning down Rebecca)
Milos Vukovic – Paco Weigel (2000-present)
Timo Ben Schöfer – Stefan Kramer (2000-2003, moved to the US)
Gabriele Weinspach – Helena Kramer, née Lasalle (2000-2003, guest 2003 and 2004, moved to the US)
Melanie Wichterich – Vicky Kramer (2000-2004, moved to the US)
Ben Ruedinger – Till Weigel (2000-present)
Bianca Hein – Meike Wagner (2000-2002, moved to Spain)

2001 additions
Alexander Sholti – Björn Winter (2001-2008, was shot)
Mario Kristl – David Kramer (2001-2003, moved to the US, character died off-screen)
Claudelle Deckert – Eva Wagner Weigel (2001-2006, 2008-present, guest 2007)
Christian Kämpfer – Fabian Rose (2001-2002, died in a car crash)
Stefan Bockelmann – Malte Winter (2001-present)
Petra Gumpold – Belle Rose (2001-2002, died in the aftermath of a car crash)
Sarah Bogen – Lili Rose Mattern (2001-present)
Jane Hempel – Sophie Himmel-Eiler #2 (2001-2009, moved to another city)

2002 additions
Tanja Szewczenko – Kati Jäger, née Ritter (2002-2005, left town)
Andreas Büngen – Jan Gräser (2002-2009, left town)
Stefan Franz – Rolf Jäger (2002-present)

2003 additions
Petra Gumpold – Ariane Sturm, née Minz (2003-2006, guest 2007 and 2008)
Kai Noll – Rufus Sturm (2003-present)
Nike Martens – Romy Sturm #1 (2003-2005, character was recast)
Sven Waasner – René Sturm (2003-2006, died in a plane crash)

2004 additions
Finja Martens – Svenja Lindström (2004-2005, returned to Sweden)
Henrike Richters – Kimberly Ritter (2004-2006, disappeared)

2005 additions
Lars Steinhöfel – Easy Winter (2005-present)
Marcel Saibert – Mars Sommer (2005-2010, recurring 2004, left town)
Olivia Klemke – Franziska Gellert (2005-2009, left town)
Sarah Ulrich – Romy Sturm #2 (2005-2009, moved to Namibia)

2006 additions
Arissa Ferkic – Silke Seebach (2006-2008, left town)
Annika Peimann – Lara Martensen (2006-2007, was murdered in the courtyard)
Kathleen Fiedler – Anna Weigel #2 (2006-2010, character was recast)
Yvonne de Bark – Pia Jäger, née Lassner (2006-2009, fled the country with Rolf's daughter after poisoning Irene)
Patrick Müller – Tobias Lassner (2006-present)

2007 additions

2008 additions
Anna Julia Kapfelsberger – Charlotte Sommer (2008-2010, moved to Las Vegas)

2009 additions
Andreas Zimmermann – Henning Fink #1 (2009-2010, character was recast)
Joy Lee Juana Abiola – Micki Fink (2009-present)

2010 additions
Tabea Heynig – Britta Schönfeld (2010-present)
Marvin Linke – Moritz Schönfeld (2010-present)
Birte Blang – Heidi Danne (2010-2011, died in the courtyard as a result from internal bleeding)
Benjamin Kiss – Henning Fink #2 (2010-present)
Marylu Poolman – Anna Weigel #3 (2010-present)

2011 additions
Martin Baden – Nils Hoffmann (2011-present)
Bela Klentze – Bela Hoffmann (2011-present)
Ela Paul – Bine Kern (2011-present)

Edited by Huntress
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Alles was zählt (All That Matters) was launched in September 2006. Following a debut with poor ratings, the show has become a hit for RTL, attracting more than 3 millions viewers every day. The show originally focused on ice-skating sensation Diana Sommer (Tanja Szewczenko), Diana's large circle of friends, her biggest enemy Jenny Steinkamp and Jenny's wealthy and powerful family.

Current contract cast


* André Dietz (Ingo) was on recurring status from September 2006 to March 2007.
* Sam Eisenstein (Marian) was on recurring status from September 2006 to March 2007.

* During her pregnancy, Juliette Greco (Lena) was temporarily replaced by Maria Kempken between January and September 2013.
* Ania Niedieck (Isabelle) played a different character, Alicia Silberstein, in 2009.
* Jörg Rohde's character Ben Roschinski was previously played by Jan Niklas Berg from 2006 to 2007 and again for a few episodes in 2008.
* Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen's character Jenny Steinkamp was previously played by Christiane Klimt on contract from 2006 to 2008, by Silvia Maleen on contract from 2008 to 2010 and by Sophie Lutz for two episodes in 2011.

Contract cast by years

Original cast
Tanja Szewczenko – Diana Sommer (2006-2009, left town)
Thorsten Grasshoff – Julian Herzog (2006-2007, died during his wedding to Diana)
Christiane Klimt – Jenny Steinkamp #1 (2006-2008, character was recast)
Tatjana Clasing – Simone Steinkamp (2006-present)
Silvan-Pierre Leirich – Richard Steinkamp (2006-present)
Susanne Schlenzig – Jutta Sommer (2006-2007, left town)
Armin Dallapicolla – Dieter Sommer (2006-2007, left town)
Nathalie Thiede – Nina Sommer (2006-2009, moved to the US)
Andreas Seyferth – Lutz Hoffmann (2006-2007, left town)
Ulrike Röseberg – Annette Bergmann (2006-present)
Stephen Dürr – Mike Hartwig (2006-2009, died in an explosion)
Daniel Aichinger – Dr. Axel Schwarz (2006-present)
Julian Augustin – Vanessa Steinkamp (2006-2009, 2010-present)
Jan Niklas Berg – Ben Roschinski #1 (2006-2007, recurring 2008, character was recast)
Dennis Grabosch – Roman Wild (2006-2011, died of cancer)
Regine Seidler – Nadja Roschinski #1/#3 (2006-2008, guest 2010, character was recast)
André Emanuel Kaminski – Tim Herzog (2006-2007, left town)

2007 additions
Sam Eisenstein – Marian Öztürk (2007-present, recurring 2006-2007)
André Dietz – Ingo Zadek (2007-present, recurring 2006-2007)
Norman Kalle – Dr. Oliver Sommer (2007-2010, moved to Australia with Celine)
Juliette Menke – Lena Bergmann (2007-present)
Igor Dolgatschew – Deniz Öztürk (2007-present)
Francisco Medina – Maximilian von Altenburg (2007-present)

2008 additions
Birgit Würz – Nadja Roschinski #2 (2008, left town)
Maria Wedig – Juli von Altenburg (2008-2009, left town)
Nina Bott – Celine Laffort (2008-2010, moved to Australia with Oliver)
Tobias Licht – Lars Berger (2008-2010, left town with Stella)
Silvia Maleen – Jenny Steinkamp #2 (2008-2010, disappeared after a plane crash)
Nadine Rennack – Stella Coretti (2008-2010, left town with Lars)

2009 additions
Jörg Rohde – Ben Roschinski #2 (2009-present)
Anna Katharina Samsel – Katja Bergmann (2009-present)

2010 additions
Ania Niedieck – Isabelle Reichenbach-Steinkamp (2010-present)
Michael N. Kuehl – Florian Wild (2010-present)
Heike Trinker – Claudia Bergmann (2010-2011, left town)
Christoph Humnig – Tom Reichenbach (2010-2011, left town)
Julia Engelmann – Franziska Steinkamp (2010-present)

2011 additions
Anna Katharina Fecher – Melanie Wendt (2011-present)
Christina Siemoneit – Sarah Wendt (2011-present)
Salvatore Greco – Jan Marco Schöler (2011-present)
Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen – Jenny Steinkamp #4 (2011-present)

Edited by Huntress
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Some casting news:

Alles was zählt

  • Lead actress Tanja Szewczenko (Diana Sommer) departs the show on January 7th, 2009.
  • Birgit Würz (Nadja Roschinski) is also out.
  • Nadine Rennack joins the cast on December 15th, 2008 as Stella Coretti.

Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten

  • Tayfun Baydar joins the cast as Tayfun Baydak on December 23rd, 2008.
  • Josephine Schmidt (Paula Rapf) departs the show on January 23rd, 2009.

Unter uns

  • Olivia Klemke (Franziska Gellert) makes her final appearance on January 14th, 2009.


  • Apparently, the producers decided to fire seven cast members: Nicole Belstler-Boettcher (Sandra Behrens, 1995-), Sven Thiemann (Charly Kolbe, 1997-), Roland Pfaus (Jakob Weidemann, 2005-), Sebastian Reusse (Harry Töppers, 2008-), Ivonne Polizzano (Netty Töppers, 2008-) and Maria Mittler (Aurelia Maldini, 2008-). In addition, Sebastian Schulz will join the cast as Ramon, while former recurring star Rosetta Pedone (Laura Conti) has been offered a contract.
  • The 3500th episode has been filmed on location in Venice, Italy. It will air on January 29th, 2009.

Verbotene Liebe

  • Mascha Müller joins the cast as Princess Luise von Waldensteyck and Simone Ritscher joins the cast as Maria Galdi. Both new contract roles will arrive on January 22nd, 2009.
  • Diana Frank (Katja Brandner) departs the show on December 30th, 2008 when her character is killed off.
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"Marienhof" explodes!

In late June, dramatic events will happen on "Marienhof": A gas explosion will be responsible for the collapse of the whole "Marienhof-Galerie". The shopping mall, which is located in the center of the fictional quarter of Cologne, has been the show's central point since its beginning in 1992 and has always been a popular meeting place for the show's characters. The explosion goes hand in hand with a complete relaunch of the daytime drama: Not only will the locations change, there will also be new characters, new lighting and a new opening sequence.

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There have been interviews with some writers and producers, but I wouldn't call them famous because soap operas (and telenovelas) are usually still regarded as being trashy by the general public - even though they are among the most watched programs every day.

I know that one writer, Tom Chroust, wrote for VL and then went to GZSZ, only to return to VL last year. He created the famous ChrOlli (Christian & Olli) storyline, but at the same time shelved SuCa (Susanne & Carla) which upset a lot of fans because according to him there was only room for one homosexual couple on the show.

"Marienhof"'s new executive producer Simon Müller-Elmau is responsible for the show's upcoming relaunch. Both "Marienhof" and "Verbotene Liebe" have suffered from low demos (below 10% in 18-49) for quite some time now. There are rumors that "Marienhof" wants to copy the general look of "Alles was zählt". On the other hand, "Alles was zählt" has suffered from declining ratings as well ever since lead actress Tanja Szewczenko (Diana Sommer) left the show earlier this year. Her replacement Nadine Rennack (Stella Coretti) has failed to become equally popular. In addition, the recasting of Diana's (and now Stella's) arch nemesis Jenny Steinkamp hasn't worked out, since Silvia Maleen is still loathed by many fans. Christiane Klimt had to leave the show last year due to a nervous breakdown caused by the show's heavy work schedule.

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