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  1. That might be but you gotta admit her character on AWZ is a huge bore. On one hand she is constantly moralizing and telling her husband what to do and chiding him for lying to her. On the other hand she is the one who always runs around accidentally being kissed by other men (remember her kissing Marian and nothing ever came out of it? And now Richard?). Admittedly a large fraction of her haters appear to be the Richard and Simone fans, but most other people seem to be bored by her too. Max and Celine were a kind of hot couple in the beginning but they have become one of the most obnoxous and toothless one. I can't wait for them to break up. And God I hope Celine hooks up with either Oliver or Mike. Maybe their annoyingness will cancel each other out.
  2. I think she has simmered down since the beginning and became a more likable character for it. But she is still (or even more now that she is "average nice person" rather than "mind splitting perky Mary Sue") just not main heroine material. Roman, I think he is popular with the fan of gay storylines naturally. With the more average fans, it seems they like him well enough, especially as a sidekick to Ingo and Annette, but they don't seem to be that passionate about him when he has no storyline. So I guess vague but not necessarily passionate benevolence seems to be the general feeling towards him? Which is still good since there are plenty of characters who aren't necessarily evil but quite disliked such a Celine or Mike.
  3. You should go to RTL now and skip forward to the end of the episode where the credits run: http://rtl-now.rtl.de/alles-was-zaehlt.php At first I didn't like Silvia Maleen because she wasn't as beautiful as Christiane Klimt. But she is an excellect actress and she has really grown on me. I have to agree about Stella though. She is ok, but she is just not memorable enough for a main heroine. Silvia Maleen wipes the floor with her when it comes to screen presence. I never really liked Juli as a character, but it seems to me that she was much more popular and successfull especially with younger viewers as a main heroine. So why didn't they just make her/keep her as the main girl? Not that I particularly liked Juli and Oliver, but what the show did to them and how they rewrote Juli's character was really awful. Speaking of AWZ, Ulrike Röseberg who plays Annette of Ingo&Annette fame came out as a lesbian a while ago. You can watch the subtitled interview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMp-wh9gKMQ
  4. Wait, Diana and Oliver are related? I thought they were a couple back in the Julian times.
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