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Y&R: Billy/Chloe/Cane Spoilers


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These spoilers are from SNS:

Chloe deceives Cane by paying off the lab technician to change her conception date, making sure Cane gets the false report.

Cane is thrilled to meet his brother Billy, but the reverse isn't true.

Chloe recognizes Billy and warns him not to reveal their former relationship (which included sex) to Cane.

Cane unknowingly tells Billy that Chloe is Esther's daughter Kate.

Billy tries to keep his true nature under wraps.

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Billy is so going to be the father of Chloe's baby!

I would like to see Mac in the picture, but not just yet. I want them to do play out this whole Billy/Chloe/Cane situation, plus Billy is clearly involved with Amber too. So I would like to see Mac return but later.

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I wish other soaps would look at Y&R to show how to portray younger characters in an interesting light. Lily, Daniel, Amber, Cane, Chloe, Billy, Kevin and Jana are all really interesting and unique and very well written characters whose storylines are gripping and dont just stay limited to within their own age range.

I think the theory that Billy is the father of Chloe's baby is going to be the correct one...I cant wait to see all of this play out, see how it affects Chloe's friendship with Amber and Amber's relationship with Billy, as well as Cane and Lily's relationship and the Billy/Lily thing that they seem to be hinting at, as well as how this all affects Daniel/Amber and in turn Daniel/Colleen...I'm looking forward to seeing where this heads, and honestly I dont think the younger crowd is missing Mac at all; if anything I'd like them to bring Mac in to be involved with Victoria and JT, but she's not needed at alll right now, as far as I'm concerned.

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    • Actually, @yrfan1983, I wouldn't mind if Michael Corbett returned to Y&R, but not as David, and only after Tricia Cast returns for an extended visit.  I'd want to see Nina's reaction to the newcomer who bares more than a striking resemblance to her late husband!
    • I agree, @Broderick.  What early Y&R and "golden era" ATWT held in common was an emphasis on the inner, emotional and psychological lives of its' characters.  On both shows, stories moved very slowly, because TPTB wanted their viewers to pay closer attention to how and why the characters behaved and felt the way they did.
    • Heavily rumored for maybe a year, but nice to have confirmed. @DRW50 Talk at the time suggested she was in the November specials, but I've no idea.
    • In a way, I think Reva (and KZ) would have benefitted from Douglas Marland's writing.  She wouldn't have been as wild, but she wouldn't have dominated the show as much either. I guess I'm one of the few GL fans who enjoyed even that period of time in the show's history, lol.
    • Yes, and that's because they, along with the rest of the media, continue to operate under the belief that there is a large and mostly untapped contingent of voters in this country whose views aren't being represented in the mainstream.  They look at how FOX News and its' ilk are doing in cable and they desire a piece of that pie for themselves.  (Never mind that FOX News skews older, white and male in an industry that grows more irrelevant by the minute.) Put aside the fallacy in that assumption, however, and ask yourselves this question: does the rest of this country and this world really NEED to hear what those on the right and far-right are saying?  I'm all for allowing all voices to be heard, but not if some of those voices just want to make "others" out of everyone who isn't like them.
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