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From Soap Central at the B&B board!

Stephanie tells Nick about Dominick Jr.

Jackie & Bridget converse about Felicia's feelings about Nick

Eric & Brooke fake a falling out for the benefit of Taylor, Darla & Thorne and Taylor tells Steph. who is skeptical but has a dinner date with Eric.

Moss. learns the happy news

Dante has another old friend in town

Sally closes Spectra and goes on a world cruise. Bell says he has something great planned for Sally in 2006

Apparently, Steph. lends a supporting ear to Felicia

other bits & pieces:

The twins are on reoccuring and have no storyline

Constance Tower is up for the part of Pamela, Steph's sister

Hilliary B. Smith was at B&B. Her contract is up at OLTL in Dec.

JMc and LAD are happy about getting back together as Jackie & Eric. (Is Jackie aware of Eric plot to gain control of FC)

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^I'm really divided about B&B becoming a full hour. I mean I'd love it, but I think the reason the show works so well is because it's only half an hour.

Hilary B. Smith & Constance Towers? Hell yes I'd welcome them to B&B any day.

Thanks for the spoilers Chadsky :)

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I wonder if that’s really accurate because in the TV Guide Spoilers for next week La Spectra is mentioned and it says Darla catches Sally in a lie. I bet that Sally isn’t really going on cruise and just heart-broken that Spectra closed down it’s doors. Should be a nice storyline with a possible link to Stephanie in the end... It's about time the redhead is getting some action and airtime!

BTW: Eric is pulling a Venice intrigue on his dear-beloved Ex-wife according to TV Guide.com. He stages a fight with Brooke so that Stephanie softens up to him...

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Here's the SOW story on Sally...

Mustang Sally shocks everyone this week of The Bold and the Beautiful when she announces she's retiring and leaving Los Angeles.

"Sally makes the announcement that she's going to close Spectra, but not to worry because she's going to go on a wonderful around-the-world cruise," previews her protrayer, Darlene Conley. "She's worked all her life, and this is going to be a great moment to have some fun for a change."

That doesn't sound like the Sally we know. "That's her story and she's sticking to it," teases Conley, hinting that there's definitely more to this story. "Sally's always putting on the dog. She's always pretending everything's fine. 'I'll kill you if you think I'm weak!' It's a very heartwarming story. Wha I like about it is that it's not playing the violin. Sally hasn't changed that much!

"Give her half a chance," winks Conley, "and she'll be back on top, don't worry."

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