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AMC : SOD summary

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9/9 Issue

Vincent Irizarry is excited about his return to AMC, & shares that headwriter Pratt views David as as a valuable character who is needed on the show.

AMC is looking to cast a real-life veteran of the Iraq war as Taylor's presumed dead fiance, Brot...

Josh leaves town on 9/9, w/ Kendall's help, although Colin Egglesfeld will remain on recurring. Colin encourages viewers who want to see more of Josh to write to Frons, Carruthers, & Pratt. (There's no room on the canvas for a Kane/Martin, yet Ryan, the worthless sperm donor, remains front & center !)

Kris Eivers exits on 9/3 when Taylor kills Fletcher to save Randi.

Billy Miller (Richie) has finished taping his last scenes.

Josh has been behind the scenes embezzling $20 million from the Slaters. To prevent Zach from physically hurting Josh, Kendall helps Josh leave town safely, damaging her relationship w/ her husband as a result.

On 9/8, Aidan & Greenlee deal w/ the aftermath of their fight...on 9/9, Ryan tells his pregnant wife that they'll never be a couple again...Annie is up to no good concerning Greens...

Jesse gets news he was hoping for...Adam shares his plans w/ Pete...Zach is out for Josh's blood...

An awesome letter from a viewer who wants Zendall to have their own s/l, & not have the couple revolve their lives around poor, lovesick Ryan, crazy Annie, & clueless Greenlee.

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Well in Taylor's instance she just fought in Iraq, so its not a huge jump to think she will use brutal force on Fletcher, someone who most likely is trying to kill Ranid.

In Josh's case, yes kind of out of the blue. If they had built it up, I would have bought it because Josh certainly has history of being a selfish, self indulgent prick....

I am just glad her is getting an "exit" story, since in Pine Valley you usually just seem to vanish into thin air. I wish Colin well.

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