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ATWT: SOD Fall Previews

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Thanks to winterguy125 at SOC

Contact Status

Dylan Bruce (Chris) has been dropped to recurring status with the show from Contract

Head Writer JP says there will be alot of twists and turns to come this fall, mostly dealing with relationships. She also says that "she" thinks that every character that is on ATWT will have a major event occur during the fall months.

Dusty's back:

Back when Dusty was killed there were alot of things that were still left unsettled, that includes the characters of Lily, Holden, Paul, Meg, and Casey, Emily. His return will cause drama.

James Stenbeck:

James will be his normal self which means causing lots of trouble, which even includes Lily and Holden, because of some major event that happens to a Snyder. Also he will be heavily involved in Paul and Meg's life.

Lily, Holden, Carly:

Pretty much the same stuff that has been happening, though Lily is very mad about things she wants to put the Snyders back together again. Both Holden and Carly know what they need to do, but doing so is another story.

Jack, Janet:

Brad did something, and somehow Jack gets involved in that, and he gets in trouble. Brad and Janet are trying to take care of Liberty. But Jack also tries to get involved in that, which leads to trouble for Jack and Janet, this of course draws him to Carly somewhat.

Brad and Katie:

Brad has done something that Katie does not like very much at all, same thing that was referred to in Jack/Janet I think. Which leads Katie to wonder about the person that she has wed.

Emily and Casey:

Casey has some things in his mind about the relationship, and Emily has others, because of the age differences and experiences, this causes drama, plus the return of Dusty.

Luke and Noah:

As the fall goes on, we according to JP will be seeing more and more of the couple, as there new year of college starts, Luke wants to express himself more as a out and gay man, there will be some drama with Noah in regards to some of the choices that Luke wants to make. Also look for something else to cause trouble, and take them in a new way.

Meg and Paul:

Mostly about James, and the games that James is still playing and the trouble he is still causing, pretty much he causes trouble for Paul and Meg and the baby.


Ali is still confused about her feelings that she still has for Chris, At the same time as Aaron and Ali are moving closer to each other, something happens with Chris, that may put there life in trouble.

Henry and V:

Henry not on purpose gets involved in some of Jame's stuff, Bonnie and V also get involved in this as well as Derek

Parker and Liberty:

They are headed back to school, and they will grow up a tad, and they will have family issues, that will take them in a new direction.

Brian and Lucinda:

JP says they are moving in that direction with Lucinda and Brain, at first he will be a close friend of hers as things around her get complicated.

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It irritates me to NO END that James is stuck with the Snyders. And I include Paul in that b/c this Paul? Is a WannabeSnyder. Soap gods willing, James will smack the Stenbeck back into his son.

I don't like Em/Casey OR Em/Dusty so color me unhappy with the Emily spoilers (with the possible exception of Paul being affected by Dusty's return b/c that means there is the slightest chance that I will get another Paul/Emily scene lol)

And seriously? Why does Dusty's return have to affect Meg? She isn't on enough already? (I reserve the right to take that back if it leads to Musty Round 2....thereby freeing Paul and Emily which is totally my agenda lol)

I don't get why DB got pushed to recurring and not Agim....it seems to me there are more possibilities for Chris than Aaron. And what does that mean for Dani? Since I assumed she would end up with whoever Ali didn't get.

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