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SOD: AMC Fall Previews....


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Personally, I wouldn't mind if he completely dismantled the entirety of the current s/l's. It seems he wants to continue with Tad/Krystal, Aiden/Ryan/Greenlee/Annie, and Fusion (mentioned in other threads).

I would prefer original ideas and concepts that revolve around the veterans.. It seems that the show will NOT be that much different from its current state, where B&E have brought us.

Maybe Erica could have some type of female cancer (ovarian, cervix) just some type of story to call her own, instead of being Kendall's pawn. This is NOT Erica!

Hey! If Julia Barr was brought back she could do an awesome cancer storyline!

I want more Opal, Palmer, Joe, Brooke,"real" Erica, "real" Adam...etc..These guys made the show during its golden age. I love to see, SL and DC sharing screen time and being involved in a story line, but they deserve to have a story of their own and stop propping their kids. They should be the main focus and not the other way around!

I know that the younger characters serve a purpose, but I am tired of the show revolving around them. I seems that TPTB would look back at what made AMC great during its long run as the #2 soap. I can assure you that when AMC was #2 for many years, it did not revolve around 20/30 somethings! Is this hard to understand?

Sorry to be picky, but a lot of people have been asking for this for a long time! Doesn't seem like it's in Pratt's "cards"!

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I'm sorry but all of this sounds like sh!t. I was worried Pratt was gonna pull this crap with J&A, but I still had hope. Now :( And either ditch Josh for good or write him a story, but don't string Colin, and the fans along. And if the character dying is Annie, I'll be tuning out for good.

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