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B&B: New Spoilers For Late July/August

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The tables are turned on Ridge when Donna announces she is now the rightful owner of Forrester Creations(while Eric is incapacitated).

Donna's first executive decision: She fires Ridge from the company

Brooke comforts Ridge, and the couple vow to get control of Forrester Creations

Owen is Donna's biggest supporter, but he's made an enemy in the form of Felicia

Stephanie fears she will lose Eric forever, while Brooke and Ridge bond with him

Marcus and Steffy's romance heats up


Brooke and Stephanie team up to save the company

Stephanie and Taylor's friendship turns to hostility

There's a miracle for Katie, something that will have consequences for the newly married Nick and Bridget

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I have no idea how credible this poster is, but I stumbled across some interesting spumors on the official B&B board:




I wonder if there is any chance that Bridget might end up as the bio mommy of Jack after all and then as Nick's wife wrestles with Taylor about it. Maybe this could be the big payoff referred to?

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