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Rules For The Playing Field

1. Stay within topic of the threads. Spamming, bumping, or off topic posts are looked down upon in the Playing Field threads. You will receive a PM warning you not to do so again, if you violate again, you will be warned.

2. No adult games are to be created. Younger members do play and we don't want to offend them.

3. When creating threads, be sure to give details about the game when posting the initial game thread.

4. In the event that two people post at the same time, the first person to respond will have their answer counted. Double answers should be edited immediately to continue the game without a disruption.

5. Responding to your own posts is not allowed. Should no one respond and you want to change your answer, edit it.

6. Bumping in-active threads is not allowed.

7. If you are going to create new games, make sure they are unique. Any threads that are similiar will be merged. Check the boards for similar games before creating a new one. There's no need for 4 different movie threads or music threads.

8. Linear threads that ask an "either or" question such as "Are you single or taken" should only have one response from the player. Linear threads restrict the amount of responses that can be given so it's best not to create them.

9. Follow the Rules in All Games

***Rules are subject to change without notice***

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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