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AMC: SOD Spoilers

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SOD Spoilers!

Head Games For AMC's Ryan

It's been a couple of months, so it's about time Ryan got shot," jokes Cameron Mathison (Ryan), whose alter ego takes a bullet to the head after pushing Kendall out of harm's (in the form of a gun-wielding Hannah) way. "Annie got him last time and now it's Hannah." he sighs. "There's something about the women in his life-they all want to kill him!" Despite the life-threatening injury, Ryan survives delicate surgery and Joe informs Annie and Kendall that Lavery will make a full recovery. "As far as the emotional side of things, he's just so happy to be alive," Mathison reports. "He's gone through so many crazy things in the last few months-well, the last 10 years, really-and I think he's really just trying to enjoy life to the fullest, looking at everything with a very positive outlook. To me, personally, it seems like Ryan is becoming a Buddhist. He's just really trying to change his perspective on things and see the best in people and help them however he can. He's going to get generous with his money, realizing that he's been very lucky financially and that he only should use what he needs for his family and put the rest to good use. He's going to try to enjoy every second with Annie; there's going to be lots of sex...which maybe isn't as Buddhist as some other things [laughs]!" But don't go breaking out the bubbly just yet. "There might be a physical aspect to all of this that Ryan and the audience don't recognize at first," Mathison cautions. "There are a couple of weird things happening. He makes some weird mistakes, like he calls Annie by Kendall's name in a very sort of pivotal moment, which doesn't go over very well, to say the least. There seems to be some very subtle physiological aspects to this in the beginning, and there's a little suspicion as to what his injury, down the line, may entail." "Ryan is definitely acting a little fishy," elaborates Alicia Minshew. "He's sort of a changes man-all in a good way, at first. What they're doing, obviously, is setting up for the next big story with him. And from what I know about it, I really like it. It's a really interesting turn."

Hannah Goes Nuts

Shooting Ryan is just the beginning of Hannah's descent into madness this week. "Sexy, sassy Hannah just hates Kendall and wants her dead," frowns Alicia Minshew. Why? "Because she wants Kendall's man!" Unfortunately for Hannah, the only thing Zach wants is to make sure that she can't hurt his family again. After pumping Ryan full of lead, Hannah holds Josh at gunpoint, but manages to make a clean getaway when Zach and Kendall break down the door. She then beds yet another Pine Valley bachelor: Sean. For her next act, she summons Zach to a private meeting on the rocks, where she lashes out at Slater for rescuing every woman in his life except her. As their conversation unfolds, Sean learns that Hannah is wanted by police and contacts Jack. "God bless her," says Cameron Mathison. "It's too bad cause she's smoking, but none of this ends well for Hannah. I don't think," he hints, "that he's going to have to worry about pressing charges."


An AMC actress will be out-permanently- very soon.

VCR Dates:

Hannah finally gets what she wants from Zach on Monday, January 14. Tad realizes how Krystal really feels about their marriage on Tuesday, January 15. "Krystal is too passionate a woman to be satisfied in a marriage with Tad," teases David Canary.

Who's Coming:

Rebecca Budig (Greenlee Smythe): Budig reclaims the role on January 16. "Her first day, she works with Thorsten," reports real-life best pal Alicia Minshew. "And then, we have really fun scenes together the next day at Fusion, with a banner that reads 'Welcome back, Kendall and Greenlee. 'We just had dinner together and she's so excited to be back.."

Debbi Morgan (Angie Hubbard): Morgan is back as Angie on January 18. She returns to Pine Valley to consult on a mysterious medical case-one involving a well-established character. Debbie also has a feature length interview.

Who's Going:

Sabine Singh (Greenlee Smythe): She last airs January 15. "There is one thing that has kept me clearheaded and strong throughout all this: my friends, on and off set," Singh says, praising "the amazing AMC fans, [who] have been nothing short of supportive, loving, and giving on my behalf." "She made a lot of sacrifices for the show and did a great job," praises Cameron Mathison. "We'll miss her around here."

What Will Happen:

Greenlee worries that something is terribly wrong with her.

JR wants to rekindle things with Babe.

Kendall sees her happiness slipping away.

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I have a feeling they're talking about Melissa Claire Egan as the one to be out, which sucks as even if they want to set up Rylee 2 (rather than the far more interesting Greenlee and Aidan pairing), they could always set Annie up with someone else...

Although I could also perhaps see it being Amanda Baker, as she's hardly set the screen alight with her portrayal of Babe.

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No because they reported her ouster in last weeks issue. It will either be Melissa Claire Egan or Sydney Penny.... that's my guess. I've been senseing Annie will die for a long while now. I hope Ritchie kills her LOL I am so over her.

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Aidan and Greenlee won't work with Rebecca, she plays Greenlee like a spoiled princess and Aidan would definitely be someone she would NEVER have given the time of day too.

I agree Adam somewhat, but there's been times SOW has spilled stuff that SOD hasn't and vice versa. SOD has YET to report Stacy's leaving in their "comings and goings" and grapevine stuff is usually stuff they pick up off the 'net

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